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Dean's List

Spring 2015

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Name Curriculum
Christine Abbott Professional Communications
Thomas Abruscati Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Meaghan Accardi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Vivek Acharya Computer Programming/Info Sys
Robyn Adams Business Management
Ebunoluwa Adebajo Science/Technology & Society
Nahad Adla Business Management
Mohcine Afaf Aviation Administration
Umer Afzal Business Management
Joannie Agnant Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Agostinacchio Visual Communications
Gabriel Aguero Science/Technology & Society
Maria Aguinaga Business Management
Edward Agyapong Bioscience
Mohammed Ahnaf Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joan Aigner Business Management
David Ainbinder Business Management
Bilal Akhter Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tahamina Akter Science/Technology & Society
Wahab Alam Business Management
Michael Alba Business Management
Stephen Albertson Science/Technology & Society
Lauren Alexander Sport Management
Maryah Ali Liberal Arts & Sciences
Samer Alkhatib Business Management
Christopher Allan Business Management
Rachel Allen Applied Psychology
E Perry Allman Science/Technology & Society
Jacqueline Allocca Sport Management
Giuseppe Altadonna Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Erica Alter Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Brian Alvarez Applied Psychology
Anthony Alvino Sport Management
Suzann Amarillo Business Management
Sailesh Kumar Ambati Mechanical Engineering Tech
Melissa Anastos Nursing
Michael Anderson Electrical Engineering Tech.
Alexandria Anderson Nursing
Marc Andino Liberal Arts & Sciences
Pedro Andrade Science/Technology & Society
Stefani Angel Business Management
Gilda Angeles Corona Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Queen Angus Medical Technology
Maryam Ansari Bioscience
Victoria Antonacci Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Nicholas Antonelli Business Management
Gabriela Aparicio Science/Technology & Society
Kristin Aquila Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Katherine Arciniegas Business Management
Karina Argueta Visual Communications
Leandra Aristilde Liberal Arts & Sciences
Marisa Armstrong Nursing
Sara Ashraf Bioscience
Jillian Asquino Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Nicole Aurora Science/Technology & Society
Daniel Austen Security Systems
Dylan Avellino Sport Management
Raleigh Axmacher Sport Management
Ofir Ayalon Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Zohal Azimi Visual Communications
Lean Carlo Baes Business Management
Reisha Bailey Medical Technology
Brett Bailey Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Andrew Bajon Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michael Baker Computer Programming/Info Sys
Infazal Baksh Aviation Administration
Kevin Baldessari Sport Management
Anthony Baldino Computer Engineering Tech.
Robyn Balduzzi Computer Programming/Info Sys
James Balestrieri Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Candice Ballato Science/Technology & Society
Faieza Baloch Bioscience
Thomas Baner Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Theodore Banker Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Barclay Science/Technology & Society
Christina Barone Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Lindsay Bascom Mechanical Engineering Tech
Dylan Bates Science/Technology & Society
Jon Baumer Science/Technology & Society
Ashley Bayne Nursing
Helenge Beato Perez Architectural Engineering Tech
Valerie Beatty Professional Communications
Isabella Becerra Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kyle Becker Business Management
Heather Behan Nursing
Spresime Bekteshi Science/Technology & Society
Carl Belfond Science/Technology & Society
Heather Bellairs Business Management
Melissa Bellitte Science/Technology & Society
Brett Belluscio Computer Programming/Info Sys
Rose Mary Beltre Perez Aviation Administration
Adam Bender Computer Engineering Tech.
Jenifer Benitez-Ramos Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Brittany Bennett Nursing
Nicholas Bennett Science/Technology & Society
Taylor Bent Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexandra Bentz Nursing
Sarina Bergdoll Science/Technology & Society
Wesley Betsch Software Technology
Kabir Bharara Business Management
Keshav Bhatt Business Management
Mattia Biancamano Business Management
John-Paul Billard Sport Management
Erika Binfield Liberal Arts & Sciences
Donald Blake Business Management
Laura Blanc DeSilva Professional Communications
Matthew Bloom Aviation Administration
Austin Blum Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Jordan Blum Sport Management
Katlyn Blum Visual Communications
Nicolas Bombowsky Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Ryan Bonavia Visual Communications
Carina Bonilla Business Management
Humberto Bonilla Professional Communications
Kristin Bonura Nursing
Justin Boone Professional Communications
Olivia Booth Professional Communications
Rose Borge Business Management
Mauro Botero Computer Programming/Info Sys
Franke Bove Science/Technology & Society
Clare Boyle Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Michele Bracco Nursing
Ryan Brady Business Management
Katerine Bran Science/Technology & Society
Taylor Brandt Science/Technology & Society
Sergio Braz Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Daniel Bredow Business Management
Sarah Brennan Applied Psychology
Danielle Bretey Liberal Arts & Sciences
Vincent Breuning Electrical Engineering Tech.
Kevin Brewer Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Kayla Brooks Science/Technology & Society
Alexander Broomer Business Management
Steven Brower Computer Engineering Tech.
Ashley Brunot Science/Technology & Society
Shannon Brushett Visual Communications
Aileen Buccella Dental Hygiene
William Buchanan Sport Management
James Buell Business Management
Giuseppe Buffolino Sport Management
Carolina Buitrago Bioscience
Yeshwanth Buma Ramesh Babu Mechanical Engineering Tech
Daniele Buoncore Nursing
Christopher Burns Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Lawrence Burwell Professional Communications
Charlotte Bush Visual Communications
Mary Butler Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kevin Butler Science/Technology & Society
Darden Byron Architectural Engineering Tech
Gabriela Cabrera Business Management
Danny Caceres Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Louis Caceres Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Anthony Caiozzo Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
David Calderon Computer Programming/Info Sys
Lisa Calhoun Applied Psychology
Darcy Callahan Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Christine Calvacca Professional Communications
Mila Calvacca Capone Science/Technology & Society
Christine Campanello Nursing
Joshua Campbell Applied Psychology
Maureen Campbell Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christen Campbell Business Management
Michael Campbell Business Management
Jonathan Campisi Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Karla Campos Science/Technology & Society
Edwin Campos Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Pamela Canales Liberal Arts & Sciences
Ashley Canas Nursing
Amanda Canfield Science/Technology & Society
Michael Cangiano Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Alexandra Capone Professional Communications
Steven Cappuccio Medical Technology
Richard Caracci Bioscience
Jessica Carasco Applied Psychology
Vanessa Carbajal Science/Technology & Society
Jacqueline Carcaramo Dental Hygiene
Stephanie Cardenas Business Management
Amanda Cardone Nursing
Luis Cardoso Computer Programming/Info Sys
Juan Caridad Business Management
Gina Cariello Science/Technology & Society
Shannon Carlin Professional Communications
George Carlucci Applied Mathematics
Colleen Carpenter Business Management
Nataly Carpio Business Management
Karen Carr Liberal Arts & Sciences
Matthew Carter Applied Psychology
Brielle Cartolano Science/Technology & Society
John Paul Casanova Electrical Engineering Tech.
Kevin Cashman Sport Management
Meghan Cashman Science/Technology & Society
Ryan Castellar Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Marc Castro Business Management
Mary Castro Dental Hygiene
Alexa Catania Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kathy Catapano Liberal Arts & Sciences
Stephanie Cavallo Business Management
Gregory Cecere Science/Technology & Society
Ethan Cedzich Security Systems
Christian Celeste Business Management
Carmen Centeno Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Simon Cepeda Business Management
Anita Cepeda Business Management
Manuel Cepeda Morillo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Joseph Ceriello Computer Programming/Info Sys
Allison Cervantes Visual Communications
Amelia-Mae Cestari Liberal Arts & Sciences
Thomas Cetin Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Alex Cevallos Science/Technology & Society
Vanessa Chan Business Management
Alice Chan Medical Technology
Jean Chang Visual Communications
Monia Charles Business Management
Ghislande Charleus Science/Technology & Society
Amit Charran Computer Programming/Info Sys
Abayan Chellappa Gounder Velusami Mechanical Engineering Tech
David Chen Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Andriy Cherevan Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Jacky Cheung Business Management
Kristina Chieco Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Nicole Chinnici Medical Technology
Steven Chiocchio Architectural Engineering Tech
Sarah Chironno Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Ye Ji Cho Medical Laboratory Technician
Jae Man Cho Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Megan Chorusey Science/Technology & Society
Michael Christophersen Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Jeremy Chylinski Science/Technology & Society
Brian Ciambriello Science/Technology & Society
Christine Cianci Dental Hygiene
Patrick Cicchetti Business Management
Joseph Cicione Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
John Ciejka Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Monica Cintron Business Management
Richard Ciraulo Visual Communications
Anthony Cirillo Bioscience
Zuzana Clark Medical Technology
Dylan Claud Mechanical Engineering Tech
Travis Claus Applied Mathematics
Danielle Claus Business Management
Kathleen Cleary Horticultural Tech Mgmt
John Clesi Science/Technology & Society
Mercy Cleto Campusano Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Kyle Clossick Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jessica Cobb Science/Technology & Society
Michael Cocchiere Business Management
Frances Coffey Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Jonathan Cohen Applied Mathematics
Danielle Cohen Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Anthony Coletta Business Management
Danielle Colicino Business Management
Howard Collado Security Systems
Elbin Collado Science/Technology & Society
Richard Collaro Business Management
Ellen Collie Cabrera Business Management
Matthew Collins Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Evan Collins Computer Engineering Tech.
Allison Colombo Applied Psychology
Dana Colton Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Colucci Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Rachel Conefry Business Management
Alison Connell Nursing
Daniel Connelly Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Nicholas Connolly Business Management
Kristen Connolly Business Management
Cori Connolly Business Management
Jessica Connors Science/Technology & Society
Lauren Consoli Nursing
Ryan Contarino Security Systems
Ryan Conway Computer Programming/Info Sys
Collin Cook Science/Technology & Society
Ryan Cooke Business Management
Edward Cooley Business Management
Kelsey Cooper Professional Communications
Ryan Corbett Science/Technology & Society
Valentina Cordoba Silva Business Management
Daniel Cordoves Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Amanda Corrado Business Management
Kasia Cortes Bioscience
Ashley Costa Dental Hygiene
Corey Costa Liberal Arts & Sciences
Crystal Costello Professional Communications
Bobby Costic Liberal Arts & Sciences
Cullen Coughlin Liberal Arts & Sciences
Danielle Coumou Nursing
Nicole Covello Business Management
Tyler Cox Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Emilyjane Cox Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Justin Cramer Business Management
Juliet Crawbuck Science/Technology & Society
David Crawford Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Kareem Creary Security Systems
Francesca Crino Bioscience
Brittany Crocitto Business Management
Mariah-Lynette Cummings Business Management
Caitlin Cunningham Dental Hygiene
Nicole Cunningham Business Management
Matthew Dabrowski Electrical Engineering Tech.
Kimberly D'Agostino Science/Technology & Society
Bree D'Allegro Business Management
Deanna Damato Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Thomas Damian Electrical Engineering Tech.
Victoria Dance Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas D'Antonio Business Management
Ashley Danzig Applied Psychology
Matthew Dardano Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kayla Darienzo Science/Technology & Society
Conor Dauer Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Davis Business Management
Alexander Davis Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Colin Davis Professional Communications
Melissa Dayton Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Juana De Las Mercedes Pena Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Brian De Palma Mechanical Engineering Tech
Julianne De Salvo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sabrina De Vita Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mathew De Vito Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Kimberly DeGasero Professional Communications
Kristen Deinhardt Horticultural Tech Mgmt
William Deister Science/Technology & Society
Jamie Del Giorno Liberal Arts & Sciences
Evelyn Delacruz Business Management
Shaun Delaney Professional Communications
Kristen Deleo Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Freddy Delgado Visual Communications
Andrew Delsardo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Shawn Deluca Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Kencia Delva Science/Technology & Society
Jenna DeMaria Applied Psychology
Samantha Dempsey Nursing
Alexander Denaro Business Management
Samantha Deng Business Management
Angela Denney Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Charles Densford Computer Programming/Info Sys
Lindsay Depalo Business Management
Jeanette Desetta Science/Technology & Society
Kerri Devine Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Rohish Dewan Bioscience
Michael Di Giovanna Sport Management
Nicolette Di Palma Business Management
Bryan Diana Science/Technology & Society
Daniel Diaz Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Lenore DiBernardo Nursing
Christopher Dickie Business Management
Christian Diffendale Applied Economics
Joseph Digennaro Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alicia Digiuseppe Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Daniel Digregorio Sport Management
Richard Dikeman Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael DiNuzzo Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Nicholas Diomede Business Management
Julia DiPalma Science/Technology & Society
Elina Disla Pascual Mechanical Engineering Tech
Danielle Distefano Applied Psychology
Elizabeth Dlouhy Professional Communications
Kayla Dobbins Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Theophilus Doe Computer Engineering Tech.
Yusuf Dogan Aviation Administration
Richard Dominguez Business Management
Kerry Donaghy Nursing
Tom Donohue Visual Communications
Thomas Donovan Computer Programming/Info Sys
Timothy Doobay Business Management
Sean Doohan Science/Technology & Society
Marie Dorga-Mitchell Nursing
Paige Dorgan Visual Communications
Nicholas Dosen Electrical Engineering Tech.
Chanel Dowell Science/Technology & Society
Deslyn Downer Business Management
Ryan Doyle Business Management
Brandon Drexler Sport Management
Alexander Duarte Security Systems
Briana Dubreuil Applied Psychology
Madison Duignan Visual Communications
Ryan Duke Computer Engineering Tech.
Matthew Durkin Visual Communications
Scott Dwyer Business Management
Vasyl Dykyy Computer Engineering Tech.
Andrew Eberhardt Business Management
Leanne Eberhart Health Studies
Daniel Eberlein Nursing
David Eckel Sport Management
Fabienne Edouard Architectural Engineering Tech
Nicholas Efthimiades Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kaitlin Egan Nursing
Ryan Eggers Science/Technology & Society
Gina Eletto Nursing
Ehab Elgebaly Mechanical Engineering Tech
Steven Ellis Science/Technology & Society
Ashley Emigholz Sport Management
Kevin Ennis Electrical Engineering Tech.
Courtney Enright Nursing
Adam Enzinger Bioscience
Michael Erdmann Computer Programming/Info Sys
Julian Escobar Business Management
Caralyn Estivo Science/Technology & Society
Tyler Estro Software Technology
Ashley Etienne Nursing
Cathelyne Etienne Applied Psychology
Dayna Evans Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ryan Eversley Science/Technology & Society
Ralph Fabiani Nursing
Mahalka Fahim Bioscience
Adriana Falco Science/Technology & Society
Stephanie Faldetta Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jonathan Falletta Visual Communications
Thomas Fallon Architectural Engineering Tech
Christopher Famulari Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
John Famularo Business Management
Ashley Fana Dental Hygiene
Gabrielle Farfan Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexander Farias Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tubah Farooq Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kyle Farrell Professional Communications
Robert Fauerbach Applied Mathematics
Anthony Febbraro Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nichole Fechter Science/Technology & Society
Lauren Fehntrich Nursing
Azis Fejzullaj Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexier Felix De La Cruz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alexander Fenev Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Rachel Ferlazzo Dental Hygiene
Alan Fermin Bioscience
Kathryn Ferraro Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Abbey Ferrigno Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anthony Ficaro Aviation Administration
Nicholas Figorito Business Management
Jonathan Fineo Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Stephen Fling Business Management
Karen Flores Computer Programming/Info Sys
Vanessa Flores Business Management
Kadie Flynn Bioscience
Daniel Fodera Business Management
Ken Fok Security Systems
Thomas Foley Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Enrico Forcina Business Management
Kayla Ford Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael Forlani Business Management
Kimberly Forman Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Formica Business Management
Tishena Forte Science/Technology & Society
Ryan Fox Computer Programming/Info Sys
Justin Fragoletti Business Management
Fahymir Francis Science/Technology & Society
Nicole Franz Applied Psychology
Justin Fraser Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Ashley French Science/Technology & Society
Justin Friedman Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jeremy Friend Business Management
Jonathan Frohnhoefer Business Management
Gabrielle Fuchs Nursing
Stephanie Fudzinski Bioscience
Kyle Fulep Science/Technology & Society
Richard Gabriel Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brendan Gaddis Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Kiersten Gaertner Architectural Engineering Tech
Simaan Gaffary Business Management
Laura Gager Applied Psychology
Tara Gajewski Science/Technology & Society
Maritza Galeas Bioscience
Caroline Galgano Professional Communications
Stephen Gallagher Science/Technology & Society
Kelsey Gallagher Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brian Galligan Applied Mathematics
Pasquale Gambino Computer Engineering Tech.
Praharshith Ganji Mechanical Engineering Tech
Alena Gannon Science/Technology & Society
Ru Gao Bioscience
Frank Garay Science/Technology & Society
Chris Garcia Science/Technology & Society
Adina Garcia Dental Hygiene
Ricardo Garcia Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Anthony Garcia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Carmen Garcia Dental Hygiene
Marisa Garcia Applied Mathematics
Steven Garcia Applied Mathematics
Robert Gardner Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Kazia Garvey Architectural Engineering Tech
Jennifer Gattuso Security Systems
Anesha Gayaram Liberal Arts & Sciences
Andrew Gaydosh Business Management
Leah Gazes Computer Programming/Info Sys
Erica Geiger Liberal Arts & Sciences
Marc Gelson Science/Technology & Society
Brittany Genao Liberal Arts & Sciences
Elizabeth Genoa Business Management
Dane Gentile Business Management
Adrienne Geraci Nursing
Annmarie Gerard Business Management
Theresa Gerardi Ornamental Hort-Landscape Devl
Dana Gerasimovich Liberal Arts & Sciences
Amy Gesslein Science/Technology & Society
Romah Ghani Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alana Ghansiam Nursing
Eric Giardina Mechanical Engineering Tech
Justin Gibaldi Science/Technology & Society
Virginia Gil Business Management
Juan Gil Sanchez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Samara Gilman Science/Technology & Society
Patrick Gilvary Science/Technology & Society
Concetta Gioeli Business Management
Eugenia Gioles Computer Programming/Info Sys
Emily Giordano Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gabrielle Gitto Professional Communications
Jean Giudicelli Electrical Engineering Tech.
Tamara Giunta Nursing
Nicholas Gnoffo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Zhobin Golbari Business Management
Shannon Gold Applied Psychology
Chelsea Gold Science/Technology & Society
Asiya Golden Bioscience
Scott Golder Nursing
Alex Goldman Business Management
Vanessa Gomez Science/Technology & Society
Tasmy Gomez Parahoy Professional Communications
Shayna Gonzalez Professional Communications
Justin Gonzalez Aviation Administration
Brenda Gonzalez Liberal Arts & Sciences
Wendy Gonzalez Business Management
Eileen Gordon Business Management
Alyssa Gorman Business Management
Justin Gottlieb Electrical Engineering Tech.
Nicholas Gottlieb Business Management
Vincent Gough Sport Management
Jennifer Grabowski Professional Communications
David Gralitzer Mechanical Engineering Tech
Rachael Grant Aviation Administration
Daniel Gray Computer Programming/Info Sys
Stephen Graybosch Visual Communications
Joshua Greenberg Business Management
Stacie Grene Science/Technology & Society
Anthony Grilli Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matthew Grunenberg Business Management
Brenton Grupp Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexis Guadagno Applied Psychology
Christopher Guarascio Mechanical Engineering Tech
Steven Guarascio Professional Communications
Stephen Gucciardo Science/Technology & Society
Ashley Guerrero Business Management
Vincent Guerriere Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Charles Guevarra Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Hailey Gulino Nursing
Brianna Gurrera Nursing
Dong-Hoon Ha Sport Management
Christine Hagan Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Mahmoud Haggag Electrical Engineering Tech.
Matthew Haggerty Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Evangelos Halaris Business Management
Mahmut Halis Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sean Hall Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Emma Hall Business Management
Sanjida Haque Computer Programming/Info Sys
Danielle Harkins Business Management
Nicole Harkins Business Management
Ravindra Harrichand Computer Engineering Tech.
Michael Harris Applied Psychology
Kevin Hartmann Business Management
Douglas Hartough Mechanical Engineering Tech
Christi Hatcher Architectural Engineering Tech
Brian Hatt Business Management
Stephanie Haufsk Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Daniel Hauschild Business Management
Kathryn Hayes Sport Management
Christopher Healy Professional Communications
Charles Hedji Sciences - Health Professions
John Heintz Applied Psychology
Nolan Heintz Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Bryan Helmle Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Kara Hendricks Visual Communications
Troy Hendrickson Sport Management
Jazmin Henriquez Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anhaiz Hercule Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Elishah Herman Visual Communications
Carlos Hermida Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Nicholas Hernandez Science/Technology & Society
Jenny Hernandez Architectural Engineering Tech
Tatiana Hernandez Aviation Administration
Massiel Hernandez Victoria Aviation Administration
Vanessa Herrera Business Management
Renee Hewitt Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christina Hickey Professional Communications
Timothy Hicks Computer Programming/Info Sys
Lisa Hidalgo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sachella Higgins Liberal Arts & Sciences
Katie Higgins Nursing
Terrence Hill Science/Technology & Society
Benjamin Hirsch Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tasha Hoffer Science/Technology & Society
Heather Holloway Business Management
Melanie Holmes Science/Technology & Society
Paul Hornick Computer Programming/Info Sys
Hanna Hosein-Brzoza Dental Hygiene
Gerard Hovanec Bioscience
Sebastian Hubert Business Management
Katherine Huezo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christopher Hunter Applied Economics
Robert Hurley Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Sajjad Hussaini Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sabrina Iadarola Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicole Iadevaia Applied Psychology
Allison Ickstadt Liberal Arts & Sciences
Pakiza Ikram Business Management
Stephanie Ingenito Science/Technology & Society
Amanda Ingram Business Management
Kevin Inman Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Vincent Intrieri Business Management
Megan Iovino Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jessica Irving Business Management
Samantha Irwin Business Management
Vivian Isaacs Business Management
Shadman Islam Computer Engineering Tech.
Albert Izaguirre Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michelle Jablonski Business Management
Tamunotonye Jack Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Furious Jackson Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gregory Jacobsen Sport Management
Michael Jadatz Business Management
Agne Jalionskaite-Berube Dental Hygiene
Justin Jaros Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Cynthia Jarquin Science/Technology & Society
Shoa Javaid Bioscience
Muhammad Jawad Automotive Technology
Brian Jaworski Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Michael Jaycox Liberal Arts & Sciences
Forrytza Jean Bioscience
Jerry Jean-Baptiste Computer Programming/Info Sys
Doris Jelinek Visual Communications
Jessica Jensen Science/Technology & Society
Alexandre Jeremie Aviation Administration
Michael Jewels Liberal Arts & Sciences
Erica Jimenez Science/Technology & Society
Maryanne Jimenez Bioscience
Ania Jn Pierre Science/Technology & Society
Zachary Johnson Ornamental Horticulture
Nicholas Johnson Computer Programming/Info Sys
Zachary Johnson Bioscience
Joy Jones Liberal Arts & Sciences
Carolyn Jones Professional Communications
Gabrielle Jorge Liberal Arts & Sciences
Giana Kaileh Science/Technology & Society
Issa Kaileh Medical Laboratory Technician
Jamie Kaletcher Liberal Arts & Sciences
Aditya Kaliappan Velayutham Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jawahar Kaliyamurthy Mechanical Engineering Tech
Shannon Kalogeras Nursing
Gurjot Kalra Business Management
Idris Kanbur Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Keith Kandora Business Management
Brianna Kane Science/Technology & Society
Gabrielle Kantor Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Vasiliki Karapiperis Business Management
Alaha Karimi Business Management
Karuppiah Karuppiah Mechanical Engineering Tech
Gabrielle Kasulke Business Management
Dean Katsaros Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Gursimran Kaur Science/Technology & Society
Avneet Kaur Professional Communications
Amrit Kaur Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alicia Kazi Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Deirdra Kearns Visual Communications
Shakima Kelley Medical Technology
Kristen Kelly Ornamental Hort-Landscape Devl
Michael Kelly Business Management
Kristie Kelly Nursing
Deirdre Kelly Liberal Arts & Sciences
Samantha Kender Science/Technology & Society
Kaitlyn Kennedy Visual Communications
Michelle Kennedy Business Management
Meaghan Kennedy Liberal Arts & Sciences
Tyler Kerby Business Management
Nicholas Kerimian Bioscience
Andrea Keuchler Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Keute Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Yahya Khwaja Computer Programming/Info Sys
Andrew Kicinski Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Andrea Kiefer Sport Management
Asim Kilic Business Management
Ariana Kim Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Nicholas King Sport Management
Eddie Kinloch Science/Technology & Society
Andrea Klarman Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Adam Klein Science/Technology & Society
Jessica Klein Science/Technology & Society
Sionain Kless Professional Communications
Michael Klimovich Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Michael Klueber Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Thomas Knox Business Management
Gabriel Kocon Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Kevin Koenig Nursing
Kerianne Koenig Security Systems
Josh Kohn Sport Management
Jessica Kolosov Medical Laboratory Technician
Richard Konowal Business Management
Andrew Korpacz Sport Management
Shahrzad Kosari Dental Hygiene
Gregory Kossman Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Natalia Kowalczyk Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Paulina Kowalska Business Management
Robert Kowalski Mechanical Engineering Tech
Mary Kozak Nursing
Matthew Kraemer Business Management
Scott Kramer Ornamental Hort-Landscape Devl
Justin Krebs Bioscience
Danielle Kreditor Business Management
Gautam Krishnamoorthy Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ximena Kruger Business Management
Lauren Krzos Sciences - Health Professions
John Kuhlwilm Architectural Engineering Tech
William Kuschner Business Management
Taylor Labate Business Management
Lisa Labriola Business Management
Kenneth Lacker Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Arsal Lacorte Sport Management
Nicole Ladouceur Applied Mathematics
Toni Marie Lagana Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Laiosa Electrical Engineering Tech.
Jeremy Lakhnenko Science/Technology & Society
Harry Lamagna Science/Technology & Society
Evani Lamba Business Management
Peter Lamberta Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicholas Lamonaca Business Management
Katherine Landaverde Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brandon Lane Business Management
Desiree Lange Visual Communications
Brendan Langstaff Sport Management
Tara Lanigan Science/Technology & Society
Russell Lascala Science/Technology & Society
Jason Laskin Aviation Administration
Andrew Lasofsky Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Michael Lastuvka Business Management
Tyler Lattanzi Sport Management
Bryan Lau Electrical Engineering Tech.
Justin Laukaitis Computer Programming/Info Sys
Spencer Law Aviation Administration
Laura Lawreniuk Science/Technology & Society
Luke Layton Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Jimmy Ledesma Computer Programming/Info Sys
James Lee Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Franklin Leger Business Management
Victoria Lehmuller Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Ashley Lehr Bioscience
Anthony Leib Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicolle Leitke Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Wendy Leiva Science/Technology & Society
Boris Lemoine Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alice Lenoci Nursing
Steven Leo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Karen Leon Business Management
Diana Leon Business Management
Carmelo Leone Aviation Administration
Maria Leon-Perez Dental Hygiene
Melissa Lewando Business Management
Christina Lewis Nursing
Jonathan Librach Professional Communications
Paul Licari Science/Technology & Society
Brittany Licari Business Management
Delmer Licona Applied Economics
Lauren Liegmann Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Denise Liguori Business Management
George Liluashvili Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Samuel Lim Medical Technology
Roxana Lima Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Linarello Business Management
Bianka Lindo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Carynne Litcher Applied Mathematics
Robert Liu Mechanical Engineering Tech
Denis Livingston Medical Laboratory Technician
Craig Livingston Science/Technology & Society
Loren Livote Liberal Arts & Sciences
Diego Lizano Science/Technology & Society
Stephanie Lloyd Bioscience
Jonathan Locovare Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicole Loiacono Applied Psychology
Nicholas Lojo Applied Economics
David Lomonaco Professional Communications
Patrick Long Professional Communications
Louie Lopez Business Management
James LoPresti Sport Management
David Lordahl Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Jaclynn Losito Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicolette Lovari Bioscience
Samantha Lovece Business Management
Deanna Ludwig Business Management
Robert Luisi Computer Engineering Tech.
Holly Luscher Visual Communications
Isaac Lustgarten Business Management
Erin Lynch Nursing
Khadijah Lyons Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Michelle Maciejny Nursing
Kaitlyn Mackey Visual Communications
Saqib Madni Global Business Management
Angiulina Magdalena De Padua Applied Economics
Steven Maiorca Liberal Arts & Sciences
Ewelyn Majkrzak Liberal Arts & Sciences
Chetanpreet Malhi Electrical Engineering Tech.
Christopher Maloney Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Jacob Manning Business Management
Jesslynn Mannino Nursing
Anthony Marasia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Riley Marceca Bioscience
Lisamarie Mariani Marketing
Jude Mariarajan Computer Programming/Info Sys
Giancarlo Marichal Duluc Applied Economics
Georgia Marinakos Science/Technology & Society
Stephen Marini Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Dominic Marino Liberal Arts & Sciences
Heather Marino Nursing
Dennis Maroldo Business Management
Chade Marshall Bioscience
Guillermo Martinez Moreno Bioscience
Chelosky Martinez Perez Global Business Management
Angelo Martino Computer Programming/Info Sys
Anthony Martins Bioscience
Amanda Martins Liberal Arts & Sciences
Ashley Mascaro Bioscience
Robert Massa Architectural Engineering Tech
Elizabeth Mastellone Science/Technology & Society
Jake Mastrangelo Electrical Engineering Tech.
Jennifer Mateo Dental Hygiene
Jose Mateo Carrasco Computer Programming/Info Sys
Charles Mathew Mechanical Engineering Tech
Melissa Mathison Professional Communications
Nicholas Mattei Mechanical Engineering Tech
Anthony Mattera Business Management
Joseph Matus Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Danielle Maucelli Science/Technology & Society
Heather Mauro Visual Communications
Maria Maury Science/Technology & Society
Nicolas Mavromoustakos Business Management
Joseph Mawhinney Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Jonathan May Computer Programming/Info Sys
Matthew Mazzella Mechanical Engineering Tech
Joseph Mc Bane Sport Management
Dalton Mc Carthy Business Management
Anthony Mc Daniels Business Management
Danielle Mc Dermott Nursing
Ryan Mc Guickian Business Management
Jaclyn Mc Kay Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexander Mc Kiel Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Christopher Mc Mullen Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
John Mc Nicholas Business Management
Gerard Mc Nulty Professional Communications
Taylor Mc Nulty Science/Technology & Society
Darcy Mc Redmond Nursing
Kayla McCabe Nursing
Brittani McClinchey Business Management
Christopher McDermott Mechanical Engineering Tech
Melissa McDonough Liberal Arts & Sciences
Matthew McGoldrick Business Management
Cristel McGoldrick Professional Communications
Shannon McGuickian Dental Hygiene
Matthew McNeill Professional Communications
Matthew McQuillan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Robert Meano Science/Technology & Society
Kayla Meehan Science/Technology & Society
Shawn Mehrzad Science/Technology & Society
Christiana Melillo Science/Technology & Society
Josh Melo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nichole Mendieta Health Studies
Hsien-En Meng Aviation Administration
Dominique Mentor Professional Communications
Jeffrey Merai Business Management
Joseph Merlino Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Badreddine Messeleka Aviation Administration
Carissa Messina Professional Communications
Nikol Metaxa Rozenfeld Applied Psychology
Michael Meza Science/Technology & Society
Lori Michalowski Liberal Arts & Sciences
Widline Michel Nursing
Sara Micieli Applied Psychology
Stephanie Miele Applied Psychology
Paul Milanesi Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Shaun Milito Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Liam Millan Business Management
Keith Miller Security Systems
Promise Miller Science/Technology & Society
Michael Miller Sport Management
Brendan Mills Business Management
Kimberly Misner Business Management
Amit Misra Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alycia Mistretta Nursing
Dilan Mistry Business Management
Marisa Mitacchione Global Business Management
Hannah Moeggenberg Business Management
Timothy Mombach Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Michael Monaghan Aviation Administration
Andrew Moniz Nursing
Freddie Montalvo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Johnny Monteleone Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alejandra Montoya Visual Communications
Emilia Moore Liberal Arts & Sciences
Katelyn Moore Applied Psychology
Jeffrey Morales Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Nicole Morales Dental Hygiene
Erin Moran Business Management
Austin Morgan Medical Technology
Jersson Morocho Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Jamie Morrell Nursing
Richard Morris Business Management
Tashana Morrison Business Management
Jillian Moschitto Business Management
Adrian Moss Business Management
Enoc Mota Calderon Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jeanne Muglia Science/Technology & Society
John Mullane Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jonathan Munoz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jefferson Munoz Bioscience
Ryan Murphy Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Muscarella Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Sergio Musso Professional Communications
Frank Naccarato Business Management
Waqas Nadeem Computer Programming/Info Sys
Rida Naser Professional Communications
Michael Nash Business Management
Jitin Nath Bioscience
Francesca Naula Professional Communications
Anthony Navarro Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Pushpak Nayyar Bioscience
Brigitte Nazar Business Management
Ryan Nelson Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicholaus Nestasia Science/Technology & Society
Alyssa Newman Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jose Nicasio Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kristen Nichols Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Nickle Science/Technology & Society
Rebecca Nicolino Security Systems
Edward Nightingale Business Management
Matthew Ninomiya Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nalyni Nogales Business Management
Dareiny A. Norman Herrera Aviation Administration
Dominique Norwood Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexandra Novelli Nursing
Jonathan Nowak Nursing
Daniel Nowicki Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Katharine Nowicki Nursing
Igor Ntwali Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Manny Nunes Computer Programming/Info Sys
Hugo Michael Nunez Mejia Business Management
Dorissel Nunez Torres Visual Communications
Laurie Nussbaum Bioscience
Jessica Nuzzi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Leanne O'Brien Business Management
Aislinn O'Brien Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Katherine O'Connor Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jacqueline O'Flaherty Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alma Ogando Perez Electrical Engineering Tech.
Oluwatobi Ojuade Business Management
Chinazam Okeiche Science/Technology & Society
Christina Okula Visual Communications
Jenna O'Leary Business Management
Clarke Oler Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Patrick Olexa Computer Engineering Tech.
Shania Oliver Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Brianna Oliveri Applied Psychology
Michael Ortado Business Management
Evan Ortiz Visual Communications
Kerri Ossenfort Science/Technology & Society
Alexander Ottomano Mechanical Engineering Tech
Gbemisola Otufale Science/Technology & Society
Grace Ouellette Business Management
Emre Ozelkan Nursing
Troy Pacella Business Management
Stephanie Pacos Business Management
Ashley Padilla Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Denisse Paez-Roldan Architectural Engineering Tech
Keanan Page Applied Psychology
Triniti Page Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Amelia Pakarati Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nickole Palacios Professional Communications
Sarah Palladino Business Management
Yash Panchal Security Systems
Nicholas Panella Liberal Arts & Sciences
Briana Panetta Professional Communications
Michael Pantell Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Paul Pantina Liberal Arts & Sciences
April Panzenbeck Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph Papa Business Management
Angelica Papantoniou Applied Psychology
Andrew Papocchia Computer Engineering Tech.
Nicole Pappas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Bernard Paras Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Paratore Science/Technology & Society
Anthony Parenti Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Helen Park Nursing
Elisha Parnofiello Nursing
Megan Parry Nursing
Nafeesa Parvin Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jamie Pascarella Science/Technology & Society
Danielle Pasiner Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Robert Passero Business Management
Neil Patel Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Shivam Patel Computer Engineering Tech.
Sara Patrissi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jessica Paucar Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mahesh Guru Payyavula Mechanical Engineering Tech
Carissa Pedersen Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicole Pego Business Management
John Pellegrino Connors Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tatiana Pena Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Yokayra Pena-Lopez Business Management
Robert Pennisi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kenia Peralta Architectural Engineering Tech
Brianna Perdue Visual Communications
Victoria Perea Visual Communications
Emily Perednia Professional Communications
Daniel Pereira Computer Programming/Info Sys
Andre Pereira Sport Management
Ivelise Perez Dental Hygiene
Kyle Perez Business Management
Jessica Perez Professional Communications
Alexander Perez Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Cesar Perez Fernandez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Emily Perrault Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anthony Perri Sport Management
Nicholas Perrone Sport Management
Frank Perrone Mechanical Engineering Tech
Angelo Perrone Business Management
Courtney Perry Visual Communications
Katelynn Perry Applied Psychology
Shawn Persaud Business Management
Joseph Persico Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Jenna Pessoni Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nia Peters Business Management
Danielle Peters Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jennifer Peterson Nursing
Ashley Peterson Computer Programming/Info Sys
Stefan Petratos Liberal Arts & Sciences
Glenn Pfeffer Professional Communications
Marissa Pfeiffer Dental Hygiene
Joseph Pham Nursing
Eamon Phelan Science/Technology & Society
Michelle Phua Science/Technology & Society
John Picarello Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alex Piccirillo Security Systems
Tyler Piciullo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Bradley Pidgeon Business Management
Jakub Piekarz Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Alexander Pierno Sport Management
Vernessa Pierre Bioscience
Anthony Pignataro Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alexander Pilkington Liberal Arts & Sciences
Daniel Pinto Security Systems
Louise Pinto Business Management
Megan Pisciotta Architectural Engineering Tech
Richard Piscitelli Business Management
Nina Pistone Liberal Arts & Sciences
Maria Placido Rodriguez Health Studies
Samuel Point Du Jour Computer Programming/Info Sys
Genevieve Pollio Nursing
Matthew Pollock Business Management
John Popovic Business Management
Keith Portaro Business Management
Francesca Portaro Liberal Arts & Sciences
Thania Portillo Bioscience
Jared Potash Business Management
Danielle Powers Business Management
Jessie Poznack Medical Technology
Surya Kumar Prabakaran Mechanical Engineering Tech
Judith Prah Science/Technology & Society
Harrison Precht Sport Management
Nicholas Preller Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Amanda Prescia Applied Psychology
Kristen Prillhart Health Studies
Benjamin Prince Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Prinz Mechanical Engineering Tech
Aliysa Prisco Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brittany Pucci-Schmitz Applied Mathematics
Andres Puerta Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Nishika Punn Dental Hygiene
Jake Pusateri Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Inesa Puzaite Business Management
Shayne Questel Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Thomas Quigley Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Brianna Quinn Business Management
Alyssa Quinones Science/Technology & Society
Katherine Quintanilla Science/Technology & Society
Carolina Quirico Bautista Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Thomas Quit Business Management
Sethu Prasanth Radhakrishnan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Radulski Liberal Arts & Sciences
Piotr Radziwonowicz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Yacub Rahman Applied Psychology
Sofia Rahman Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Raia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael Rakib Science/Technology & Society
Jennifer Rallo Applied Psychology
Francisco Ramirez Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Daniel Ramirez-Romero Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Victoria Ramkissoon Science/Technology & Society
Felicia Ramkissoon Security Systems
Heather Ramos Visual Communications
Erin Ramos Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rinaldo Ramos Parra Computer Programming/Info Sys
Damien Ramrattan Electrical Engineering Tech.
Jonathan Randacciu Security Systems
Zach Rapaport Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Mateen Rashidzada Applied Mathematics
Nimmi Raveendran Science/Technology & Society
Satish Ravichandiran Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ludovic Raymondo Visual Communications
Mohsin Raza Mechanical Engineering Tech
Junaid Raza Business Management
Katherine Read Del Rosario Visual Communications
Greysi Regalado Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Regan Business Management
Michael Regruto Aviation Administration
Samantha Rehill Liberal Arts & Sciences
Erin Reichert Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
April Reilly Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Joseph Reilly Science/Technology & Society
Jannine Reinoso Business Management
Emily Reisert Nursing
Michael Remus Business Management
Justin Repperger Computer Engineering Tech.
Edell Reuter Business Management
Anthony Reyes Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Jason Reyes Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Vianna Reyes Duran Business Management
Anthony Ricciardi Applied Psychology
Stephen Rieger Science/Technology & Society
Alex Riess Science/Technology & Society
Alexander Riley Automotive Technology
Gino Rimondi Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Philip Rinaldi Business Management
James Rittenhouse Science/Technology & Society
Marisol Rivas Visual Communications
Anna-Marie Rivera Security Systems
Christopher Rivera Computer Programming/Info Sys
Syed Rizvi Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Joseph Rizzi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brittany Rizzo Business Management
Nicole Rizzo Professional Communications
Diamond Roach Business Management
Christopher Roberto Sport Management
Brandon Roberts Business Management
Shatima Robinson Business Management
Christy Rodrigues Business Management
Kevin Rodriguez Science/Technology & Society
Cinthy Rodriguez Business Management
Samantha Rodriguez Health Studies
David Rodriguez Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Manuel Andres Rodriguez De Aza Electrical Engineering Tech.
Connor Rogers Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Jenny Rojsirilawan Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jordan Roman Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Christen Romando Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Nicholas Romanelli Business Management
Michael Romano Liberal Arts & Sciences
Donald Romard Applied Mathematics
Juan Carlos Romay Science/Technology & Society
Stephen Romeo Sport Management
Victor Romero Business Management
Jonathan Romero Science/Technology & Society
Margo Romero Computer Programming/Info Sys
Odessa Roque Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jacqueline Rosa Business Management
Ryan Rosa Mechanical Engineering Tech
Angela Rosales Business Management
Kiana Rose Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Jake Rosenberg Bioscience
Brett Rosenthal Business Management
Talen Ross Professional Communications
Joseph Rossi Professional Communications
Nicolette Rossi Professional Communications
Michael Rotolo Mechanical Engineering Tech
Craig Rowe Electrical Engineering Tech.
Noah Ruch Aviation Administration
Laura Rueda Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Ruffalo Bioscience
Brianna Rugolsky Business Management
Christopher Rumplik Business Management
Darilyn Ruotolo Applied Psychology
Ariella Rupp Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicole Russ Professional Communications
Michael Russo Visual Communications
Jaime Russolese Liberal Arts & Sciences
Adrian Rutkowski Computer Programming/Info Sys
Julia Ryan Business Management
Thomas Ryan Sport Management
Michael Saavedra Architectural Engineering Tech
Jessica Safonte Nursing
Alyssa Saggio Professional Communications
Paige Sago Science/Technology & Society
James Sagos Mechanical Engineering Tech
Melissa Sahdala Alfonso Architectural Engineering Tech
Shaquille Saillant Visual Communications
Vikas Saini Bioscience
Christian Saint-Natus Mechanical Engineering Tech
Stanley Sainville Science/Technology & Society
Saira Sajad Dental Hygiene
Nicholas Salvadori Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
William Sampson Business Management
Benjamin Samuel Science/Technology & Society
Deva Ezhil Prabanjan Samynadhan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nimra Sana Applied Psychology
Stephany Sandoval Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Santangelo Science/Technology & Society
Bala Santhiralingam Electrical Engineering Tech.
Nikko Santiago Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Stephanie Santiago Applied Psychology
Justine Santo Bioscience
Christie Santorelli Visual Communications
Lourenso Santos Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Amanda Saporito Science/Technology & Society
Yogesh Saravanan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Diego Sarmiento Science/Technology & Society
Arvind Saroa Computer Engineering Tech.
Sarah Sarwari Business Management
Jordan Sassano Sciences - Health Professions
Dominique Saur Medical Technology
Victoria Savarese Professional Communications
Matthew Scammell Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael Scarlato Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Dana Schackne Science/Technology & Society
Kevin Schaible Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael Schiraldi Business Management
Michael Schliemann Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicholas Schneider Computer Engineering Tech.
Alex Schneider Computer Programming/Info Sys
Craig Schoelermann Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Dina Schomburg Science/Technology & Society
Nicole Schook Global Business Management
Ryan Schwabe Liberal Arts & Sciences
Hope Scicutella Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Scimone Business Management
Matthew Sclafani Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Fabian Scott Aviation Administration
Susan Scott Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Samantha Scotti Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Francesco Scuderi Architectural Engineering Tech
Cameron Sedgley Security Systems
David Segura Science/Technology & Society
Kerrilynn Seidler Visual Communications
Nicholas Semelak Professional Communications
Matthew Serviss Liberal Arts & Sciences
Diana Sery Medical Laboratory Technician
Scott Sessions Sport Management
Christopher Severance Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brian Shaffer Science/Technology & Society
Huma Shahzad Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Gavin Shanahan Nursing
Sudhan Shanmugam Mechanical Engineering Tech
Hankai Shao Applied Mathematics
James Shea Sciences - Health Professions
Christine Shea Professional Communications
John Shearn Bioscience
Sabeel Sheikh Science/Technology & Society
Muhammad Sheikh Architectural Engineering Tech
Lauren Sherlock Business Management
Marlaina Sherman Science/Technology & Society
Matthew Sherman Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Robert Shevins Science/Technology & Society
Michael Shillieto Aviation Administration
Temitope Shodeinde Liberal Arts & Sciences
Danielle Sicignano Science/Technology & Society
Michael Siefert Science/Technology & Society
Alyssa Siegler Dental Hygiene
Rendell Siew Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Jessica Signorello Visual Communications
Ryan Sillifant Business Management
Maria Simas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gregory Simicich Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alexandra Simmons Business Management
Jameek Simpkins Science/Technology & Society
Patrick Simpson Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alon Simpson Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ravinder Singh Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lorin Singh Science/Technology & Society
Brian Singh Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Chandrashakar Singh Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Paramveer Singh Bioscience
Way Sinn Medical Technology
Guadalupe Sivirian Liberal Arts & Sciences
Louise Smallwood Business Management
Sebastian Smith Science/Technology & Society
Brennan Smith Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Kristin Smith Bioscience
Loren Smith Sport Management
Katelyn Smith Liberal Arts & Sciences
Daniel Snyder Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Damian Sobolewski Mechanical Engineering Tech
Marlene Sofer Dental Hygiene
Mohammad Sohail Bioscience
Martha Sokolowski Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph Soldano Security Systems
Stephanie Sommer Nursing
Nicholas Spadafora Business Management
Stephen Spataro Business Management
Allyson Speelman Business Management
Alexis Spinelle Visual Communications
Samantha Spinnato Bioscience
Judy Spinner Nursing
Joshua Spradling Computer Programming/Info Sys
Matthew Squicciarini Medical Technology
Coreen St Fort Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexandra St Preux Business Management
Lindsey Staber Medical Technology
Joshua Stallings Professional Communications
Kyle Stanislaus Security Systems
Thomas Stapleton Business Management
Kristin Stark Visual Communications
George Starkie Horticultural Tech Mgmt
William Staufenberg Visual Communications
Christi Stefaniw Business Management
Cassidy-Rae Stewart Nursing
Kim Stodolski Visual Communications
Ryan Strahs-Lorenc Business Management
Richard Sullivan Business Management
Samantha Swanson Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Abrar Syed Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jerahmeel Tabanyag Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ronald Taggart Aviation Administration
Jonathan Tait Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Ashley Tait Applied Psychology
Fadiagne Tall Aviation Administration
Hiutung Tang Architectural Engineering Tech
Anthony Tardalo Professional Communications
Timothy Tarshis Liberal Arts & Sciences
David Tatum Computer Engineering Tech.
Ayah Tawfik Bioscience
Dillon Taylor Mechanical Engineering Tech
Tori Tedeschi Professional Communications
Sean Tenny Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Ann Tercovich Nursing
Steven Terra Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Tevere Business Management
Anil Tezgel Aviation Administration
Sanjay Thakur Electrical Engineering Tech.
McAnthony Thimote Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anoop Thomas Business Management
Vinny Thomas Science/Technology & Society
Greeshma Thomas Computer Engineering Tech.
Ashlee Thompson Sport Management
Kyle Thorn Business Management
Alyssa Tillem Business Management
Jordyn Timpano Professional Communications
Lawrence Timpano Computer Programming/Info Sys
Cassandra Tinerino Science/Technology & Society
Baris Tokac Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Andrew Torlincasi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Adriana Torres Bioscience
Robert Torres Computer Programming/Info Sys
Stephanie Torres Science/Technology & Society
Bobby Torres Mechanical Engineering Tech
Melissa Tortorella Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph Tortoriello Science/Technology & Society
Kevin Toscano Business Management
James Tosner Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Rose Tranes Liberal Arts & Sciences
Stephanie Travis Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Brittany Trebitz Professional Communications
Anthony Treglia Bioscience
Nicholas Tremblay Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Danielle Trofa Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Amanda Troy Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Gregory Trudnak Global Business Management
Daniel Trujillo Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Alex Tsakanikas Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alexandria Tudisco Science/Technology & Society
Matthew Turek Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sage Turner Science/Technology & Society
Anthony Turner Business Management
Tianna Tyler Science/Technology & Society
Charles Tynan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Rebecca Vaeth Dental Hygiene
Yamil Valenzuela Roa Aviation Administration
Jessica Vallario Science/Technology & Society
Luis Valverde Reyes Applied Economics
Sarah Van Eekhout Liberal Arts & Sciences
Daniel Varley Nursing
Stephen Vasques Construction Mgmt. Engr. Tech.
Bilda Vasquez Business Management
Timothy Vaughan Visual Communications
Edison Vazquez Aviation Administration
Rachel Vega Nursing
Jairo Veloz Vidal Computer Programming/Info Sys
Renee Ventaloro Professional Communications
Coral Channel Ventura Mejia Aviation Administration
Maria Luisa Venusio Business Management
Christine Verghese Nursing
Karol Vickers Business Management
Jason Vieira Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tannya Viera Sciences - Health Professions
Alexander Vilardi Science/Technology & Society
Jeb Vise Security Systems
Jessie Vitrano Science/Technology & Society
Carly Vittoria Nursing
Toni Viviani Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rebecca Volpe Business Management
Monica Von Gonten Business Management
Shay Voor Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Vultaggio Security Systems
Kaitlyn Waage Bioscience
Annette Wagenhofer Visual Communications
Kyle Walker Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Haaziq Walker Applied Psychology
Thomas Wallin Applied Economics
Amber Walters Liberal Arts & Sciences
Chao Wang Computer Programming/Info Sys
Thomas Ward Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Hayley Ward Business Management
Brianna Waszak Sport Management
Paul Waszkiewicz Sport Management
Kathryn Waterhouse Professional Communications
Kevin Watt Sport Management
Kayte Weaver Science/Technology & Society
Alyssa Webber Nursing
Robert Weeks Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jacob Weinkrantz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Vanessa Wejuli Bioscience
Andrea Werkmeister Science/Technology & Society
Leo Werner Liberal Arts & Sciences
Briana Weschler Nursing
Gina Westenberger Professional Communications
Roujan White Criminal Justice: Law Enf Tech
Kevin White Security Systems
Rachael Wick Liberal Arts & Sciences
Steven Wilk Business Management
Jeremy Wilks Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brandon Williams Science/Technology & Society
Janienne Willoughby Nursing
Ronald Winkler Liberal Arts & Sciences
Matthew Woitovich Nursing
Emily Wolff Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Woltering Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kathleen Wong Ornamental Horticulture
Ting Hin J Wong Aeronautical Sci:Prof. Pilot
Melissa Woodworth Liberal Arts & Sciences
Melisa Wright Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rachel Xenakis Business Management
Leona Xidas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christine Yasinsky Liberal Arts & Sciences
Atilay Yilmaz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Noura Yousef Medical Technology
Dalia Youseff Science/Technology & Society
Amy Zagorski Business Management
Natalia Zambonino Business Management
Michael Zaringhalam Computer Programming/Info Sys
Edmund Zarou Science/Technology & Society
Nezar Zeidan Bioscience
Anna Zervas Science/Technology & Society
Rui Fu Zhao Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jamie Zimmerman Crim. Justice-Law Enforcement
Alex Zinzi Security Systems
Seda Zivali Liberal Arts & Sciences