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President's List

Fall 2018

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Name Curriculum
Joseph Aaron Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Erika Abenante Science/Technology & Society
Alaa Abouelker Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Robert Abraham Business Management
Angel Abreu Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Thomas Abruscati Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Thomas Abruscati Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Vincent Accurso Computer Programming/Info Sys
John Acerra Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Christian Acevedo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Anthony Achalal Nursing
Alexa Ackerson Science/Technology & Society
Patrick Adams Computer Programming/Info Sys
Lindsey Adams Business Management
Felicia Adewunmi Business Management
Rennise Adrion Business Management
John Aguanno Applied Mathematics
Jessica Agurto Nursing
Usama Ahmad Bioscience
Joseph Ahmadi Science/Technology & Society
Fawzan Ahmed Science/Technology & Society
Urfa Ajmal Electrical Engineering Tech
Tahamina Akter Computer Engineering Tech
Faryal Alam Computer Programming/Info Sys
Shelby Alanis Sport Management
Iyana Alexandre Liberal Arts & Sciences
Khadija Ali Science/Technology & Society
Kristina Ali Business Management
Samer Alkhatib Business Management
Darryl Allen Aviation Administration
Aylara Alleyne Applied Mathematics
Melissa Allocca Nursing
Melissa Allocca Nursing
Sarah Aloe Liberal Arts & Sciences
Chidozie Alozie Science/Technology & Society
Jeffrey Alvarez Business Management
Roxana Alvarez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Tasnim Amanullah Applied Economics
Silvia Amanullah Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph Ambroselli Sport Management
Nicholas Amond Computer Programming/Info Sys
Marie Anders Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Kyle Anderson Sport Management
Samantha Andrea Computer Programming/Info Sys
Cameron Angelo Aviation Administration
Christian Antelo Arteaga Architectural Engineering Tech
Erika Anzalone Science/Technology & Society
Elie Aoun Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Keeyse Aparicio Applied Psychology
Matthew Arendt Applied Mathematics
Matthew Arendt Applied Mathematics
Yocelin Arevalo Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Mufrat Karim Aritra Computer Programming/Info Sys
Joseph Arminas Business Management
Tia Armstrong Science/Technology & Society
Alejandro Arredondo Professional Communications
Gerasimos Arsenis Business Management
Herbert Artiga Business Management
Dylan Ashley Bioscience
Misbah Ashraf Security Systems
Rachel Aviles Science/Technology & Society
Afifa Azad Science/Technology & Society
Itzhak Azerrad Aviation Administration
John Azzaro Bioscience
Kaitlyn Baculy Science/Technology & Society
Gabriela Badillo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alexis Baggs Business Management
Paige Baglione Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Marc Bain Business Management
John Ballarano Mechanical Engineering Tech
Summer Baranello Bioscience
Kathryn Barbato Business Management
Alyssa Barbosa Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joseph Barbuto Science/Technology & Society
Muhib Bari Computer Programming/Info Sys
Larissa Barlow Sport Management
Brandon Barnes Business Management
Taylor Barney Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Barrella Computer Programming/Info Sys
Lilianna Barros Sport Management
Kimberly Basile Business Management
Peter Basile Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Aaron Baumann Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Vanessa Bautista Bioscience
Randy Bazoge Business Management
Michelle Bazzicalupo Applied Psychology
Diego Beas Medina Business Management
Lauren Beaubrun Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anastasia Beck Business Management
Anastasia Beck Business Management
Hannah Becker Sciences - Health Professions
Egzona Bekteshi Global Business Management
Richard Belfer Business Management
Elizabeth Bello Bioscience
Nina Bellon Business Management
Daniel Bellucci Architectural Engineering Tech
Elyse Benavides Aviation Administration
Erin Benson Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dominique Bentivegna Professional Communications
Dylan Bernstein Liberal Arts & Sciences
Edward Bessmertny Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Gabriela Betancourt Business Management
Yamuna Bhattarai Science/Technology & Society
Sangeeta Bhola Nursing
Mary Bianco Nursing
Mary Bianco Nursing
Patrick Bibby Business Management
Maryam Bibi Science/Technology & Society
Jordan Biscardi Science/Technology & Society
Peter Blumenthal Business Management
Michael Boble Business Management
Michael Boble Business Management
Dennis Bocanegra Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Nicolae Bodrug Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicolae Bodrug Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Bohatyritz Science/Technology & Society
Heather Bohenek Nursing
Heather Bohenek Nursing
Ryan Bohr Aviation Administration
Lindsey Boland Business Management
Juliane Bombara Bioscience
Eliseo Bonilla Business Management
Steven Bornstein Business Management
Mollie Borowski Science/Technology & Society
Christopher Borrelli Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Samantha Botte Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Bowles Science/Technology & Society
Erika Bowring Dental Hygiene-AAS
Angela Bracco Applied Economics
Anthony Bracone Liberal Arts & Sciences
John Brandt Computer Programming/Info Sys
Barbara Bridgwood Nursing
Barbara Bridgwood Nursing
Sara Brodsky Applied Psychology
Daijah Brown Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sidney Brunner Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mark Bruno Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Adriana Brutus Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Buesing Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Cheryl Bullwinkel Nursing
Delicia Bunbury Liberal Arts & Sciences
Stephanie Buonaiuto Professional Communications
Christian Buonavita Business Management
Brianna Butler Science/Technology & Society
Julia Cabanas Applied Psychology
Yohendy Cabral Aviation Administration
Scarlet Cafarelli Business Management
Gregory Caine Business Management
Victoria Cali Liberal Arts & Sciences
RoseAnne Caliendo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joseph Callahan Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Danny Calos Business Management
Andrew Campagnuolo Science/Technology & Society
Nicole Campanaro Professional Communications
Conor Campbell Security Systems
John Campbell Professional Communications
Ana Campos Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Justin Canavaciol Applied Economics
Amanda Cancel Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Ana Candia Bioscience
Andrea Cannone Nursing
Andrea Cannone Nursing
Annie Cantilena Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Marissa Canty Liberal Arts & Sciences
Samantha Caracciola Applied Psychology
Bradley Caravana Liberal Arts & Sciences
Vanessa Carbajal Science/Technology & Society
Kevin Cardno Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Darian Carlovich Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lauren Carpio Applied Psychology
Maximilian Carroll Sport Management
Stephanie Caruso Dental Hygiene Entry Level BS
Vincent Carvalho Science/Technology & Society
Kenneth Casey Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicholas Caso Business Management
Nicholas Castellano Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Julia Castello Science/Technology & Society
Janet Castillo Applied Psychology
Samantha Castillo Nursing
James Castrillon Global Business Management
James Castrillon Global Business Management
Jordan Castro Liberal Arts & Sciences
Thomas Catalano Mechanical Engineering Tech
Debra Catalano General Horticulture
Amanda Catania Dental Hygiene-AAS
Ulrika Cattani Nursing
Ulrika Cattani Nursing
Lauren Cavalcante Science/Technology & Society
Anita Cepeda Business Management
Anita Cepeda Business Management
Brian Chang Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Natallia Charles Business Management
Robert Checco Applied Economics
Sonia Chemerisov Bioscience
Jenny Chen Sciences - Health Professions
Jenny Chen Sciences - Health Professions
Daniel Chetnik Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
HyoJung Choi Sciences - Health Professions
Mokarram Chowdhury Business Management
Nicole Christian Business Management
Nicole Christian Business Management
Vasilios Christoforatos Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Irwin Chugh Business Management
Nicole Cimino Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michelle Cinnamo Applied Psychology
Grace Cirola Professional Communications
Dominick Cito Business Management
Ryan Clark Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Lynn Coffey Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Brooke Coffey Liberal Arts & Sciences
Angelina Collado Science/Technology & Society
Teresa Colletti Business Management
Ryan Collins Computer Engineering Tech
David Colon Business Management
Angelo Colonna Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Emily Comito Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph Conforti Business Management
Jon Conigliaro Science/Technology & Society
Christopher Conlon Business Management
Nicholas Conti Professional Communications
Jason Cooney Security Systems
Blaise Coppola Science/Technology & Society
Dana Coppolo Nursing
Marcus Cora Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jason Cordero Aviation Administration
Julianna Cordi Business Management
Thomas Cordiello Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kelly Cornelius Science/Technology & Society
Antoine Cornet Architectural Engineering Tech
Brenna Corr Bioscience
Christin Corrado Nursing
Kevin Corrigan Science/Technology & Society
Steven Cosgrove Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kimberly Cosgrove Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Karina Costa Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Vincent Cramer Computer Programming/Info Sys
Allison Crayne Business Management
Kevin Cribbin Architectural Engineering Tech
Megan Crowley Professional Communications
Johaan Cuellar Aviation Administration
Nicole Cunningham Professional Communications
Daniel Curry Liberal Arts & Sciences
Vanessa Cutchall Professional Communications
Alpinamol Cyriac Bioscience
Kylie Czarnecki Science/Technology & Society
Ricardo Dacosta Business Management
Christopher Daly Computer Programming/Info Sys
Victoria D'Amato Bioscience
Tiffany Damiani Business Management
Stephanie D'Amico Business Management
Gabrielle Damin Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Andrew Damm Sport Management
Victoria Dance Business Management
Samantha Dance Science/Technology & Society
Dayna D'Antonio Liberal Arts & Sciences
Matthew Danza Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Caitlyn Darcy Nursing
Brian Darcy Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jonathan David Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Emily Davila Bioscience
Victor Davila Business Management
Emily Davila Bioscience
Steven De La Rosa Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicole De Rise Business Management
Maria Carolina De Toledo Filartiga Business Management
Melissa DeAmicis Nursing
Alexis Declerk Sport Management
Mary Deery Nursing
Vincent Delia Business Management
Nicholas Dell'Aquila Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jamie DelPrete Applied Psychology
Tyler DeMartino Computer Programming/Info Sys
Lena Demasi Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Nicholas Deninno Business Management
Michael Deninno Business Management
Ryan Dennerlein Computer Programming/Info Sys
Pedro Deoleo Applied Economics
Michael DeOliveira Applied Mathematics
Lisa DePrima Applied Psychology
Marvin Deras Science/Technology & Society
Anthony DeScalo Business Management
Angel Desimine Global Business Management
Daniel Desmond Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Angelo Di Pierno Mechanical Engineering Tech
Asse Diallo Science/Technology & Society
Christina Dias Nursing
Jason Diaz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael DiBella Security Systems
Taylor Dicuozzo Applied Psychology
Nicholas DiDonato Business Management
Julia DiMaria Sciences - Health Professions
Julia DiMaria Sciences - Health Professions
Nicole DiMuro Science/Technology & Society
Danielle DiNapoli Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Christopher Doe Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Tyler Doherty Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ashley Dolan Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dylan Dominguez Sulca Bioscience
Bryan Dondero Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Elizabeth Donnelly Interaction Design
Kelsey Donnolo Sport Management
Brianna D'Orazio Business Management
Catherine Dorn Business Management
Joseph Dorr Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ryan Doyle Business Management
Dania Drewing Sciences - Health Professions
Dania Drewing Sciences - Health Professions
Kelly Dueffert Business Management
Michael Duffy Science/Technology & Society
Julia Dunlop Liberal Arts & Sciences
Coral Dunn Applied Psychology
Shannon Durham Liberal Arts & Sciences
Doruk Duygun Global Business Management
Dylan Dyer Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Viktoryia Dziska Bioscience
Steven Ebby Computer Programming/Info Sys
Bayla Eckhaus Applied Psychology
Savannahrae Ehrlich Applied Psychology
Mohamed Eissa Aviation Administration
Berkay Ekici Mechanical Engineering Tech
Amenah El-Fawal Business Management
Mohamed El-Helwi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Sophia Eliassi Science/Technology & Society
Ahmed Elsaid Aviation Administration
Karim Elshafey Science/Technology & Society
Dominique Emille Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kelly Enriquez Bioscience
Michaela Epifane Business Management
Sarah Eppich Liberal Arts & Sciences
Toni Anne Eschmann Applied Psychology
Emily Escobar Applied Psychology
Andy Espejo Aviation Administration
Madlyn Espinoza Paredes Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sarah Esposito Nursing
Giovanna Esposito Professional Communications
Michael Esposito Sport Management
Bernice Essuman Business Management
Nikolas Evangeliou Liberal Arts & Sciences
Tracey Evans Business Management
Demi Exarchou Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Facarile Business Management
Allison Fadel Business Management
Alyssa Falconi Applied Psychology
Michael Farkash Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Kaela Farley Science/Technology & Society
Mary Fatscher Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Reed Favilla Nursing
Reed Favilla Nursing
Thomas Febbraro Mechanical Engineering Tech
Alyssa Feld Applied Psychology
Anthony Felicetta Electrical Engineering Tech
Jayleen Fernandez Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Jonatan Fernandez Nursing
Travis Ferrie Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Ferrigno Computer Programming/Info Sys
Matthew Ferro Applied Psychology
Thomas Ferro Science/Technology & Society
Sean Fessler Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Irene Filacouris Business Management
John Filosa Aviation Administration
Bryan Finazzo Business Management
Thomas Finch Business Management
Angelo Fiorante Business Management
Nicole Fiorillo Business Management
Elliot Fischer Electrical Engineering Tech
Daniel Fischer Science/Technology & Society
Tanisha Fitzgerald Science/Technology & Society
Griffin Flaxman Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ashley Fleischman Science/Technology & Society
Jennifer Flores Medical Technology
Jenifer Flores Business Management
Ilya Flyamer Computer Programming/Info Sys
William Fodera Electrical Engineering Tech
Cherylyn Fogarty Science/Technology & Society
Rosalie Forrester Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Rosalie Forrester Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Merdeck Fowler Business Management
Brian Fowler Business Management
Paola Franco Computer Programming/Info Sys
Melissa Frederick Business Management
Alexander Fremer Business Management
Alex Frendo Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Steven Frick Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joseph Friedman Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kwasi Frimpong Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Justin Fromme Business Management
Janet Fuentes Bioscience
Luis Fuentes Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michelle Fung Medical Technology
Julia Gabrell Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Joseph Gagliardi Business Management
Kalliopi Gaidatzis Liberal Arts & Sciences
Maria Galatro Science/Technology & Society
Alexa Galfano Science/Technology & Society
Charles Gallagher Business Management
Mollie Gallagher Applied Psychology
Juliana Gallego Global Business Management
Maria Gallegos Global Business Management
Peter Gallipoli Sciences - Health Professions
Peter Gallipoli Sciences - Health Professions
Kristina Gallo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Debra Gallo Bioscience
Cynthia Gallo Bioscience
Jenny Gan Bioscience
Freddy Garcia Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Garguilo Nursing
Elizabeth Garry Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Nicholas Garzilli Science/Technology & Society
Gaspar Gasparyan Global Business Management
Brianna Gayer Business Management
Danny Gee Computer Programming/Info Sys
Elizabeth Geiger Business Management
Andrew Geiger Mechanical Engineering Tech
Melissa Genova Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Gering Sciences - Health Professions
Michael Germolai Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jacqueline Gerrato Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Stella Giangarra Bioscience
Jenna Giardina Business Management
Christian Gibbons Computer Programming/Info Sys
Dayna Gibson Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Matthew Giorlando Applied Economics
Rita Giunta Business Management
Kyle Gladkowski Security Systems
Jillien Glover Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Philip Gniedziejko Science/Technology & Society
Barbara Gniewek Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Gonzalo Godinez Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Erin Goldrick Science/Technology & Society
Brett Goldstein Sport Management
Ashley Goldstein Applied Psychology
Matthew Goldstein Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sophia Gomes Bioscience
Karla Gomes Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Damaris Gomez Science/Technology & Society
Catia Goncalves Mechanical Engineering Tech
Usman Gondal Computer Programming/Info Sys
Franscine Gonzalez Professional Communications
Corey Gordon Liberal Arts & Sciences
Tamiya Gordon Bioscience
Alex Gordonson Liberal Arts & Sciences
Travis Gozley Mechanical Engineering Tech
William Grajales Business Management
Michael Greenblatt Security Systems
Taylor Greene Science/Technology & Society
Maria Greenman Business Management
Maria Greenman Business Management
Timothy Grgas Professional Communications
Olivia Grieco Science/Technology & Society
Arianna Grimaldi Science/Technology & Society
Anthony Grittani Bioscience
Allyson Gross Sport Management
Christine Gross Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michael Guaqueta Sciences - Health Professions
Juan Gubisch Mechanical Engineering Tech
John Guglielmi Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Daniela Guillen Ortega Global Business Management
Gregory Gurello Business Management
Juhi Gurtata Science/Technology & Society
Larkin Gustavson Science/Technology & Society
Ryan Guthrie Business Management
Kenny Gutierrez Business Management
Julia Gutkes Business Management
Miguel Guzman Gomez Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gary Haab Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Zachary Halfpenny Computer Programming/Info Sys
Richard Hall Science/Technology & Society
Mark Hamann Applied Psychology
Thomas Hamel Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jennifer Han Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brittany Harbourne Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kimberly Hardwicke Professional Communications
Crystal Harris Bioscience
Alison Harris Business Management
David Hartglass Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jeffrey Haywood Computer Programming/Info Sys
Lindsey Hecker Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Lindsey Hecker Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Lauren Heim Science/Technology & Society
Sara Henry Science/Technology & Society
Roslyn Hernandez Business Management
Cesar Hernandez Applied Psychology
Juan Hernandez Global Business Management
Dilcia Hernandez Bioscience
Alex Hesser Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michal Hickerson Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Liam Hickey Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brett Hirschberger Computer Programming/Info Sys
Samantha Hnizdo Business Management
Timothy Ho Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Michael Hoefenkrieg Liberal Arts & Sciences
Luke Holland Applied Psychology
Joshua Hong Computer Information Systems
Jessica Hose Science/Technology & Society
Alexa Hough Applied Psychology
Thi Htut Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Allan Huang Sport Management
Natalia Hubbard Medical Technology
Christine Huber Computer Engineering Tech
Brian Hughes Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jonathan Hugo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Darrien Hunt Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sara Husain Bioscience
Shahruk Hussain Business Management
Miguel Hutchinson Science/Technology & Society
Camaran Hyder Business Management
Danielle Hyland Computer Programming/Info Sys
John Iaccino Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sandra Ibrahim Bioscience
Hannah Ibrahim Applied Psychology
Patrick Ida Professional Communications
Lila Ijaz Business Management
Hira Imtiaz Business Management
Blaine Interrante Applied Economics
Mario Iorio Business Management
Michael Iorio Business Management
Drew Isacksen Business Management
Nazia Islam Science/Technology & Society
Teresa Jackson Business Management
Misha Jackson Business Management
W.T. Jackson III Computer Engineering Tech
Alison Janousky Business Management
Anthony Jao Global Business Management
Karen Jara Business Management
Victoria Jaramillo Sciences - Health Professions
Daniel Jean-Baptiste Nursing
Alexandra Jean-Pierre Bioscience
Paul Jennings Aviation Administration
Nikkita Jensen Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Hak Young Jeon Aviation Administration
David Jimenez Lemus Computer Engineering Tech
Jennifer Joe Bioscience
Joey John Business Management
Nicole Johnson Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anthony Johnson Computer Programming/Info Sys
Malasher Johnson Bioscience
Brianna Jones Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
James Jones Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jamie Jones Architectural Engineering Tech
Molly Joseph Nursing
Kayla Judge Science/Technology & Society
Danielle Juliano Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jarvis Julien Business Management
Jarvis Julien Business Management
John Kaczorowski Business Management
Michael Kaht Business Management
Sai Dheeraj Kalagotla Business Management
George Kalambukadu Electrical Engineering Tech
Awad Kaled Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Kaitlyn Kallansrude Professional Communications
Meero Kalo Aviation Administration
Natalie Kanaan Bioscience
Michael Karaolis Science/Technology & Society
Neslihan Kasap Nursing
Amy Katan Professional Communications
Izabella Katz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Manpreet Kaur Dental Hygiene-AAS
Briana Kay Business Management
Julia Kearns Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Deirdre Kelly Nursing
Alicia Kelly Nursing
Alicia Kelly Nursing
Deirdre Kelly Nursing
Alyssa Kelly Science/Technology & Society
Jennifer Kenney Science/Technology & Society
Ramin Khan Computer Programming/Info Sys
Munazza Khan Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Sylia Khan Nursing
Christine Khirs Medical Technology
Mark Kim Bioscience
Euijoo Kim Nursing
Juyoung Kim Nursing
Michael Kim Computer Engineering Tech
Kevin Kim Liberal Arts & Sciences
Eddie Kinloch Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Emily Kirincic Business Management
Tiffany Klein Business Management
Angeline Klein Liberal Arts & Sciences
Klaudia Klimek Business Management
Rachael Knocker Nursing
Travis Knott Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Katrina Knudsen Architectural Engineering Tech
Gertrude Kobbah Science/Technology & Society
Shannon Koch Nursing
Alexis Koestner Liberal Arts & Sciences
Merve Koksal Architectural Engineering Tech
Bryan Kolasa Business Management
Melissa Konakli Science/Technology & Society
Kenneth Kopczynski Nursing
Christian Kopnicky Medical Technology
Christopher Kouimanis Architectural Engineering Tech
Matthew Krajci Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicole Krajewski Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Delia Krasa Security Systems
Christine Kratzel Nursing
Anna Krol Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Kevin Kucharczyk Electrical Engineering Tech
Deanna Kupres Professional Communications
Heather Kurash Business Management
Hakan Kurt Mechanical Engineering Tech
Christopher Kusterbeck Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
John La Bianca Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Victoria Labetti Professional Communications
Karolina Lachman Science/Technology & Society
Tiffany Lacy Business Management
Jacob Lafleur Computer Programming/Info Sys
Steve Laforet Business Management
Selena LaFranca Science/Technology & Society
Janice Laine Nursing
Michael Laino Liberal Arts & Sciences
Leonardo Landeta Mechanical Engineering Tech
Justin Lang Business Management
Noah Lappin Business Management
Thomas LaRocca Professional Communications
Marc Laroche-Victor Aviation Administration
Rachael Laterra Science/Technology & Society
Nicole Lau Business Management
Gabrielle Laurito Science/Technology & Society
Nicole Layer Applied Psychology
Erik Lea Liberal Arts & Sciences
Tom Lee Medical Technology
Michelle Leiman Business Management
Rosa Lettieri Liberal Arts & Sciences
Erin Lettieri Science/Technology & Society
Ronghua Lin Computer Engineering Tech
Jason Link Business Management
David Link Business Management
Ian Liotta Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicholas Liuzzi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Ryan Livingston Computer Engineering Tech
Michelle Liz Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alexandria Lohwasser Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ali Lokhandwala Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sandra Lombardi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gina Lombardo Business Management
Christine Lonigro Business Management
Chris Lopez Bioscience
Radzilynn Lopez Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Christopher Lopez Bioscience
Breanna Lopez Nursing
Dean Lorentz Security Systems
Amy Lorenz Science/Technology & Society
Rachel Losardo Business Management
Qian Lovett Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michelle Lozada Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Robert Luca Science/Technology & Society
Marco Lukic Science/Technology & Society
Daniel Lumley Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Alexa Luna Business Management
Olivia Luparello Applied Psychology
Joseph Lupo Nursing
Patrick Lutrzykowski Aviation Administration
Michael Lynch Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Lanz Maagad Science/Technology & Society
Gianna Macchia Business Management
Matthew Macchia Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Gina Macchia Business Management
Alessandra Macchia Applied Psychology
Megan MacFarlane Bioscience
Kathleen Mackey Applied Psychology
Brian Madden Security Systems
Yohenny Madera Science/Technology & Society
Nicole Magliulo Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicole Magliulo Mechanical Engineering Tech
Marina Magoulas Business Management
Don Mahalli Business Management
Steven Mahon Business Management
Alyssa Mahoney Bioscience
Saba Majid Applied Economics
Frankie Maldonado Security Systems
Joseph Maldonado-Gonzalez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Christopher Malfa Science/Technology & Society
Shahid Malik Sciences - Health Professions
Nighat Malik Science/Technology & Society
Nighat Malik Science/Technology & Society
Michael Mallanda Business Management
Lia Malone Applied Psychology
Gina Mancuso Science/Technology & Society
Carla Mangal Business Management
Carla Mangal Business Management
Navika Manglick Aviation Administration
Alessandra Mannino Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
James Mannino Mechanical Engineering Tech
Daniel Mantone Business Management
Kristin Maratta Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicholas Marciano Science/Technology & Society
Peyton Maresco Sport Management
Lauren Mariana Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Stephany Marin Architectural Engineering Tech
Nina Marinova Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jasmine Mario Science/Technology & Society
Rebecca Marmaroff Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Kristie Marotta Science/Technology & Society
Ian Marquit Nursing
Anthony Marrone Business Management
Jessica Marsala Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Martens Business Management
Elvin Martinez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Fernando Martinez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Graham Mason Business Management
Jacqueline Mass Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Shane Mathew Computer Engineering Tech
Hans Mathurin Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ecco Matlak Global Business Management
Gabriellia Mattera Science/Technology & Society
Sophia Mattheos Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alexandra Mauro Business Management
Steven Mawhirt Electrical Engineering Tech
William Mc Carthy Science/Technology & Society
Alexander Mc Crorie Nursing
Alexander Mc Crorie Nursing
Michael Mc Intosh Mechanical Engineering Tech
Elijah McCall Business Management
Thomas McCarthy Science/Technology & Society
Matthew McClellan Science/Technology & Society
Melissa McCormack Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Danielle McDermott Nursing
Danielle McDermott Nursing
Brendan McGovern Business Management
John McGovern Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jenna McGovern Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Travis McGrath Science/Technology & Society
Dillon McMenamy Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Lea Marie Medina Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Pedro Mejia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Joseph Melia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jackson Melnitsky Interaction Design
Nitish Meloottu Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jennifer Mercado Nursing
Michelle Mercado Business Management
Matthew Merfogel Liberal Arts & Sciences
Matthew Merfogel Liberal Arts & Sciences
Deanna Merlino Medical Technology
Noel Merola Science/Technology & Society
Nia Merritt Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Priscilla Mery Bioscience
Raina Mesidor Science/Technology & Society
Michael Meskill Sport Management
Danielle Messina Nursing
Dean Metacarpa Sport Management
Jessica Meyers Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jessica Meyers Medical Technology
Nicole Mezzasalma Applied Psychology
Zarsha Mian Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ellen Miele Nursing
Ellen Miele Nursing
Nataniel Mihailescu Computer Programming/Info Sys
Timothy Miksa Mechanical Engineering Tech
Margaux Milano Business Management
Margaux Milano Business Management
Cara Milch Science/Technology & Society
Giuseppe Milicia Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Jahmel Milledge Science/Technology & Society
Virginia Miller Business Management
Zackary Milton Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Francesca Miranda Business Management
Philip Moccio Security Systems
Nicholas Mocera Business Management
Ryan Mohabir Nursing
Simran Mohan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joseph Moisa Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Christopher Molchan Business Management
Robert Molchan Business Management
Lily Moldan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Francisco Molina-Rubio Business Management
Thomas Molitor Security Systems
Peter Mon Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Michael Monaghan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Danny Moncy Aviation Administration
Giovanni Mongy Applied Psychology
Eli Monjaras Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Gina Monsolino Nursing
Maxwell Montague Computer Programming/Info Sys
James Montesantos Business Management
James Montesantos Business Management
Sarah Moore Applied Psychology
Katherine Morales Applied Psychology
Bridget Moran Applied Psychology
Michael Moreno Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael Moreno Computer Programming/Info Sys
Stephen Morich Medical Technology
Brian Morich Security Systems
Michael Morris Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Steven Morrison Science/Technology & Society
Jesse Moskowitz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Melissa Mott Sciences - Health Professions
Michael Mouton Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Alyssa Muller Dental Hygiene Entry Level BS
Marshal Multani Computer Programming/Info Sys
Joseph Mundy Security Systems
Cindy Munguia Business Management
Mitchell Murgittroyd Business Management
Sean Murphy Bioscience
Sean Murphy Bioscience
Santhosh Kumar Muruganantham Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michele Musarra Professional Communications
Michelle Musial Medical Technology
Montana Musillo Electrical Engineering Tech
Miranda Musmacker Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Yasman Mustafa Applied Mathematics
Sahar Mustafa Business Management
Joanna Muti Business Management
Ussama Naeem Science/Technology & Society
Vinita Nagpal Medical Technology
Ankit Nagpal Bioscience
Anusha Nair Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gina Napoli Business Management
Victoria Nash Medical Technology
Sahar Nasim Science/Technology & Society
Julia Nassour Business Management
Jennifer Navarro Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Noma Nayyar Security Systems
Nathanial Needham Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Camille Nelson Business Management
Olivier Nelzy Sport Management
Daniel Nemov Electrical Engineering Tech
Jonathan Neto Electrical Engineering Tech
Douglas Newman Liberal Arts & Sciences
Tuyetmai Nguyen Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Damian Niebrzydowski Liberal Arts & Sciences
Tyler Noonan Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jenna Norizsan Business Management
Taylor Norton Nursing
Taylor Norton Nursing
Kerry Nortwich Bioscience
Dominique Norwood Nursing
Dominique Norwood Nursing
LaurieAnn Norwood Professional Communications
Justin Nuccio Business Management
Elizabeth Nunez Business Management
Jose Nunez Applied Economics
Gabriel Ochakovsky Business Management
Samuel Ochoa Business Management
Michael O'Connor Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Elena O'Donnell Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Evelin Odoom Liberal Arts & Sciences
Ronald O'Gara Business Management
John Ognibene Business Management
Kylie O'Hara Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Joanne Ohman General Horticulture
Brittany Olivares Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Daniel Oliveau Computer Programming/Info Sys
Christopher Oliver Business Management
Dalya Omeishi Bioscience
Shannon O'Rourke Nursing
Gabriel Orrange Paton Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Christina Ortiz Science/Technology & Society
Ana Ortiz Bioscience
Thomas Osman Business Management
Leah Ottenheimer Dental Hygiene-AAS
Aylin Ozbay Business Management
Kristina Pacifico Liberal Arts & Sciences
Idella Pack Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Sindhu Padaga Computer Programming/Info Sys
Emily Pagan Medical Technology
Emily Pagan Medical Technology
Dylan Pagan Business Management
Matthew Pagano Business Management
Ankush Pal Mechanical Engineering Tech
Anthony Paladino Business Management
Anthony Palagonia Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gregory Palma Business Management
Krissia Palucho Business Management
Barbaranne Panetta Nursing
Barbaranne Panetta Nursing
Paige Pangburn Sport Management
Dean Paolillo Applied Psychology
Elizabeth Papritz Science/Technology & Society
William Parascandola Professional Communications
Charizma Paray Professional Communications
Taylor Parlo Professional Communications
John Parra Business Management
Tatyana Pascone Nursing
Sabaha Pasha Architectural Engineering Tech
Brittney Passie Science/Technology & Society
Purvil Patel Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicole Patino Applied Psychology
Samantha Patton Business Management
Gilbert Paul Business Management
Leonel Paul Bioscience
Ryan Pav Computer Programming/Info Sys
Odissey Pavlyuk Professional Communications
Christina Paz Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Correy Pearlman Applied Mathematics
Guadalupe Pedraza Liberal Arts & Sciences
Cristian Peguero Aviation Administration
Evan Penaloza Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Melody Penny General Horticulture
Fulvia Pepe Business Management
Albert Peralta Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Joao Pereira Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Michael Perkins Security Systems
Daniel Perrone Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Tanuja Persaud Bioscience
Michael Petralia Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Michelle Petruzzelli Applied Psychology
Michael Pettignano Sport Management
James Pfail Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Erin Pfister Applied Psychology
Jordyn Piccirelli Applied Psychology
Rosalyn Pichardo Bioscience
Lissette Piedra Professional Communications
Diane Pierre Liberal Arts & Sciences
James Pike Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Patrice Pinckombe Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Patrice Pinckombe Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Mitchell Kevin Pineda Computer Programming/Info Sys
Mitchell Kevin Pineda Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jessica Pino Applied Psychology
Skylar Pipitone Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Lauren Pippin Science/Technology & Society
Nadine Pisanello Science/Technology & Society
Jessica Pivnik Sciences - Health Professions
Destiny Pomarico Business Management
Antonio Portelli Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Caitlin Poska Professional Communications
Brooke Postl Science/Technology & Society
Mariah Powell Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Powell Computer Programming/Info Sys
Cayla Prag Nursing
James Prasad Applied Mathematics
Sharon Pratt Nursing
Sharon Pratt Nursing
Joseph Premuto Mechanical Engineering Tech
Benjamin Prince Science/Technology & Society
James Proietto Business Management
James Proietto Business Management
Sarah Proschwitz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Makenna Psinakis Bioscience
Erin Purack Nursing
Farzana Quasem Dental Hygiene-AAS
Kayla Quenzer Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Magbert Rafuna Mechanical Engineering Tech
Samantha Ragone Nursing
Samantha Ragone Nursing
Zainab Rahimi Bioscience
Hala Rahman Bioscience
Nida Rajput Bioscience
Esther Ramcharran Applied Psychology
David Ramirez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Norval Ramirez Security Systems
Cameron Ramnarine Science/Technology & Society
Melissa Ramos Bioscience
Raveena Ramratton Applied Psychology
Matthew Rana Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jillian Randell Business Management
Stephanie Rappa Nursing
Jacqueline Rathjen Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Harsh Ray Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Bryan Redmond Business Management
Bryan Redmond Business Management
Alonso Redondo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kayla Regan Science/Technology & Society
William Reichling Mechanical Engineering Tech
Grace Reilly Architectural Engineering Tech
Isaac Reiter Mechanical Engineering Tech
Karina Renaldo Business Management
Julian Rendon Conde Liberal Arts & Sciences
Candice Retas Science/Technology & Society
Erika Reyes Business Management
Christopher Reyes Business Management
Abner Reyes Business Management
Margarita Reyes Acosta Bioscience
Tyler Reynolds Liberal Arts & Sciences
Amber Rhatigan Medical Technology
Justin Ribarich Liberal Arts & Sciences
Conor Ricchetti Mechanical Engineering Tech
Douglas Ricciardi Business Management
Douglas Ricciardi Business Management
Christopher Richards Mechanical Engineering Tech
Christopher Riggs Business Management
Tyler Rimkunas Computer Programming/Info Sys
William Riselvato Applied Mathematics
David Rivera Global Business Management
Jailene Rivera Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Henry Rivera Bioscience
Sasha Rivera Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Victoria Rizzo Science/Technology & Society
Frank Rizzuto Security Systems
Angelique Roberson Business Management
Spencer Robinson Aviation Administration
Michael Roca Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Angela Rocchio Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Jenna Rocco Nursing
Natalie Rodgers Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Fernando Rodriguez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Cristian Rodriguez Business Management
Maryela Rodriguez Business Management
Robert Rofrano Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Brian Rogers Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Brian Rogers Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Marlon Romero Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Nicholas Rooney Professional Communications
Alyssa Rosa Nursing
Alyssa Rosa Nursing
Ryan Rosario Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ashley Rose Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Luke Rossi Bioscience
Joshua Rotstein Business Management
Zachary Rotstein Mechanical Engineering Tech
Zachary Rouse Mechanical Engineering Tech
Russell Roxburgh Computer Programming/Info Sys
Bryan Rubio Computer Engineering Tech
Danielle Ruffino Bioscience
Danielle Russ Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Cheyanne Russell Business Management
Alison Russo Science/Technology & Society
Frances Sabzehroo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Paige Sago Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Christine Saip Nursing
Steve Salcedo Nursing
Steve Salcedo Nursing
Elycia Salcedo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lilly Salib Medical Technology
Joseph Salinas Computer Programming/Info Sys
Christopher Salvatore Business Management
Shamar Samuels Liberal Arts & Sciences
David Santa Applied Economics
Taylor Santiago Bioscience
David Santiago Computer Programming/Info Sys
Delmy Santos Vigil Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sara Sapienza Interaction Design
Allison Sarro Applied Psychology
Tiffany Sawicki Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Jessica Scafa Science/Technology & Society
Kelly Scanlon Business Management
Michael Scarangella Applied Psychology
Matthew Scerbo Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Matthew Scerbo Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Dana Schackne Medical Technology
Dana Schackne Medical Technology
Gillian Scherer Science/Technology & Society
Cristina Schiavone Liberal Arts & Sciences
Corrine Schifflin Science/Technology & Society
Rebecca Schirrman Security Systems
Madison Schlesinger Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Thomas Schmich Business Management
Tara Schnepf Bioscience
Courtney Schordine Applied Mathematics
Caroline Schott Science/Technology & Society
Brittany Schuette Sport Management
Kristi Schumacher Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jesse Schurmann Science/Technology & Society
Angelica Schuttinger Nursing
Emily Schwab Nursing
Brian Schwartzburt Business Management
Bernadette Schweiger Nursing
Bernadette Schweiger Nursing
Thomas Sclafani Liberal Arts & Sciences
Janine Scura Liberal Arts & Sciences
Katie Segrue Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Katie Segrue Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Shelby Sellers Professional Communications
Taylor Semo Professional Communications
David Serana Computer Programming/Info Sys
Katrina Sesto Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Arianna Seth Nursing
Ashley Sgambati Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dhaval Shah Mechanical Engineering Tech
Balaaj Shahriar Business Management
Habat Shairzai Science/Technology & Society
Zixin Shan Aviation Administration
Ankush Sharma Science/Technology & Society
Pallavi Sharma Business Management
Dalton Shaw Liberal Arts & Sciences
Fatima Sheikh Business Management
Erika Sherman Sciences - Health Professions
Esther Sherry Interaction Design
Thomas Shevins Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Patricia Shine Nursing
Kristen Shine Sport Management
Nikita Shmyrin Bioscience
Timothy Shortell Sport Management
Brandon Shortt Business Management
Karen Sica Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Karen Sica Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Keiri Sicari Applied Psychology
Ifrah Siddiqui Bioscience
Brittany Siemer Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gabriel Silva Mechanical Engineering Tech
Amy Lyn Silvera Business Management
Paige Simone Global Business Management
Maria Simonetti Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michael Singer Computer Programming/Info Sys
Raman Singh Nursing
Ravinder Singh Applied Economics
Harjot Singh Mechanical Engineering Tech
Harpreet Singh Business Management
Raman Singh Nursing
Gurwinder Singh Mechanical Engineering Tech
Guadalupe Sivirian Business Management
Kai Sladek-Maharg Security Systems
Christoph Sladek-Maharg Security Systems
Justin Smeding Computer Programming/Info Sys
Rafal Smiarowski Aviation Administration
Michael Smith Business Management
Ryan Smith Liberal Arts & Sciences
Samantha Smith Computer Programming/Info Sys
Melissa Smith Business Management
Molly Smith Science/Technology & Society
Melissa Smith Business Management
Deanna Smith Science/Technology & Society
Stephanie Smith Mechanical Engineering Tech
Luz Smith Architectural Engineering Tech
Luz Smith Architectural Engineering Tech
Hayley Sofer Business Management
Jake Sokol Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tunisia Solomon Applied Mathematics
Sarah Sonmez Bioscience
Daniela Sorin Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Julianna Souza Science/Technology & Society
Lyndsey Sparks Nursing
Alyson Sparto Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Aqueelah Speakes Business Management
Aqueelah Speakes Business Management
Jacqueline Spina Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anthony Spina Security Systems
Anthony Spina Security Systems
Garrett Spurlin Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Adam Sqalli Business Management
Jessica Stadok Professional Communications
Marianna Stanczak Business Management
Kaila Stang Professional Communications
Kevin Stanis Applied Mathematics
Raymond Staten Architectural Engineering Tech
Constantina Stavris Business Management
Constantina Stavris Business Management
Ashley Steffens Science/Technology & Society
Haralambos Stergakos Computer Programming/Info Sys
Megan Stettinger Applied Psychology
William Stewart Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicole Stone Science/Technology & Society
Robert Stosch Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michael Stutts Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Sean Sugrue Business Management
Alisha Summers Nursing
Alisha Summers Nursing
Matthew Sutch Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
James Sutch Business Management
Joseph Svedi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Brian Sweeney Security Systems
Brittany Swinick Applied Psychology
Ahmad Syed Business Management
Theresa Syrett Applied Psychology
Victor Taciak Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Alex Tadler Computer Programming/Info Sys
Hannah Tagliente Business Management
Mosayyab Tahir Computer Programming/Info Sys
Huzaifah Tahir Computer Programming/Info Sys
Rebecca Tallman Security Systems
Owen Tam Electrical Engineering Tech
Leandro Tamariz Electrical Engineering Tech
Isabella Tamburello Nursing
Tyler Tan Sciences - Health Professions
Tyler Tan Sciences - Health Professions
Mariam Tarin Applied Psychology
Brett Tarnell Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Brett Tarnell Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Cassidy Tarnell Science/Technology & Society
Michael Tartamella Applied Mathematics
Vito Tartamella Business Management
Giovanni Tavolacci Security Systems
Melanie Tencic Liberal Arts & Sciences
Tyler Tesoriero Business Management
Kristen Tetro Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christina Tewari Applied Psychology
Rebecca Tfelt Nursing
Rebecca Tfelt Nursing
Devan Thakur Business Management
Eliza Thomas Science/Technology & Society
Lethin Thomas Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Alen Thomas Computer Programming/Info Sys
Gauravani Thomas Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Sanal Thomas Computer Programming/Info Sys
Patrick Tinari Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jino Tomichen Electrical Engineering Tech
Sebastian Toro Applied Mathematics
Christine Torre Professional Communications
Medardo Torres Computer Engineering Tech
Lilibeth Torres Applied Mathematics
Timothy Trapanotto Computer Programming/Info Sys
Matthew Trentacosta Business Management
Andrew Treulich Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Puja Trivedi Nursing
Julian Trupin Liberal Arts & Sciences
Theadora Tsolomitis Business Management
Alan Tsui Computer Engineering Tech
Jesse Tufel Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kiara Tully Sciences - Health Professions
Kiara Tully Sciences - Health Professions
Dorota Tuniewicz Nursing
Damian Tuniewicz Nursing
Dorota Tuniewicz Nursing
Maria Turbi Henderson Bioscience
Heather Turetsky Science/Technology & Society
Mateusz Turowski Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Meryll Ugalde Liberal Arts & Sciences
Madden Umholtz Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Conner Urban Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jaclyn Urzia Business Management
Christopher Vabrinskas Mechanical Engineering Tech
Janessa Vail Bioscience
Jose Valarezo Global Business Management
Christopher Valencia Business Management
Joseph Valentine Applied Mathematics
Joseph Valentino Computer Programming/Info Sys
Zachary Vales Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alexa Valla Applied Psychology
Dennis Vallejos Science/Technology & Society
Dennis Vallejos Science/Technology & Society
Ivette Valqui Science/Technology & Society
Christopher Vanegas Science/Technology & Society
Kristin Vanloan Business Management
Rayner Varghese Science/Technology & Society
Tyler Varley Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Edwin Vasquez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jamie Vasquez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Rudy Vasquez-Argueta Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ellen Vecchio Applied Psychology
Stephanie Velez Science/Technology & Society
Valeria Veliz Science/Technology & Society
Anthony Verde Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Matthew Verini Business Management
Lucas Vesnaver Liberal Arts & Sciences
Bernadette Vicari Business Management
Gina Vigilante Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ashley Vilardi Business Management
Kaela Villante Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Andreina Villanueva Science/Technology & Society
Evelyn Vindell-Rivera Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Vincent Viola Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michael Volino Business Management
William Volk Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Gabrielle Volta Applied Psychology
Krystina Von Glahn Aviation Administration
Michael Voss General Horticulture
Jessica Wahlen Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jack Waldman Science/Technology & Society
Casey Wallace Business Management
Alexander Walsh Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Inga Walter Nursing
Inga Walter Nursing
David Wan Computer Engineering Tech
Evelyn Wang Business Management
Ruth Ward Dental Hygiene-AAS
Matthew Ward Liberal Arts & Sciences
Ruth Ward Dental Hygiene-AAS
Kimberly Wastiewiz Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Kimberly Wastiewiz Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Alexis Weatherill Business Management
Ross Weber Science/Technology & Society
Meaghan Weihs Nursing
Jacob Weinkrantz Security Systems
Ryan Weiss Liberal Arts & Sciences
Andrea Werkmeister Nursing
Derek Werner Business Management
Alixander West Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kushagrita Whadwa Business Management
Brian White Science/Technology & Society
Shannon White Business Management
Coriann Whitton Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tori Wierzbowski Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Brian Wilcox Computer Engineering Tech
Steven Wilk Business Management
Brian Williams Science/Technology & Society
Alexander Williams Security Systems
Amanda Williams Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alexander Williams Security Systems
Emily Wirtz Professional Communications
Sydnie Wittenberg Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Kamil Wojtas Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Frankie Wolf Professional Communications
Elizabeth Wolfrom Nursing
Elizabeth Wolfrom Nursing
Arthur Woloszyn Business Management
Natalie Wong Computer Programming/Info Sys
Christopher Woods Computer Engineering Tech
Lauren Woodward Business Management
Mikayla Wright Business Management
Leah Wright Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mitiya Wright Computer Programming/Info Sys
Justin Wyhowanec Aviation Administration
Bingying Xia Bioscience
Leona Xidas Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Nissim Yaltzindeg Security Systems
Alyssa Yasin Applied Economics
Christopher Young Security Systems
Andrew Zabala Science/Technology & Society
Nader Zahran Liberal Arts & Sciences
Reynaldo Zamora Reyes Applied Economics
Brianna Zapata Science/Technology & Society
Kimberly Zappalla Bioscience
Danielle Zaragoza Professional Communications
Tori Zaremski Science/Technology & Society
Jacklyn Zastawny Nursing
Jacklyn Zastawny Nursing
Heber Zavala Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Theresa Zhang Applied Psychology
Jason Zheng Business Management
Renata Zielinski Nursing
Renata Zielinski Nursing
James Zito Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicole Zito Bioscience
Nicole Zoccali Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Zengguang Zou Electrical Engineering Tech
Redjan Zylalaj Science/Technology & Society