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Dean's List

Spring 2018

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Name Curriculum
Arezo Abassi Nursing
Andrew Abate Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicolas Abaunza Electrical Engineering Tech
Salvatore Abbamonte Aviation Administration
Shorais Abbas Science/Technology & Society
Erika Abenante Science/Technology & Society
Julianna Abravaya Business Management
Soniangeliz Abreu Dental Hygiene-AAS
Angel Abreu Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Enmanuel Abreu Computer Engineering Tech
Anthony Achalal Nursing
Isa Acosta Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Christine Acuna Science/Technology & Society
Antoinette Addeo Business Management
Veronica Addiego Applied Psychology
Robert Adesso Mechanical Engineering Tech
Rimsha Aftab Bioscience
Justin Aguila Sport Management
Karen Aguilar-Arias Science/Technology & Society
Aqsa Ahad Applied Mathematics
Faisal Aiwzali Bioscience
Eric Akner Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sieam Alam Security Systems
Shelby Alanis Sport Management
Daniel Alazraki Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Vincent Albano Sport Management
Orazio Albano Business Management
Keith Albert Business Management
Ryan Albinski Bioscience
Morgan Alcure Security Systems
Quanisha Alexandre Science/Technology & Society
Alisha Alexandre Science/Technology & Society
Cameron Alfano Sport Management
Nishwa Ali Bioscience
Kristina Ali Liberal Arts & Sciences
Khadija Ali Science/Technology & Society
Danielle Alicea-Adams Sciences - Health Professions
Troy Allen Business Management
Thomas Allicino Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tyrel Allicock Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Sarah Aloe Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mark Alter Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Arianna Altomare Science/Technology & Society
Kevin Alvarado Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ivette Alvarado Bioscience
Michele Alvarado Science/Technology & Society
Roxana Alvarez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Silvia Amanullah Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph Ambroselli Sport Management
Sharmin Ami Nursing
Hiba Amir Bioscience
Marcus Ammons Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Tahj Amonds Applied Psychology
Marie Anders Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
James Andersen Nursing
Jessica Anderson Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jonathan Anderson Medical Technology
Kyle Anderson Sport Management
Lindsay Anderson Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Belinda Andoh Science/Technology & Society
Jeffrey Andreadis Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Andreana Business Management
Caroline Angelino Professional Communications
Rudiana Anglade Science/Technology & Society
Daryn Kylie Anilao Electrical Engineering Tech
Jesse Annunziata Bioscience
Victoria Antonacci Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Arun Antony Electrical Engineering Tech
Shelsy Apolinar Dental Hygiene Entry Level BS
Matthew Appel Bioscience
Gianna Aragona Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Marcus Arasmo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph Arcos Business Management
Peter Ardeljan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matthew Argento Aviation Administration
Cynthia Argueta Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Garrett Arleo Business Management
Cory Aronin Bioscience
Tarantej Arora Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Gerasimos Arsenis Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Herbert Artiga Business Management
Alyssa Arvotti Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jenessa Asch Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sehar Asim Bioscience
Maximson Augustin Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Wilmarie Aviles Science/Technology & Society
Taqiyya Ayala Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Behije Azemi Bioscience
Maryam Aziz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kaitlyn Baculy Science/Technology & Society
Scott Bailey Business Management
Walter Baires Liberal Arts & Sciences
Thomas Balding Nursing
Michael Baldwin Sport Management
Tiffany Baltrus Science/Technology & Society
Alexandra Balunas Bioscience
Summer Baranello Bioscience
Anthony Barbara Sport Management
Thomas Barbieri Sport Management
Giuseppe Barbieri Computer Programming/Info Sys
Cody Barker Computer Programming/Info Sys
Cooper Baron Business Management
Carter Baron Business Management
Sofia Barone Liberal Arts & Sciences
James Barrett Sport Management
Chelsea Barrios Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Brandon Barroca Computer Programming/Info Sys
Elizabete Barros Science/Technology & Society
Samantha Barsky Science/Technology & Society
Kyle Bartell-Crawson Architectural Engineering Tech
Andrew Bartolozzi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Peter Basile Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kimberly Basile Business Management
Marielena Batista Nursing
Arelis Batista-Pacheco Science/Technology & Society
Jacqueline Bauer Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Matthew Bauer Mechanical Engineering Tech
Aaron Baumann Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Karina Baxter Professional Communications
Zacchary Baychuk Sport Management
Randy Bazoge Business Management
Michelle Bazzicalupo Applied Psychology
Brooke Beales Bioscience
Marvin Beaubrun Electrical Engineering Tech
Lauren Beaubrun Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jessica Beauchesne Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gary Beauvoir Liberal Arts & Sciences
Robert Beck Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kevin Beckford Security Systems
James Beers Business Management
Richard Belfer Business Management
Melissa Bellitte Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Bellomo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Leanna Benesch Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kristie Benesch Applied Mathematics
Jenifer Benitez-Ramos Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Wendy Bennett Science/Technology & Society
Jadesh Benny Electrical Engineering Tech
Marissa Berardi Business Management
Aleczandrya Bergeau Liberal Arts & Sciences
Skye Bergen Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Brandon Berke Computer Programming/Info Sys
Matthew Berlent Nursing
Alexandra Bernard Business Management
Joseph Bernardez Science/Technology & Society
Giancarlo Bernardo Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Dylan Bernstein Liberal Arts & Sciences
Andre Bernstein Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brianna Bertolino Applied Psychology
Nicholas Bifolco Liberal Arts & Sciences
Quazi Billah Computer Programming/Info Sys
Charily Billups Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
John Birdsall Bioscience
Michael Birofka Sport Management
Bazit Bisiolu Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholaus Blackburn Business Management
Brittany Blake Professional Communications
Francis Blake Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Blakely Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brandon Bloecker Electrical Engineering Tech
Erin Blum Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Peter Blumenthal Business Management
Justice Boadi Mechanical Engineering Tech
Sean Bobby Computer Programming/Info Sys
Amanda Boccia Sport Management
Christopher Boerger Aviation Administration
Conor Bogue Mechanical Engineering Tech
Natalie Bolkun Nursing
Joseph Bolson Sport Management
Lauren Bondor Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Shirley Bonilla Dental Hygiene-AAS
Ryan Bono Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Bontempi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jonathan Bord Sport Management
Bryan Borgesano Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ginamarie Borrero Science/Technology & Society
Michael Bottarini Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jillian Boudreau Dental Hygiene-AAS
Troy Braaten Science/Technology & Society
Joshua Brachfeld Business Management
Joseph Bradley Business Management
Gerard Brady Business Management
Casey Brady Science/Technology & Society
Jillian Brandafino Nursing
Vinikay Branford Science/Technology & Society
Zachary Brauner Business Management
Alyssa Breeze Dental Hygiene Entry Level BS
Michael Brenkert Bioscience
Brittany Broccio Liberal Arts & Sciences
Tyler Brodmerkel Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Steven Brower Computer Engineering Tech
Diana Brower Dental Hygiene-AAS
Ryann Brown Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Sean Brown Applied Economics
Carina Brulhardt Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Mark Bruno Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Marc Bruno Business Management
Carli Brust Science/Technology & Society
Anjelica Buchanan Science/Technology & Society
Kaylin Buchheit Professional Communications
Adam Buckley Sport Management
James Budhan Security Systems
Shivana Budhu Business Management
Maria Bugay Bioscience
Erin Burke Applied Psychology
Ryan Burton Science/Technology & Society
Kenneth Burton Science/Technology & Society
Julia Cabanas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Annabella Cabrera Science/Technology & Society
Scott Cahill Sport Management
Kaitlyn Cahoon Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Daniel Calabrese Computer Programming/Info Sys
Peter Calabrese Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicole Callaghan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Colleen Callahan Business Management
Danny Calos Business Management
Alison Calzada Nursing
Lauren Camacho Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Cezar Camilo-Eloufir Business Management
Gulsum Camlica Science/Technology & Society
Tevin Campbell Mechanical Engineering Tech
Mauro Campos Computer Programming/Info Sys
Johanna Canadas Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Chris Canales Business Management
Alberto Canales Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Pamela Canales Science/Technology & Society
Kaitlyn Canavire Dental Hygiene-AAS
Celine Cannizzaro Business Management
Annie Cantilena Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Danielle Cardali Business Management
Michelle Cardona Science/Technology & Society
Cristian Carias Electrical Engineering Tech
Matthew Carillo Computer Engineering Tech
Darian Carlovich Science/Technology & Society
James Carney Science/Technology & Society
Warren Carpenter Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
James Carr Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brian Carratu Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Thomas Carroll Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Edwin Casadiego Science/Technology & Society
Timothy Casali Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicholas Casazza Business Management
Kristina Caschetta Professional Communications
Nia Case Business Management
Catherine Casella Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brianna Casey Applied Psychology
Nicholas Caso Business Management
Justin Cassel Mechanical Engineering Tech
Cathleen Cassese Science/Technology & Society
Michael Cassidy Business Management
Joseph Castagnaro Business Management
Cassandra Castano Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Julia Castello Science/Technology & Society
Christian Castro Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Eduardo Castro Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Briann Castro Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Casuccio Business Management
Santa Catalano Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Matthew Catania Science/Technology & Society
Kathy Catapano Professional Communications
Cyane Catapano Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kathleen Cavanaugh Medical Technology
Amanda Cavanna Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Jamie Cayaban Science/Technology & Society
Megan Cea Business Management
Donald Cembrale Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Amelia-Mae Cestari Bioscience
Javier Chablal Mechanical Engineering Tech
Cleasia Chambers Science/Technology & Society
Jenna Chambers Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Anil Chandrakumar Ornamental Horticulture
Jean Chang Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Waqas Chaudhry Computer Programming/Info Sys
Neha Chauhan Computer Programming/Info Sys
Angad Chauhan Bioscience
Sindi Chavez Business Management
Kevin Chavez Electrical Engineering Tech
Jessi Chavez Collins Business Management
Hector Chavez Segovia Bioscience
Amina Cheema Business Management
Joseph Cheffo Electrical Engineering Tech
Diana Chetnik Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jacky Cheung Business Management
Kaitlin Chimenti Liberal Arts & Sciences
Daniel Chin Computer Engineering Tech
Zachary Chin Architectural Engineering Tech
Wazed Choudhury Global Business Management
Kris Chovnick Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Sameer Chowdhury Science/Technology & Society
Jennifer Chowdhury Aviation Administration
Kate Christiansen Science/Technology & Society
Matthew Christoulakis Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Chuisano Computer Programming/Info Sys
Veronica Cichaczewski Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Erick Cifuentes Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michelle Cioffi Business Management
Dante Cipriano Liberal Arts & Sciences
Grace Cirola Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Shannon Citrin Bioscience
Tyler Ciuffo Business Management
Ryan Clark Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Chanique Clarke Business Management
Erica Claros Medical Technology
John Clesi Science/Technology & Society
Brittany Coggins Liberal Arts & Sciences
Athena Colacito Dental Hygiene Entry Level BS
Ashley Colas Architectural Engineering Tech
Kathleen Colbert Nursing
Chris Coleman Bioscience
Angelina Collado Science/Technology & Society
Jenna Colletti Business Management
John Collins Business Management
Anthony Cona Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ariana Concepcion Interaction Design
Victoria Conde Nursing
Kelly Condron Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Ryan Conefry Mechanical Engineering Tech
Joseph Conforti Business Management
Christine Conrad Business Management
Justin Conroy Liberal Arts & Sciences
Matthew Constantine Business Management
Justine Conti Science/Technology & Society
Tara Conway Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
George Cooper Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
John Cordeiro Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Julianna Cordi Business Management
Diego Cordova Computer Engineering Tech
Kelly Cornelius Science/Technology & Society
Stephanie Coronado Science/Technology & Society
Ricky Coronel Business Management
Danielle Corrieri Science/Technology & Society
Quinn Cortese Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brooke Cosenza Architectural Engineering Tech
Annie Cosgrave Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Steven Cosgrove Mechanical Engineering Tech
Karina Costa Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Daniel Costagliola Business Management
Connor Costarella Science/Technology & Society
Bobby Costic Sport Management
Maria Costigliola Science/Technology & Society
Tamara Cotto Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Dillon Coughlan Business Management
Thomas Couvaris Business Management
Kadeesha Cox Business Management
Danielle Cox Nursing
Donna Cox Nursing
Thomas Cox Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Rouan Crawford Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Thomas Cregan Liberal Arts & Sciences
Shannon Creighton Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Jasmine Cricchio Liberal Arts & Sciences
Thomas Crisci Business Management
Christopher Cristobal Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael Cromer Business Management
Kaitlin Cronin Science/Technology & Society
Nicola Crosswell Nursing
Silvia Cruz Business Management
Darwin Cruz Business Management
Brett Cuffaro Business Management
Dean Culen Business Management
Zachary Cullen Applied Psychology
Liam Cullen Nursing
Samantha Cummings Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Rui Cunha Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Andre Cunha Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Danielle Cupo Business Management
Alexandra Curcuru Dental Hygiene-AAS
Austin Curran Applied Mathematics
Steve Da Costa Computer Programming/Info Sys
Dwight Da Silva Electrical Engineering Tech
Ricardo Dacosta Business Management
Melissa Dailey Dental Hygiene-AAS
Peter Dailey Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Ryan Daly Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Stephanie D'Amico Business Management
Andrew Damm Sport Management
Cheyenne Dane Business Management
Gina D'Angelo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Hunter Danseglio Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
James D'Arco Business Management
Brian Darcy Mechanical Engineering Tech
Caitlyn Darcy Nursing
Ashley D'Arcy Applied Psychology
Rohan Dave Sport Management
Ambar Davidson Science/Technology & Society
William Davidsson Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Orville Davis Global Business Management
Alexander Davis Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jean-Philippe Day Nursing
Paudy De Jesus Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Jennifer De Los Santos Applied Psychology
Thomas De Marco Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicole De Rosa Dental Hygiene
Adam De Vine Business Management
Melissa DeAmicis Nursing
Matthew DeConza Business Management
Michael Deery Nursing
Brandon Degni Interaction Design
Brooke DeJuana Science/Technology & Society
Kyle Delaney Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Rachel Delio Science/Technology & Society
Alexandra Deliso Bioscience
Dante Della Porta Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Della Vecchia Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Lena Demasi Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Alexis Demetriou Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Roberto DePietro Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Michelle DeRenzo-Pena Science/Technology & Society
Nicolas DeRoss Computer Programming/Info Sys
Thomas DeSena Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michael Desrochers Sport Management
Rebecca Desson Science/Technology & Society
Brandon DeTemple Business Management
Rebecca DeTurris Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph D'Eustachio Sport Management
Joanne Deverson Nursing
Kelly Devito Liberal Arts & Sciences
Carl DeVito Bioscience
Rohish Dewan Bioscience
Zamina Dhalla Dental Hygiene-AAS
Nicholas Di Donato Business Management
Salvatore Di Fiore Computer Programming/Info Sys
Colin Dia Business Management
Carlos Diaz Business Management
Jason Diaz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Dylan Diaz Aviation Administration
Erick Diaz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jeremy Diaz Electrical Engineering Tech
Matthew DiCarlo Bioscience
James DiCio Aviation Administration
Jessica Dick Science/Technology & Society
Robert Dickerson Professional Communications
Taylor Dicuozzo Applied Psychology
Alexis DiDonato Science/Technology & Society
Christina Dietz Applied Psychology
Joseph Digennaro Mechanical Engineering Tech
Bolanle Diji Nursing
Jonathan Dillon Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Marco DiLuca Electrical Engineering Tech
Nora Dimaria Professional Communications
Danielle DiNapoli Liberal Arts & Sciences
Erica Dinoff Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christopher Dixon Sport Management
Dylan Dixon Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Anthony Dolan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Peter Donahue Business Management
Bryan Dondero Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Alana Donnelly Sciences - Health Professions
Michele Donnolo Professional Communications
Elizabeth Donovan Science/Technology & Society
Kathleen Donovan Professional Communications
Meghan Donovan Business Management
Keith Donovan Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Dorr Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Krista Doughty Applied Psychology
Leneshia Douglas Bioscience
Joseph Drago Science/Technology & Society
Julie Ducker Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gaven Duff Global Business Management
Madison Duignan Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Kashaf Duja Science/Technology & Society
Jason Duncan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Perry Dunetz Applied Mathematics
Alexandra Dunleavy Business Management
Thomas Dupkavich Computer Programming/Info Sys
Elizabeth Durchhalter Science/Technology & Society
Taylor Dyba Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Dzienius Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Stefani Ebert Applied Psychology
Jerome Edell Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Tara Edouard Nursing
Matthew Edwards Sport Management
John Edwards Applied Economics
Katie Eifert Liberal Arts & Sciences
Trevor Eisner Security Systems
Berkay Ekici Mechanical Engineering Tech
Rashaking El Sport Management
Nada El Azazy Science/Technology & Society
Amenah El-Fawal Business Management
Richard Ellensohn Mechanical Engineering Tech
Omar Emam Business Management
Michaela Epifane Business Management
Anthony Ercolano Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brian Erdmann Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Stephanie Erickson Science/Technology & Society
Toni Anne Eschmann Science/Technology & Society
Jonathan Escobar Software Technology
Deanna Esposito Business Management
Michael Esposito Sport Management
Laura Esposito Ornamental Hort-Landscape Devl
Arianette Estevez Global Business Management
Jennifer Estrada Bioscience
Stephanie Etersque Business Management
Marie Etienne Nursing
Justin Evans Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Gabrielle Fabig Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kayla Facci Business Management
Charles Fackler Business Management
Allison Fadel Business Management
Alyssa Fama Science/Technology & Society
Mary Fandel Science/Technology & Society
Jean Farias Business Management
Patrick Farley Science/Technology & Society
Kaela Farley Science/Technology & Society
Danish Farooq Computer Programming/Info Sys
Arman Farshadmand Liberal Arts & Sciences
William Faulk Science/Technology & Society
Alyssa Feld Applied Psychology
Jamie-Alexander Fenton Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Dana Fernandez Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Michael Fernandez Science/Technology & Society
Jonatan Fernandez Nursing
Rafael Fernandez Belmonte Bioscience
Michael Ferrari Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gabriella Ferreira Science/Technology & Society
Victoria Ferremi Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Cara Ferreri Liberal Arts & Sciences
Angela Ferri Applied Psychology
Alexandria Ferrigno Science/Technology & Society
Andrew Ferro Bioscience
Ralph Ferrulli Science/Technology & Society
Sean Fessler Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Wayne Fetta Business Management
Michael Figliuolo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicholas Figorito Business Management
Cori Finnin Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicole Fiorillo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Steven Fisher Business Management
Ariana Fishman Business Management
Dashonique Fitzgerald Business Management
Dylan Fitzgerald Science/Technology & Society
Peter Fitzgerald Science/Technology & Society
Stephanie Fives Business Management
Jesus Flamenco Bioscience
Tyler Flanagan Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Alicia Flareau Science/Technology & Society
Scott Flores Aviation Administration
Isabela Flores Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Jenifer Flores Business Management
Marlon Flores Business Management
Jonathan Flores Computer Engineering Tech
Edwin Flores-Madrid Science/Technology & Society
Sheryl Fobel Dental Hygiene-AAS
Jacqueline Foerst Business Management
Megan Foertsch Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Cherylyn Fogarty Science/Technology & Society
LeaAnn Fogarty Bioscience
Ashley Fondeur Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jennica Forbes Business Management
Bianca Forero Nursing
Nicholas Fossari Business Management
Tevin Foster Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Brian Fowler Business Management
Amanda Francis Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gregory Franco Business Management
Philip Franco Business Management
Kaysie Francois Liberal Arts & Sciences
Max Frankel Aviation Administration
Marisa Franze Liberal Arts & Sciences
Susana Frazao Business Management
Allen Frazier Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michael Fredella Business Management
Claudia Freites Science/Technology & Society
Richard Friedel Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Lindsey Friia Business Management
Kwasi Frimpong Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Pietro Frisina Business Management
Garrett Fucci Aviation Administration
Janet Fuentes Bioscience
Shane Fugger Business Management
Joseph Gagliardi Business Management
Alexa Galfano Science/Technology & Society
Sarahh Galiotte Sciences - Health Professions
Aidan Gallagher Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Gallagher Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mathew Gallagher Business Management
Michelle Gallagher Liberal Arts & Sciences
Juliana Gallego Science/Technology & Society
Steven Galli Electrical Engineering Tech
Kristina Gallo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Carmela Gampero Business Management
Melissa Gander Applied Mathematics
Jason Gang Computer Engineering Tech
Matthew Gannotta Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Stephen Garafola Interaction Design
Juan Garces Mechanical Engineering Tech
Joseph Garcia Computer Engineering Tech
Erick Garcia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Luis Garcia Computer Engineering Tech
Carleen Garcia Business Management
Jorge Garcia Business Management
Andrea Garcia Mechanical Engineering Tech
Javier Garcia Mechanical Engineering Tech
Luis Garcia Garcia Computer Engineering Tech
Sarah Garten Professional Communications
Caleigh Garton Bioscience
Raymond Garvey Sport Management
Steven Gaudio Business Management
Danny Gee Computer Programming/Info Sys
Elizabeth Geiger Business Management
Evan Gennarelli Business Management
Selwyn George Computer Programming/Info Sys
Bryan George Bioscience
Maximilian Gerow Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jacqueline Gerrato Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Brandon Getreu Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Peter Giammona Bioscience
Mariadriana Giannachi Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Caleb Gianotti Business Management
Jenna Giardina Business Management
Melissa Giler Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Andrew Ginnegar Bioscience
Afrodite Ginnis Business Management
Tamara Giunta Nursing
Daniel Giustino Business Management
Peter Glodowski Business Management
Jillien Glover Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Barbara Gniewek Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
John Godden Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kurt Godigkeit Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tyler Goedtel Business Management
Corianna Goldberg Liberal Arts & Sciences
Erin Goldrick Science/Technology & Society
Ashley Goldstein Applied Psychology
Nicole Gomes Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rebecca Gomes Nursing
Jose Gomez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Maia Gomis Bioscience
Paul Gonzalez Business Management
Stephanie Gonzalez Science/Technology & Society
Kristy Gonzalez Bioscience
Brenda Gonzalez Business Management
Hector Gonzalez Molina Nursing
Christopher Goodwin Business Management
Corey Gordon Liberal Arts & Sciences
Andrew Gottilla Computer Programming/Info Sys
Daniel Gould Business Management
William Grajales Business Management
Stephanie Graziano Bioscience
Christopher Greco Business Management
Taylor Greene Science/Technology & Society
Caitlyn Gregg Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michael Grennan Aviation Administration
Olivia Grieco Science/Technology & Society
Arianna Grimaldi Science/Technology & Society
Vincent Grippa Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brendan Grossman Business Management
Megan Groth Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Matthew Grunenberg Business Management
Sophia Guaman Liberal Arts & Sciences
Melanie Guardado Science/Technology & Society
Daniel Guarino Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Brian Guarnieri Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joswar Guerrero Electrical Engineering Tech
Anthony Guerrieri Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alyssa Guglielmi Business Management
Christopher Guido Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rohit Gupta Computer Programming/Info Sys
Richard Gurbal Architectural Engineering Tech
Gisell Guzman Business Management
Giovanni Guzman Applied Mathematics
Simone Hackman Dental Hygiene-AAS
Selvia Hadzibrahimovic Science/Technology & Society
Jacquelyn Haft Bioscience
Kathryn Hajny Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Karen Hakimi Dental Hygiene-AAS
Sean Halliwell Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Thomas Hamel Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kayla Hamilton Nursing
Ashley Hampson Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
James Haraden Science/Technology & Society
James Hargwood Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kelly Harms Business Management
Lauren Harrington Sport Management
Ryan Harrington Sport Management
Kayla Harrison Nursing
Caitlin Harrs Liberal Arts & Sciences
David Hartglass Computer Programming/Info Sys
Austin Harvey Science/Technology & Society
Mirna Hatoum-Mezher Professional Communications
Brian Hatt Business Management
Stephanie Hauptman Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Hay Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Soomble Hayat Bioscience
James Hearne Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicole Heaton Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Maddison Heins Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicole Heiser Business Management
Evan Helford Professional Communications
Jessica Hemmings Science/Technology & Society
Brian Henriksen Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Joseph Herman Business Management
Elsy Hernandez Applied Psychology
Amy Hernandez Science/Technology & Society
Keith Hernandez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joelangel Hernandez Mechanical Engineering Tech
William Hernandez Architectural Engineering Tech
Kamryn Hernandez Nursing
Joel Hernandez Bioscience
Norell Herring Business Management
Sachella Higgins Science/Technology & Society
Brian Higgins Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Tatiana Hilaire Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Rebecca Hilly Bioscience
Brett Hirschberger Computer Programming/Info Sys
Annaleigha Hoerauf Business Management
Kelly Hogan Business Management
James Holewa Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jared Hollweg Business Management
Derek Holtberg Computer Programming/Info Sys
Travis Holtberg Business Management
Thomas Holzmacher Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sarah Homsey Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Jung Bin Hong Science/Technology & Society
Alexa Honickman Liberal Arts & Sciences
Stephen Honore Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brian Hood Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jillian Horan Business Management
Kiersten Horemis Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Brandon Hornedo Nursing
Jake Horowitz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jenna Hoschke Business Management
Jessica Hose Science/Technology & Society
Taylor Howard Science/Technology & Society
Ethan Howell Electrical Engineering Tech
Michael Howell Science/Technology & Society
Angelo Hristopoulos Science/Technology & Society
Nicolette Hughes Dental Hygiene-AAS
Jonathan Hugo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Breyana Hunt Business Management
Joseph Hunt Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Brianna Hunter Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Daniel Hurwitz Bioscience
Shahruk Hussain Science/Technology & Society
Desmoi Hutchinson Computer Programming/Info Sys
Cansu Huyuk Liberal Arts & Sciences
Farheen Hyder Architectural Engineering Tech
John Iacona Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sandra Ibrahim Bioscience
Kenneth Ickstadt Computer Engineering Tech
Patrick Ida Professional Communications
Oluwatoyin Ikuomenisan Computer Programming/Info Sys
Stephen Illicete Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Brittany Impellizeri Business Management
Keylyn Ingoglia Dental Hygiene
Aleah Innis Liberal Arts & Sciences
Samantha Intardonato Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Mia Inzirillo Nursing
Andreas Ioannou Computer Programming/Info Sys
Robert Iovino Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Scott Irving Business Management
Caitlin Irwin Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Thomas Isernia Sport Management
Jarid Italiano Business Management
Patryk Iwan Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Jonathan Jackson Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Wt Jackson Computer Engineering Tech
Misha Jackson Business Management
Cameren Jackson Mechanical Engineering Tech
Megan Jacovelli Business Management
Kyle Jaenichen Aviation Administration
Ashley James Business Management
Imran Jan Bioscience
Philip Janiak Science/Technology & Society
Anthony Jao Global Business Management
Elizabeth Jarossy Nursing
Ludjina Jean Pierre Business Management
Kenchise Jean-Francois Science/Technology & Society
Donald Jean-Pierre Electrical Engineering Tech
Monica Jenkins Dental Hygiene-AAS
Daejin Jeong Nursing
Aesron Jeremiah Science/Technology & Society
Raquel Jimenez Bioscience
Jennifer Joe Bioscience
Riya John Dental Hygiene-AAS
Deborah Johns Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Alexandra Johnson Nursing
George Johnson Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicole Johnson Science/Technology & Society
Justin Johnston Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Keniesha Jones Business Management
Joel Jose Computer Engineering Tech
Alexis Joseph Bioscience
Joseph Joudah Liberal Arts & Sciences
Cristian Juarez Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Melissa Just Science/Technology & Society
Emre Kadayifci Applied Economics
Chad Kagan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brittany Kahn Science/Technology & Society
Gowtham Raaj Kalarani Mugundan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michael Kaliski Science/Technology & Society
Brian Kalt Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Brian Karafa Bioscience
Joseph Kase Science/Technology & Society
Stephen Kasper Mechanical Engineering Tech
Izabella Katz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Megan Kaufman Science/Technology & Society
Navpreet Kaur Bioscience
Anmol Kaur Applied Economics
Manpreet Kaur Dental Hygiene-AAS
Alexandria Keane Business Management
Nadine Keefer Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Kelty Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Christopher Kemp Business Management
John Kender Sport Management
Brendan Kennedy Sport Management
Gabrielle Kerr Business Management
Alexandra Ketcham Science/Technology & Society
Chaudry Khan Business Management
Md Khan Computer Engineering Tech
Munazza Khan Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Iqra Khan Bioscience
Abdullaha Khan Computer Programming/Info Sys
Abdul Khan Architectural Engineering Tech
Sarah Khemraj Science/Technology & Society
Sayed Khwaja Liberal Arts & Sciences
Shaqur Khwaja Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexander Kiefer Business Management
Kelly Killeen Professional Communications
Alexandra Kilstein Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Cameron Kilstein Business Management
Eliza Kim Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Matthew Kim Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Lea Kim Business Management
Eddie Kinloch Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Ashley Kirby Science/Technology & Society
Fredrick Kirk Business Management
Corinne Klein Architectural Engineering Tech
Tyler Klidas Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Klaudia Klimek Business Management
Mackenzie Klouda Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Shannon Koch Nursing
Kenneth Kopczynski Nursing
Yuliya Kostyuk Nursing
Rebecca Koumourdas Applied Mathematics
Monika Kowalewska Liberal Arts & Sciences
Daria Kowalik Nursing
Christopher Kraemer Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Douglas Kranz Nursing
Delia Krasa Security Systems
Christine Kratzel Nursing
Tyler Kraus Science/Technology & Society
Russell Kuchlewski Science/Technology & Society
Emily Kuo Business Management
Kristen Kupfer Professional Communications
Heather Kurash Business Management
Javokhir Kurbonov Mechanical Engineering Tech
Selman Kurtoglu Global Business Management
Midhun Kuruvilla Business Management
Chris Kusterbeck Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Vanessa Kwaak Liberal Arts & Sciences
Taylor Kwintner Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Chi Ho Kwok Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michelle Labibi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Steve Labossiere Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jonathan Lackner Sport Management
Aron Lacson Professional Communications
Ian Lafferty Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jacob Lafleur Computer Programming/Info Sys
Steve Laforet Business Management
Dorine Lafosse Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Ted Lahens Professional Communications
Janice Laine Nursing
Rene Lainez Computer Engineering Tech
Elizabeth Laird Computer Programming/Info Sys
Amanda Lamacchia Business Management
Evani Lamba Business Management
Colleen Lamberti Business Management
Peter Lampasona Bioscience
Leonardo Landeta Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Lang Applied Psychology
Briana Langan Science/Technology & Society
Alec Langberg Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kyle Lankowicz Science/Technology & Society
Andy Lantigua Computer Engineering Tech
Steven Laudani Bioscience
Andrew Lauto Computer Programming/Info Sys
John Lavis Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anastasia Layer Business Management
Antonio Lazo Science/Technology & Society
Ashley Lee Science/Technology & Society
Zhi Len Lee Aviation Administration
Marc Lehmuller Mechanical Engineering Tech
Hailey Leitch Science/Technology & Society
Abdjine Lemaitre Science/Technology & Society
Alexander Lemble Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Stephen Leon Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Antonio Leone Aviation Administration
Coral Leonhardt Business Management
Tatiana Leto Liberal Arts & Sciences
Erin Lettieri Liberal Arts & Sciences
Julia Levato Business Management
Samantha Leverich Business Management
Daniel Lewis Aviation Administration
Evelyn Libreros Computer Programming/Info Sys
Teresa Licameli Professional Communications
Jacob Liese Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brianna Lifrieri Business Management
Ashley Ligonde Science/Technology & Society
Ronghua Lin Computer Engineering Tech
Eunice Lipa Global Business Management
Claudia Lipinski Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Genhao Liu Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Ashley Liu Medical Technology
Bryan Liu Computer Engineering Tech
Jonathan Livi Applied Economics
Jack Livingston Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gabriel Llanto Computer Programming/Info Sys
Daniel Lodato Professional Communications
Thomas Logan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Casey Logan Business Management
Sarah Logan Business Management
Christopher Loizzo Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Matthew Long Science/Technology & Society
Jessica Lopez Dental Hygiene-AAS
Leticia Lopez Science/Technology & Society
Michelle Lopez Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Victoria Lopiccolo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Victoria Lopipero Science/Technology & Society
Daphne Louis Business Management
Nilza Louis-Jean Science/Technology & Society
Christina Loukeas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Qian Lovett Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Lizbeth Lozada Science/Technology & Society
Giovanni Lucas Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kevin Luerssen Business Management
Michael Lukasiewicz Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alexa Luna Business Management
Andrew Lung Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Olivia Luparello Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph Lupo Nursing
Eleni Lymperatou Business Management
Stephanie Lynagh Science/Technology & Society
Christian Lynch Business Management
Nicholas Lynch Science/Technology & Society
Michael Lynch Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ashley Lynn Liberal Arts & Sciences
Wasay Mabood Computer Programming/Info Sys
Gianna Macchia Liberal Arts & Sciences
John Macchia Aviation Administration
Matthew Macchia Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Brianna MacGregor Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brian Madden Security Systems
Christopher Madeska Computer Programming/Info Sys
Vigneshwaran Madhanagopal Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ana Madrid Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Magaldi Mechanical Engineering Tech
Anthony Maglione Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Cassandra Magnussen Science/Technology & Society
Angelo Magoulas Business Management
Kellie Maguire Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Sristi Maharjan Science/Technology & Society
Sumaira Mahmood Bioscience
Kevin Mahoney Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Maida Sciences - Health Professions
Manahara Mainali Business Management
Steven Maiorca Applied Mathematics
Saba Majid Applied Economics
Charlie Maldonado Liberal Arts & Sciences
Stephani Maldonado Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jesica Maleszewska Business Management
Fraz Malik Liberal Arts & Sciences
Emaz Malik Science/Technology & Society
Hummad Mallick Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Lia Malone Applied Psychology
Luis Mancilla Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ryan Mancine Business Management
William Mancuso Computer Programming/Info Sys
Navika Manglick Aviation Administration
Jake Mango Business Management
James Mannino Mechanical Engineering Tech
Alpaslan Manti Software Technology
Huma Manzoor Bioscience
Zubair Maqsood Computer Programming/Info Sys
Riley Marceca Bioscience
Kimberly Marchese Nursing
Peyton Maresco Sport Management
Christopher Margiotta Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Margulis Liberal Arts & Sciences
Cristina Marinelli Global Business Management
Julia Marino Science/Technology & Society
Jasmine Mario Science/Technology & Society
Ian Marquit Nursing
Anthony Marrone Business Management
Alyssa Mars Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jessica Marsala Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Martens Business Management
Alexa Martin Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Laura Martinez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Fernando Martinez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joseph Martuccio Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Steven Marty Applied Psychology
Brianna Marzo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Bradley Maslak Liberal Arts & Sciences
Robert Massa Architectural Engineering Tech
Brianna Massa Liberal Arts & Sciences
Amber Masullo Professional Communications
Nicholas Matarazzo Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Christopher Mateo Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Gabriellia Mattera Science/Technology & Society
Sophia Mattheos Science/Technology & Society
Ryan Mattsson Business Management
Brandon May Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Cristian Mayorga Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Sean Mc Dermott Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Diana Mc Donough Security Systems
Victoria Mc Gibbon Business Management
Michael Mc Intosh Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jaclyn Mc Kay Bioscience
Charlie Mc Kenna Business Management
Devante Mc Leod Computer Programming/Info Sys
Christopher Mc Mullen Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Tylyn McBean Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mikayla McBride Applied Psychology
Kelly McCabe Nursing
Elijah McCall Business Management
Audra McCarthy Professional Communications
Liam McCarthy Bioscience
Amber McCauley Science/Technology & Society
Melissa McCormack Liberal Arts & Sciences
Danielle McCormick Bioscience
Darcy McCormick Science/Technology & Society
Heather McCormick Nursing
Steven McCory Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kayla McCue Business Management
Connor McCue Science/Technology & Society
Christina McGill Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Christopher McGuire Sport Management
Jake McGuire Business Management
Megan McGuirk Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jack McKenna Science/Technology & Society
Kevin McKeown Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Dillon McMenamy Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jason McMullan Global Business Management
Kyle McPadden Computer Programming/Info Sys
Shelby Meadows Science/Technology & Society
Michael Medaglia Business Management
Matthew Meehan Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Sarah Mehl Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sara Mejia Business Management
Pedro Mejia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Emmanuel Mejia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Gerson Melara Sport Management
Kyle Mele Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph Melia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Christina Mellor Bioscience
Jeanne Menacho Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Johnathan Mencarelli Business Management
Jason Mendonco Aviation Administration
Annamarie Merante Science/Technology & Society
Erin Mercer Science/Technology & Society
Danielle Merrill Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Priscilla Mery Bioscience
Jake Messling Sport Management
Daniel Mestizo Architectural Engineering Tech
Kurt Meth Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Christopher Meza Business Management
Jaclyn Miano Science/Technology & Society
Casey Michaelis Business Management
Nicollette Micozzi Dental Hygiene-AAS
Timothy Miksa Mechanical Engineering Tech
Lauren Mikulus Liberal Arts & Sciences
Eric Milacek Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Cristina Millan Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Daniel Miller Bioscience
Zackary Milton Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joseph Mineo Computer Programming/Info Sys
John Minikel Science/Technology & Society
Vincent Minolfo Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Anthony Mirabella Architectural Engineering Tech
Jordan Miranda Computer Programming/Info Sys
Joanna Miranda Science/Technology & Society
Anabel Miranda Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Christopher Miserere Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alexa Mitchell Sciences - Health Professions
Cassandra Modico Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kaitlyn Moffett Liberal Arts & Sciences
Ishmael Mohammed Business Management
Sara Mohip Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sean Mohr Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Moir Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Lily Moldan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Odalis Molina Business Management
Donald Molinari Science/Technology & Society
Francisco Molina-Rubio Business Management
Peter Mon Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Kimberly Mondesir Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joshua Montes Mechanical Engineering Tech
Stephanie Mora Science/Technology & Society
Luis Morales Business Management
Christian Morales Bioscience
Bridget Moran Liberal Arts & Sciences
Meaghan Moran Nursing
Frank Morano Science/Technology & Society
Andrew Moreira Mechanical Engineering Tech
Fabian Moreno Computer Programming/Info Sys
Rita Moreno Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Caitlin Morgan Professional Communications
Kerry Morgenthaler Business Management
Devin Moriarty Business Management
Michael Moriates Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Betsy Mosquera-Rozo Medical Technology
Danielle Mount Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Michael Mouton Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Michael Muccio Science/Technology & Society
Parth Mukhi Accounting
Gillian Mullady Bioscience
Joseph Mullaney Applied Mathematics
Sheila Mulligan Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Maya Murdaugh Science/Technology & Society
Jonathan Murillo Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Shaylyn Murphy Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Megan Murphy Business Management
Genae Murphy Business Management
Eugene Murray Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michele Musarra Professional Communications
Julia Musetich Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michelle Musial Medical Technology
Montana Musillo Electrical Engineering Tech
Yasman Mustafa Applied Mathematics
Angelina Mutino Nursing
Magdalene Muzante Bioscience
Ryan Myers Sport Management
Cedric Myrthil Science/Technology & Society
Taha Nadeem Electrical Engineering Tech
Christian Nally Computer Programming/Info Sys
Olivia Namendorf Aviation Administration
Gina Napoli Business Management
Serena Napolitano Applied Psychology
Syed Naqvi Business Management
Victoria Nash Medical Technology
Michelle Nash Nursing
Ryan Nash Sport Management
Michael Natale Science/Technology & Society
Caitlin Neal-Karhut Interaction Design
Meredith Negron Bioscience
Eddie Negron Aviation Administration
Krystina Nelson Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jessica Nemeth Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gabrielle Neubert Nursing
Haley Newberg Professional Communications
Jennifer Newins Medical Technology
Zoe Neyer Liberal Arts & Sciences
Giang Nguyen Applied Mathematics
Jose Nicasio Mechanical Engineering Tech
Briana Nicholas Science/Technology & Society
Samantha Nicholson Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
John Nici Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Mariana Nicolaou Nursing
Brianna Nistad Applied Psychology
Daniela Nivicela Professional Communications
Michael Nix Business Management
Afsana Nizamudeen Mechanical Engineering Tech
Heather Noble Medical Technology
Samantha Nocera Business Management
Matthew Nock Business Management
Hamid Noory Security Systems
Lizeth Norena Bioscience
Jenna Norizsan Business Management
Rosa Nortesano Science/Technology & Society
Kerry Nortwich Bioscience
Alexandra Novelli Nursing
Justin Nuccio Business Management
Nephtalie Numa Professional Communications
Christine Nuncio Nursing
Nicole Nunez Professional Communications
Michael Nunez Business Management
Alyssa Nunez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Andy Nunez Science/Technology & Society
Kevin Nunnally Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joseph Nunziata Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jeremi Nussbaum Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Christopher O'Boyle Business Management
Kayley O'Brien Nursing
Liam O'Brien Business Management
Tyler O'Brien Business Management
Tatum O'Brien Science/Technology & Society
Baron O'Callaghan Business Management
Geraldine Ochoa-Cisneros Science/Technology & Society
Christopher O'Connor Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Thomas O'Connor Business Management
Meghan O'Connor Nursing
Derya Odabas Business Management
Christian Odermatt Business Management
Zoe ODonnell Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Paul Odulaja Business Management
Andrew O'Flaherty Computer Programming/Info Sys
Myles Ofri Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Timothy O'Hara Science/Technology & Society
Joanne Ohman Ornamental Horticulture
Christina Okula Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Zaburat Olajide Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ismail Olcek Bioscience
Yessica Oliva Science/Technology & Society
Brittany Olivares Science/Technology & Society
Randall Olivera Bioscience
Joseph Oliveri Business Management
Cameron Olsen Computer Programming/Info Sys
Raymond O'Neill Liberal Arts & Sciences
Vanessa Ortega Architectural Engineering Tech
Marimar Ortega Science/Technology & Society
Justin Orthun Computer Programming/Info Sys
Annette Ortiz Science/Technology & Society
Michael Ortiz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Abrielle Ortiz Bioscience
Thomas Osman Business Management
David Ospina Moreno Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Alec Ostrager Electrical Engineering Tech
Leah Ottenheimer Dental Hygiene-AAS
Miranda Ozimek Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Erol Ozkumru Sport Management
Berkan Ozmutlu Business Management
Ashley Padilla Bioscience
Marisa Padronaggio Professional Communications
Dylan Pagan Science/Technology & Society
Mike Pagano Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michael Paiz Mechanical Engineering Tech
Mel Kathleen Palaca Mechanical Engineering Tech
Alexa Palagonia Science/Technology & Society
Amanda Paley Science/Technology & Society
Samantha Pallini Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gregory Palma Business Management
Daniel Palo Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Alyssa Palumbo Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Gabriel Pamphile Nursing
Paige Pangburn Sport Management
Marina Papadatos Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alexander Papas Mechanical Engineering Tech
Frank Pappalardo Business Management
Jillian Pappas Professional Communications
Emily Parker Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jake Parks Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Dana Parrino Nursing
Troy Parry Science/Technology & Society
Tatyana Pascone Nursing
Sabaha Pasha Architectural Engineering Tech
Twinkle Patel Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicole Patel Dental Hygiene-AAS
Christopher Paterno Aviation Administration
Jake Patti Computer Programming/Info Sys
John Patti Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Leon Paul Bioscience
Ashley-Marie Paul Science/Technology & Society
Chelsea Paul Electrical Engineering Tech
John Paynter Mechanical Engineering Tech
Christina Paz Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Cristopher Paz Portillo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Rae Peacock Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Arthur Pedersen Mechanical Engineering Tech
Christian Pellegrino Automotive Technology
Anthony Pellicane Mechanical Engineering Tech
Xavier Pena Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Victor Penalo Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jason Penaloza Business Management
Joanna Pennacchia Science/Technology & Society
Matthew Pepe Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Sophia Peraza Bonilla Bioscience
Isabella Perez Liberal Arts & Sciences
Steven Perez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
John Perry Science/Technology & Society
Antonio Petito Sport Management
Michael Petralia Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Samantha Pettignano Bioscience
Jennifer Philbin Applied Mathematics
Nicholas Piazza Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jordyn Piccirelli Liberal Arts & Sciences
James Pike Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Antonio Pimentel Nursing
Anthony Pino Mechanical Engineering Tech
Joseph Pinto Sport Management
Raquel Pinto Sciences - Health Professions
Freddy Pinto Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Nadine Pisanello Science/Technology & Society
Kevin Pizzuti Professional Communications
Taylor Planas Applied Psychology
Christopher Plutchok Business Management
Raquel Poetzsch Applied Psychology
Michael Polidora Computer Engineering Tech
Destiny Pomarico Business Management
Kevin Pongratz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Maria Porcasi Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
David Portalatin Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jessica Porto Science/Technology & Society
Danielle Porto Professional Communications
Ricardo Posada Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joanna Posillico Dental Hygiene-AAS
Caitlin Poska Professional Communications
Shawn Post Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Mauricio Poveda Business Management
Mariah Powell Science/Technology & Society
Taylor Power Aviation Administration
Jillian Power Applied Psychology
Joseph Premuto Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matthew Presta Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jorge Prieto Mechanical Engineering Tech
Steven Primm Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Dominique Procopio Professional Communications
Jacob Prussman Bioscience
Corinne Puorro Nursing
Brian Purcell Science/Technology & Society
Kayla Quenzer Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gabriel Quesquen Business Management
Steven Rademacher Computer Programming/Info Sys
Marvin Rafe Computer Information Systems
Dana Ragolia Business Management
Madina Rahimi Sciences - Health Professions
Minha Rahman Aviation Administration
Yacub Rahman Applied Psychology
Anaf Rahman Business Management
Alexis Rahner Science/Technology & Society
Christina Raia Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gianna Raimi Bioscience
Nida Rajput Bioscience
Vasudaa Ramakrishnan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Karthik Ramanathan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Devon Ramdial Computer Programming/Info Sys
Harshavardhanan Ramesh Mechanical Engineering Tech
Rahul Babu Ramesh Babu Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jose Ramirez Business Management
Carlos Ramirez Business Management
Pooja Ramkarran Business Management
Kristan Ramnarine Electrical Engineering Tech
Joseph Randazzo Science/Technology & Society
Hailey Rangel Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kayla Rankin Professional Communications
Nimmi Raveendran Science/Technology & Society
Harsh Ray Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Shozab Raza Science/Technology & Society
Ammar Raza Mechanical Engineering Tech
David Rebori Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Christopher Reddy Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Patrick Reilly Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Kelsey Reilly Science/Technology & Society
Justin Rempy Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Karina Renaldo Business Management
Johann Renderos Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christopher Rendon Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brian Reno Science/Technology & Society
Candice Retas Science/Technology & Society
Caitlin Reusch Applied Psychology
Daniela Reyes Business Management
Jeff Reyes Liberal Arts & Sciences
Yajaira Reyes Liberal Arts & Sciences
Amber Rhatigan Medical Technology
Conor Ricchetti Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kayla Richardson Science/Technology & Society
Brendon Ricketts Computer Programming/Info Sys
Christopher Riggs Business Management
Dustin Rinaldo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gelbert Rios Computer Programming/Info Sys
Lauren Rios Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
William Riselvato Applied Mathematics
Brandon Ritieni Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Tiffany Rivera Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Khayla Rivera Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Rivera Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Henry Rivera Bioscience
Joshua Rivers Business Management
Qandeel Rizwan Bioscience
Daniel Rizzo Business Management
Victoria Rizzo Science/Technology & Society
Danielle Roa Business Management
Kristina Roberto Business Management
Jack Robinson Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Thomas Robinson Nursing
Kudura Robinson Electrical Engineering Tech
Joanna Robles Business Management
Jenna Rocco Nursing
Joseph Roche Business Management
Emily Rodier Bioscience
Fernando Rodriguez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kelly Rodriguez Nursing
Janie Rodriguez Nursing
Justin Rodriguez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Natasha Rodriguez Business Management
Matthew Rodriguez Professional Communications
Karen Rodriguez Science/Technology & Society
Mariuxi Rodriguez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alvin Rodriguez Mechanical Engineering Tech
Daniel Roell Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Andrew Rogers Business Management
Michael Romano Liberal Arts & Sciences
Aracely Romero Sport Management
Ryan Rosario Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ariana Roselli Liberal Arts & Sciences
Bailey Rosen Business Management
Kaylee Rosen Liberal Arts & Sciences
William Ross Mechanical Engineering Tech
Andrea Ross Professional Communications
Jason Rosser Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kyle Rossi Business Management
Alex Rossides Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jenna Rothar Business Management
Michael Rothman Sport Management
Alexander Rott Mechanical Engineering Tech
Zachary Rouse Mechanical Engineering Tech
Patricia Rouzeau Aviation Administration
Russell Roxburgh Computer Programming/Info Sys
Rayna Roy Bioscience
Laura Rubino Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Jeremy Rubinstein Interaction Design
Jessica Rubio Professional Communications
Tyler Ruggiero Science/Technology & Society
Michael Ruggiero Sport Management
Dimitra Ruggiero Nursing
John Ruggiero Business Management
Amanda Ruiz Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Daniel Russell Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Cheyanne Russell Business Management
Nunzio Russo Business Management
Matthew Russo Business Management
Thomas Ryan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Lauren Ryder Global Business Management
Erik Rzepoluch Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Danielle Sabatino Business Management
Ladan Saber Sciences - Health Professions
Sana Sabir Bioscience
Frances Sabzehroo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Deanna Saccente Science/Technology & Society
Shaiban Saeed Applied Economics
Yassin Saeed Computer Programming/Info Sys
Adam Saez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ryhana Safi Dental Hygiene-AAS
Antonia Safoschnik Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
James Sagos Mechanical Engineering Tech
Sohail Sahebzada Science/Technology & Society
Kingderlie Saint Jean Science/Technology & Society
Madina Sakhi Nursing
Gabriella Sakk Applied Psychology
Marie Saladino Nursing
John Salamay Sport Management
Lilly Salib Medical Technology
Juliana Salvata Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rebecca Salvatore Global Business Management
Demetri Samothrakis Business Management
Rodolfo Sanchez Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Jacmary Sanchez Nursing
Laura Sanchez Science/Technology & Society
Elizabeth Sanchez Medical Laboratory Technician
Juan Sanclemente Castillo Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Erica Sandorf Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Peter Sanfilippo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nelson Santana Software Technology
Marco Santiago Mechanical Engineering Tech
Taylor Santiago Bioscience
Michael Santori Business Management
Michelle Sarcone Professional Communications
Jorgina Sarmiento Business Management
Synthia Sarno Nursing
Erik Sattler Business Management
Jessica Scafa Science/Technology & Society
Anthony Scaglione Business Management
Kelly Scanlon Business Management
Keith Scanlon Bioscience
Michael Scarangella Applied Psychology
John Scarpa Mechanical Engineering Tech
Dana Schachter Science/Technology & Society
Madison Schaefer Computer Engineering Tech
Gareth Schaefer Mechanical Engineering Tech
Lauren Scheffel Business Management
Paul Schell Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Corrine Schifflin Medical Technology
Rebecca Schirrman Security Systems
Adam Schlicht Business Management
Eric Schmalacker Horticultural Tech Mgmt
John Schmidt Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jonathan Schmidt Science/Technology & Society
Krista Schmitt Liberal Arts & Sciences
Steven Schopp Mechanical Engineering Tech
Greta Schorr Applied Psychology
Caroline Schott Science/Technology & Society
Taylar Schubart Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kristi Schumacher Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jesse Schurmann Science/Technology & Society
Angelica Schuttinger Nursing
Emily Schwab Nursing
Courtney Schwartz Business Management
Matthew Sciorsci Applied Psychology
Dominick Sciortino Sport Management
Steven Sciortino Security Systems
Thomas Sclafani Liberal Arts & Sciences
Samantha Sculley Liberal Arts & Sciences
Franklin Segarra Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Matt Seligman Business Management
Philip Sellitto Mechanical Engineering Tech
Taylor Semo Professional Communications
Donald Serviss Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Arianna Seth Nursing
Mohsin Shah Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Shreya Shah Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Hetali Shah Electrical Engineering Tech
Akaash Shamraj Security Systems
Zixin Shan Aviation Administration
Diptti Sharma Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kapish Sharma Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ryan Shaw Professional Communications
Kevin Shay Business Management
Danielle Shearer Architectural Engineering Tech
Erin Sheehan Professional Communications
Patrick Sheehan Science/Technology & Society
Stephanie Sheehan Business Management
Malik Shehrooz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Emilyann Shergalis Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gideon Sherry Architectural Engineering Tech
Jake Shickler Business Management
Andrew Shindler Computer Programming/Info Sys
Patricia Shine Nursing
Nadia Shirgul Professional Communications
Timothy Shortell Sport Management
Brandon Shortt Business Management
Colin Shovlin Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Elizabeth Shuell Science/Technology & Society
Kevin Siefert Liberal Arts & Sciences
Larissa Sierra Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kayla Silverstein Science/Technology & Society
Gregory Simicich Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael Simkhai Liberal Arts & Sciences
Xavier Simmons Aviation Administration
Jason Simon Bioscience
Paige Simone Bioscience
Paige Simone Global Business Management
Patrick Simpson Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Maxwell Sims Architectural Engineering Tech
William Sims Architectural Engineering Tech
Jimin Sin Science/Technology & Society
Clayius Sinclair Business Management
Thomas Sinclair Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alyssa Sindone Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sabrina Singh Science/Technology & Society
Ramandeep Singh Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Ravinder Singh Bioscience
Ravinder Singh Applied Economics
Chetanpreet Singh Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Nicole Sinko Architectural Engineering Tech
Miriam Sinseck Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Guadalupe Sivirian Business Management
Justin Slaughter Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brian Sloane Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rafal Smiarowski Aviation Administration
Simone Smith Science/Technology & Society
Roxine Smith Business Management
Holly Smith Business Management
Zachary Smith Architectural Engineering Tech
Justin Smith Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Ronald Smith Business Management
Aman Sneh Professional Communications
Jamie Snyder Applied Psychology
David Sofferman Computer Programming/Info Sys
Rachel Sokol Dental Hygiene-AAS
Amanda Soldano Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Deena Soliman Science/Technology & Society
Patrick Solomita Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Daniela Sorin Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jason Sosa Business Management
Steven Sosa Nursing
Matthew Soviero Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Rose Spanato Liberal Arts & Sciences
George Spanos Nursing
Alexandra Sparrow Business Management
Thomas Sparrow Computer Programming/Info Sys
Daniel Spateri Computer Programming/Info Sys
Erica Speciale Professional Communications
Michelle Speirs Applied Psychology
Tia Speller Business Management
Shanique Spence Science/Technology & Society
Savannah Spinelli Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Christa Spinola Science/Technology & Society
Gianna Spirio Liberal Arts & Sciences
Daniel Spirio Interaction Design
Stephen Squeri Business Management
Luciano Staffa Business Management
Michael Starr Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brittney Starzee Sport Management
Michael Steed Business Management
Ashley Steffens Science/Technology & Society
Megan Stein Business Management
Megan Stettinger Applied Psychology
Gabrielle Stone Business Management
Robert Stosch Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ashleigh Strazzullo Nursing
Nicholas Strigaro Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joseph Strippoli Business Management
Rachel Strube Business Management
Michael Stutts Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Victor Suarez Sport Management
Sean Sugrue Business Management
Marryam Suhail Security Systems
Nicholas Sukhdeo Computer Engineering Tech
James Sullivan Nursing
Tyler Sullivan Applied Psychology
Matthew Sullivan Business Management
Yulia Surutkina Science/Technology & Society
Brian Sweeney Security Systems
Michael Swidzinski Business Management
Jesika Swidzinski Global Business Management
Sheryar Syed Liberal Arts & Sciences
Vanessa Tabora Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Talia Taheri Bioscience
Owen Tam Electrical Engineering Tech
Lawrence Tan Sport Management
Carmine Tardugno Mechanical Engineering Tech
Mariam Tarin Applied Psychology
Courtney Tasso Applied Psychology
Fausto Taveras Computer Programming/Info Sys
Giovanni Tavolacci Security Systems
Kirsten Taylor Nursing
Samuel Tayts Security Systems
Katherinne Tejada Alvarez Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Kimberly Tello Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Anthony Teneriello Applied Psychology
Francis Terrasi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Shelby Terrell Medical Technology
Devan Thakur Business Management
Gregory Thayer Science/Technology & Society
Evan Thode Business Management
Jamie Thomas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Frederick Thomas Sport Management
Gerell Thompson Business Management
Clinton Thompson Aviation Administration
Matteo Tiberi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Colin Tinschert Interaction Design
Jessica Tofalli Liberal Arts & Sciences
Patricia Tolentino Science/Technology & Society
Michael Torelli Business Management
Christine Torre Professional Communications
Adriana Torres Bioscience
Elijah Torres Medical Technology
Matthew Touhamy Liberal Arts & Sciences
Daniel Towne Sport Management
Richard Trabosh Business Management
Christopher Tramonte Science/Technology & Society
Eric Tran Science/Technology & Society
Jakob Trashansky Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Jake Traub Mechanical Engineering Tech
Majesty Tricoche Bioscience
Jigme Trinley Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jarrod Trojcak Science/Technology & Society
Brianna Trovato Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jose Troya Macias Computer Programming/Info Sys
Theadora Tsolomitis Business Management
Payten Tucciarone Applied Psychology
Robert Tucker Sport Management
Julia Tuohy Dental Hygiene Entry Level BS
Kudrat Tura Electrical Engineering Tech
Heather Turetsky Science/Technology & Society
Cameron Turi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Robert Tutino Security Systems
Jay Um Business Management
Christina Urbancik Nursing
Andrew Urrutia Business Management
Christopher Vabrinskas Mechanical Engineering Tech
Haylee Vadnais Business Management
Daniela Valdes Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Richard Valentine Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicholas Vales Computer Engineering Tech
Samantha Valla Business Management
Alexander Valle Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Sarah Van Eekhout Bioscience
Larry Vanegas Business Management
Nohelia Vargas Science/Technology & Society
Ana Vargas Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Emely Vargas Garcia Business Management
Teofilo Vasquez Nursing
Marvin Vasquez Mechanical Engineering Tech
Edwin Vasquez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Saul Vasquez Business Management
Rocio Vasquez Business Management
Katherine Vazquez Bioscience
Brenda Velasquez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Harley Venezia-Padilla Business Management
Antonio Verderosa Electrical Engineering Tech
David Vidad Business Management
Domingo Vigil Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Manuela Villada Science/Technology & Society
Katherine Villada Science/Technology & Society
Andreina Villanueva Science/Technology & Society
Marcela Viscarra Business Management
Christopher Vitucci Business Management
Alex Vitzthum Science/Technology & Society
Haylee Viup Liberal Arts & Sciences
George Vlahakis Aviation Administration
Emily Vlahov Business Management
Kelsey Voiklis Business Management
William Volk Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Christopher Vono Business Management
Alexander Vrionedes Business Management
Lela Wade Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Samantha Walker Liberal Arts & Sciences
Casey Wallace Business Management
Malik Wallace Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jake Walsh Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Michael Walsh Sport Management
Evelyn Wang Business Management
Jianhao Wang Software Technology
Matthew Ward Liberal Arts & Sciences
Richard Waters Business Management
Meaghan Weihs Nursing
Jacob Weinkrantz Security Systems
Ryan Weiss Liberal Arts & Sciences
Julia Weller Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Rachael Wenzel Business Management
Alixander West Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Shannon White Business Management
Rebecca White Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Nyasia White-Rozzell Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Beth Wichowski Bioscience
Samantha Wiedre Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Caitlyn Wigand Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Kiana Williams Science/Technology & Society
Kiara Wilson Business Management
Christopher Wilson Science/Technology & Society
Jack Wilson Electrical Engineering Tech
Ryan Winter Mechanical Engineering Tech
Frank Wirth Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Tyler Wisniewski Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sydnie Wittenberg Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Alexander Wittner Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Patryk Wlodkowski Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
James Wohlsen Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Frankie Wolf Professional Communications
Christina Wolfle Nursing
Joseph Woll Business Management
Arthur Woloszyn Business Management
Natalie Wong Bioscience
Ting Hin Wong Aviation Administration
Joseph Woodland Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Mikayla Wright Business Management
Mitiya Wright Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael Wurster Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jillian Wygand Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Leona Xidas Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Joseph Yackel Applied Mathematics
Asli Yelkenli Global Business Management
Tina Yirka Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Adeline Yntela Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Christopher Yohannan Security Systems
Andrew Zabala Science/Technology & Society
Suraya Zadran Medical Technology
Bryan Zagardo Business Management
Mahvash Zaidi Bioscience
Hunter Zalud Business Management
Nicholas Zanardi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Danielle Zaragoza Professional Communications
Tori Zaremski Liberal Arts & Sciences
Melanie Zeltmann Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Theresa Zhang Applied Psychology
Benny Zheng Computer Programming/Info Sys
Maxwell Ziegler Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Vanessa Zimmer Science/Technology & Society
Peter Zinerco Science/Technology & Society
James Zito Computer Programming/Info Sys
Seda Zivali Global Business Management
Igor Zybert Computer Programming/Info Sys