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Placement Testing

Students entering the college for the first time are placed in English and mathematics courses based on their proficiency as determined by Farmingdale State’s placement procedures which are described below.  

Why do I have to be placed in English and math?

These two critical areas of a student’s educational background can have a profound effect on a student’s success in college. It is, therefore, important for Farmingdale State to ensure that our students have the appropriate skills in these areas in order to succeed. If there is indication of the need to improve your skills in the areas of English and /or math, you will be scheduled for the appropriate developmental courses(s). Developmental courses(s) do not count towards meeting your requirements for graduation; they do count as credit-bearing courses for other purposes. They are designed to raise your skill level to the point where you can successfully meet the challenges of your college career.


What are the criteria used for placement?

English Placement:

Students who have taken the SAT will be placed in English courses based on their scores on the essay subscore of the SAT writing test.

Old SAT:

Essay Subscore of 7< place into EGL 101

Essay Subscore of 6> place into EGL 097

New SAT:

Essay Subscore of 5< place into EGL 101

Essay Subscore of 4> place into EGL 097


SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing score 500< place into EGL 101

SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing score 500> place into EGL 097

Students who fall into one of the following categories must arrange through the Admissions Office to take a placement test:

  • Students who have taken the SAT prior to March 2005 without taking the written component of the exam,
  • Transfer students who have not passed a credit-bearing college level English course with a grade of "C" or better.


Mathematics Placement:

When available, scores on Regents Exams in Math A and Math B, or Sequential II and Sequential III, will be used to determine placement in mathematics courses.

Transfer or readmitted students who have received a grade of "C" or better in a credit-bearing college level math course, will be placed according to their prior history in math.

Students who fall into one of the following categories must arrange through the Admissions Office for placement in a mathematics course:

  • First-time students who have not passed one of the Regents Exams listed above,
  • First time students who graduated from high school more than five years from the time of application for admission (unless waived by the Mathematics Department (631-420-2182)
  • Transfer or readmitted students who have not previously passed a college level, credit-bearing math course.
Math Placement Level Condition Math Placement
MP4 Precalculus (high school) grade of > 70% MTH 130 or MTH 150
   or MTH 117 or MTH 129  
MP3 Math B or Algebra II/Trig Regents score of > 70% MTH 117 or MTH 129
  or MTH 116 - College Algebra & Trig.  
MP2 Math A or Integrated Algebra with Regents score of >70% or MTH 015 MTH 102, MTH 103, MTH 107, MTH 110, or MTH 116
MP1 None MTH 015 (non credit)


How do I sign up to take a placement test in English or mathematics?

Please call 631-420-2200 to schedule an appointment to take a placement test if you fall into the above bulleted categories.


If I need placement testing, what do I have to bring with me when I take the test?

You must bring photo identification with you when you come to take the test. Usually, a driver’s license can be used for this purpose. Also, bring a pen or pencil.  Calculators are not permitted for the math placement test.  If you are caught with a calculator or cell phone, you're test will be void.


What if I live out of the area?

If you cannot come to the college to take the placement tests prior to registration, you may take them while you are here at Orientation during the summer. To make arrangements, please call the Placement Testing Office. (631-420-2200)


Can I earn college credits from this test?

No course credit can be earned through placement testing.


How long does the test take?

Each test is an hour long.  You will receive no longer then the allotted time.


What is covered on the tests?

Elementary Algebra is required for the math placement test. If you do well in the Elementary Algebra portion of the test, you may go on to a higher level math examination. Use of scrap paper is permitted, but calculators are not allowed. For the English placement test, students will be required to write an essay on a topic to be provided at the test.


Where are the tests given?

Check in at Laffin Hall, in the Admissions Office on the 2nd floor.


What if I need to make special arrangements?

If you have a disability that will prevent you from taking the test under standard conditions, contact the Office of Support Services for Disabled Students at (631)794-6174 first before making an appointment.


What kinds of questions are on the mathematics test?

Elementary Algebra Sample Questions

Question 1:
If a number is divided by 4 and then 3 is subtracted, the result is 0. What is the number?
(A) 12
(B) 4
(C) 3
(D) 2

Question 2:
(A) 8x
(B) 8(2x-x)
(C) 8(2x-1)
(D) 8(2x-8)

Answers to Sample Questions:
1. A
2. C

For more practice questions, try out the Accuplacer practice exams online. Please note that Farmingdale does not use the Accuplacer test for placement.


When do I get the results of the tests?

English placement essays are graded by the faculty of the Farmingdale English Department. You will be informed at the time of testing when your scores will be available.

Math placement tests will be graded on the spot.

How much does the placement test cost?  

The placement test is free of charge.