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Dean's List

Fall 2017

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Name Curriculum
Diego Abarca Sport Management
Adam Abdelmagid Business Management
Naasir Abdul-Latif Liberal Arts & Sciences
Angel Abreu Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Anthony Achalal Nursing
Isa Acosta Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Christine Acuna Science/Technology & Society
Antoinette Addeo Business Management
Blaise Addeo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ferdeen Afsari Science/Technology & Society
Rimsha Aftab Bioscience
Jonelle Afurong Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Shawn Agarenzo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Justin Aguila Sport Management
Abigail Aguilar Science/Technology & Society
Aqsa Ahad Electrical Engineering Tech
Fatimah Ahmad Bioscience
Amna Ahmed Bioscience
Haroon Ahmed Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Shamikh Ahsan Business Management
Faisal Aiwzali Bioscience
Amina Akram Business Management
Shelby Alanis Sport Management
Kayla Albanese Science/Technology & Society
Dorian Albanese Business Management
Patrick Albert Business Management
Crystal Albrecht Bioscience
Taisha Alcindor Nursing
Paul Aldorasi Science/Technology & Society
Cameron Alfano Sport Management
Samia Ali Business Management
Daniel Alicea Business Management
Maria Aliperti Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Latisha Allen Science/Technology & Society
Andre Allen Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Natasha Allen Science/Technology & Society
Javiera Allende Business Management
Thomas Allicino Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tyrel Allicock Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Melissa Allocca Nursing
Michele Alvarado Science/Technology & Society
Jordan Alvarado Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Anthony Alvarez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Isabella Alvarez Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Ambroselli Sport Management
Sharmin Ami Nursing
Solomon Amissah Business Management
Thomas Ammirati Bioscience
Nicholas Amond Computer Programming/Info Sys
Marie Anders Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jonathan Anderson Medical Technology
Tashay Anderson Applied Psychology
Michel'Le Andino Aviation Administration
Jesse Annunziata Bioscience
Brianna Antoine Business Management
Keky Antoine Lisney Bioscience
Keeyse Aparicio Science/Technology & Society
Bryan Apaza Computer Programming/Info Sys
Matthew Appel Bioscience
Maureen Appell Nursing
Jeffrey Aqil Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Kaitlyn Aquilina Science/Technology & Society
Amber Aras Nursing
Joseph Archambault Science/Technology & Society
Yocelin Arevalo Dental Hygiene-AAS
Matthew Argento Aviation Administration
Cory Aronin Bioscience
Alejandro Arredondo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Eliana Artiaga Professional Communications
Maria Artiga Medical Technology
Jenessa Asch Liberal Arts & Sciences
Khrystyna Assaf Business Management
Alexandra Augusta Sciences - Health Professions
Addison Augustin Mechanical Engineering Tech
Joseph Auliano Business Management
Gianna Aurisano Liberal Arts & Sciences
Joseph Autero Business Management
Jamaal Avery Science/Technology & Society
Harris Ayaz Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kristal Aygoren Computer Engineering Tech
Zohal Azimi Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Gabriela Badillo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ranya Badr Bioscience
Alexis Baggs Business Management
Paige Baglione Science/Technology & Society
Nazira Bah-Traore Liberal Arts & Sciences
Scott Bailey Business Management
Michael Baldwin Sport Management
Erjona Balliu Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mansoor Baloutch Business Management
Brandyn Baltusis Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nishanth Balu Mechanical Engineering Tech
Angelika Bancewicz Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Armin Bandic Business Management
Casey Banks Business Management
Parmvir Banwait Computer Programming/Info Sys
Summer Baranello Bioscience
Anthony Baranello Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Kathryn Barbato Science/Technology & Society
Carter Baron Business Management
Elizabeth Barr Liberal Arts & Sciences
Chantice Barr Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kate Barrera Liberal Arts & Sciences
Chelsea Barrios Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Andrew Bartolozzi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kimberly Basile Business Management
Peter Basile Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Arelis Batista-Pacheco Science/Technology & Society
Jitesh Batra Business Management
Nicholas Bauccio Business Management
Matthew Bauer Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jacqueline Bauer Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Paola Bazalar Espinoza Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michelle Bazzicalupo Applied Psychology
Thomas Beach Liberal Arts & Sciences
Isabella Becerra Professional Communications
Drew Beck Mechanical Engineering Tech
Justin Beck Business Management
Kevin Beckford Security Systems
Stephen Beers Business Management
Egzona Bekteshi Mechanical Engineering Tech
Richard Belfer Liberal Arts & Sciences
Melissa Bellitte Science/Technology & Society
Vincent Belotti Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicole Belziti Business Management
Kristie Benesch Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Refath Benjir Security Systems
Brittany Bennett Nursing
Andrew Bentz Nursing
Madeline Berger Science/Technology & Society
Brandon Berke Computer Programming/Info Sys
Matthew Berlent Nursing
Alexandra Bernard Business Management
Dylan Bernstein Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alan Berotti Computer Programming/Info Sys
Patrick Bibby Business Management
Samantha Bibicoff Professional Communications
Gabrielle Bifulco Dental Hygiene-AAS
Amadee Bility Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Charily Billups Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michael Birofka Sport Management
Skyler Blackwood Nursing
Ricasso Blaise Business Management
Kevin Blakeney Business Management
Amanda Blanke Bioscience
Luke Bleier Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Erin Blum Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Andriy Blyznyuk Science/Technology & Society
Samantha Bocchicchio Science/Technology & Society
Vincent Boccia Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Daniel Boldi Science/Technology & Society
Ryan Bonavia Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Nicholas Bontempi Science/Technology & Society
Bryan Borgesano Computer Programming/Info Sys
Blake Borghard Mechanical Engineering Tech
Bryan Bornemann Business Management
Kailey Bosyk Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Bottarini Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ashley Bourgade Nursing
Morgan Boyd Business Management
Troy Braaten Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Bradley Business Management
Gerard Brady Business Management
Katerine Bran Dental Hygiene-AAS
David Brennan Computer Programming/Info Sys
Steven Brideson Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nathaniel Bridgeman Business Management
Alexa Brindisi Applied Psychology
Casey Brito Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Paul Brohan Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Jacqueline Brooks Nursing
Allison Brostowski Science/Technology & Society
Steven Brower Computer Engineering Tech
Ryann Brown Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Jennifer Brown Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Brianna Brown Nursing
Kathleen Browne Business Management
Timothy Brulotte Computer Programming/Info Sys
Marc Bruno Business Management
Adriana Brutus Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christina Buchanan Bioscience
Michael Budd Security Systems
Michael Buesing Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kiira Bullen Medical Technology
Christian Buonavita Sport Management
Daniele Buoncore Nursing
Alexandra Buongiovanni Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicholas Buono Security Systems
Francisco Burgos Computer Engineering Tech
Samantha Burke Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
John Butcher Liberal Arts & Sciences
Amanda Butler Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mary Butler Bioscience
Aaron Buyanovsky Science/Technology & Society
Julia Cabanas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Cacoperdo Medical Technology
Scott Cahill Sport Management
Tiffany Caine Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Calautti Sport Management
Jaedyn Calcagno Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Richard Calia Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Roseanne Caliendo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicole Callaghan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Albert Calleo Comp Sys Tech-Bus Prog & Sys
Danny Calos Business Management
Alison Calzada Nursing
Lauren Camacho Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Nicole Cambria Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Michael Camejo Business Management
Cezar Camilo-Eloufir Business Management
Tevin Campbell Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michael Campbell Business Management
Conor Campbell Security Systems
Ana Campos Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alberto Canales Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Pamela Canales Science/Technology & Society
Denisse Canales-Blanco Bioscience
Kaitlyn Canavire Dental Hygiene-AAS
Christopher Cappiello Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Alexandra Caputo Nursing
Michael Carcamo Bioscience
Danielle Cardali Business Management
Juliana Cardona Bioscience
Matthew Carillo Computer Engineering Tech
Brian Carle Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Warren Carpenter Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Tiffany Carpio Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lauren Carpio Liberal Arts & Sciences
Daniel Carr Professional Communications
James Carr Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brian Carratu Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Pamela Carrillo Science/Technology & Society
Edgar Carrillo Business Management
Kelvin Carrion Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Amanda Carter-Muhammad Medical Technology
Sarah Caruso Liberal Arts & Sciences
Timothy Casali Computer Programming/Info Sys
John Paul Casanova Electrical Engineering Tech
Kristina Caschetta Professional Communications
Brandon Casco Business Management
Brianna Casey Applied Psychology
Kenneth Casey Software Technology
Michael Cassidy Business Management
Moises Castillo Ostorga Business Management
Christian Castro Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Daniel Castro Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Casuccio Business Management
Santa Catalano Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Cyane Catapano Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kathy Catapano Professional Communications
Kelsey Cates Science/Technology & Society
Brianna Cavagnaro Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lauren Cavalcante Science/Technology & Society
Amanda Cavanna Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Donald Cembrale Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Matthew Cerverizzo Business Management
Jenna Chambers Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Cleasia Chambers Science/Technology & Society
Andy Charlorin Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brandon Chatel Computer Programming/Info Sys
Daniel Chavez Professional Communications
Jessi Chavez Collins Business Management
Carol Cheaz Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Cheffo Electrical Engineering Tech
Carlene Chery Nursing
Jacky Cheung Business Management
Zachary Chin Architectural Engineering Tech
Daniel Chin Computer Engineering Tech
Kenneth Chotowicky Mechanical Engineering Tech
Marsia Chowdhury Security Systems
Halima Chowdhury Electrical Engineering Tech
Jennifer Chowdhury Science/Technology & Society
Matthew Christian Sport Management
Veronica Cichaczewski Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Christina Cilbiyikoglu Professional Communications
Patrick Cipriani Mechanical Engineering Tech
Evan Cirino Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Grace Cirola Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Dominick Cito Business Management
Shannon Citrin Bioscience
Michael Ciullo Business Management
Christina Clark Ornamental Horticulture
Shane Clark Security Systems
Seiji Clark Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ryan Clark Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Chanique Clarke Business Management
Christopher Clarke Computer Programming/Info Sys
Dylan Claud Mechanical Engineering Tech
John Clesi Science/Technology & Society
Athena Colacito Dental Hygiene Entry Level BS
Kathleen Colbert Nursing
Janee Coleman Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Angelina Collado Science/Technology & Society
Paul Colletti Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
John Collins Business Management
Ryan Collins Computer Engineering Tech
Jeshurun Colon Mechanical Engineering Tech
Lori Comerford Business Management
Richard Concannon Business Management
Ariana Concepcion Interaction Design
Victoria Conde Bioscience
Ryan Conefry Mechanical Engineering Tech
Joseph Conforti Business Management
Paige Conklin Liberal Arts & Sciences
Troi Connolly Business Management
Christine Conrad Business Management
Paul Conroy Liberal Arts & Sciences
Matthew Constantine Liberal Arts & Sciences
Natalie Contarino Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicholas Conti Bioscience
Erik Conti Business Management
Theresa Conway Liberal Arts & Sciences
Samantha Coq Sport Management
Julianna Cordi Business Management
Diego Cordova Computer Engineering Tech
Johan Corona Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Daniel Corrente Business Management
Danielle Corrieri Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Cortese Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Liam Cosgrave Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ava Costa Business Management
Nicolette Costanza Liberal Arts & Sciences
Connor Costarella Science/Technology & Society
Dillon Coughlan Business Management
Danielle Cox Science/Technology & Society
Aaron Cox Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kadeesha Cox Business Management
Rouan Crawford Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Allison Crayne Liberal Arts & Sciences
Andrew Crennan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jonathan Crescenzo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kevin Cribbin Architectural Engineering Tech
Andrew Crimi Sport Management
Christopher Cristobal Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael Cromer Business Management
Alana Cromer Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Cucco Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Sofia Cuenca Computer Programming/Info Sys
John Cullen Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Rui Cunha Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Janiya Cunningham Bioscience
Olivia Curley Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Taylor Cussen Professional Communications
Celene Cyrus Medical Technology
Kylie Czarnecki Liberal Arts & Sciences
Thomas Czeczotka Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Steve Da Costa Computer Programming/Info Sys
Dwight Da Silva Electrical Engineering Tech
Melissa Dailey Dental Hygiene-AAS
Allison Dailey Professional Communications
Brandon D'Allegro Science/Technology & Society
Mercedes Dalosis Science/Technology & Society
John Daly Sport Management
Amanda Dambra Science/Technology & Society
Victoria Dance Business Management
Zachary D'Angelo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Gina D'Angelo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Corey Daniels Sport Management
Dayna D'Antonio Liberal Arts & Sciences
Caitlyn Darcy Nursing
Brian Darcy Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matthew Dardano Bioscience
Thomas Dascole Professional Communications
Annila Dass Business Management
Oscar Dass Business Management
Camille David Business Management
Breanna Davis Science/Technology & Society
Brianna Davis Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Alexander Davis Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jean-Philippe Day Nursing
Christopher De Angelis Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lisa De Prima Applied Psychology
Johanna De Santis Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Andrew De Vecchis Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Adam De Vine Business Management
Melissa Deamicis Nursing
Alexis Declerk Sport Management
Matthew DeConza Business Management
Michelle DeForca Dental Hygiene-AAS
Nicole DeGregorio Bioscience
Dylan DeJohn Business Management
Brooke DeJuana Science/Technology & Society
Shawn Del Rosario Business Management
Chelsea Delgado Bioscience
Nicole Delio Science/Technology & Society
Sylvana Delprete Liberal Arts & Sciences
Tararose Delurey Professional Communications
Christopher Demaio Computer Programming/Info Sys
Anthony Demarco Security Systems
Kristina DeMarco Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christopher DeMartino Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Dana DeMartino Science/Technology & Society
Alexis Demetriou Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Yawen Deng Aviation Administration
Nicholas Deninno Business Management
Kelly Dennett Applied Psychology
Roberto DePietro Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Michelle DeRenzo-Pena Science/Technology & Society
Angelina DeSantis Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anthony DeScalo Business Management
Thomas DeSena Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Erica DeSimone Interaction Design
Sabrina Desrosiers Business Management
Brandon DeTemple Business Management
Michael Detommaso Science/Technology & Society
Kelly Devito Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jake Devlin Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Rohish Dewan Bioscience
Nicholas Di Donato Business Management
Angelo Di Pierno Mechanical Engineering Tech
Carlos Diaz Business Management
Harold Diaz Business Management
Dhiannelys Diaz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dylan Diaz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Erick Diaz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jason Diaz Computer Programming/Info Sys
James DiCio Aviation Administration
Jessica Dick Science/Technology & Society
Taylor Dicuozzo Applied Psychology
Alexis DiDonato Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christina Dietz Applied Psychology
Nicholas DiFazio Business Management
Shane DiGeronimo Business Management
Marco DiLuca Electrical Engineering Tech
Patrick DiMaria Business Management
Christopher Dixon Sport Management
Kathleen Dominici Computer Programming/Info Sys
Bryan Dondero Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Timothy Doner Business Management
Kelsey Donnolo Sport Management
Elizabeth Donovan Science/Technology & Society
Keith Donovan Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Doran Liberal Arts & Sciences
Cheryl Dorgan Computer Programming/Info Sys
Joab Dorsainvil Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kayla Doyle Liberal Arts & Sciences
Chauntelle Dozier Bioscience
Sophia Dracker Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Joseph Drago Science/Technology & Society
Chloe Drzymala Nursing
Briana Dubreuil Applied Psychology
Alyssa Duchesne Science/Technology & Society
Julie Ducker Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kemar Dudley Mechanical Engineering Tech
Gaven Duff Global Business Management
Jarrin Dukes Business Management
Jason Duncan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Cadeem Duncan Liberal Arts & Sciences
Shannon Durham Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dylan Dyer Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Michelle Dykstra Nursing
Stefani Ebert Applied Psychology
Cristian Echeverry Business Management
Tara Edouard Nursing
Matthew Edwards Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kevin Edwards Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Daniel Egan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Savannahrae Ehrlich Science/Technology & Society
Megan Eiseman Sport Management
Trevor Eisner Security Systems
Berkay Ekici Mechanical Engineering Tech
Amenah El-Fawal Business Management
Zeyad Elgawish Computer Programming/Info Sys
Mohamed El-Helwi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Preston Engellis Business Management
Kelly Enriquez Bioscience
Nicholas Ercolano Professional Communications
Brian Erdmann Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Jodi Erler Science/Technology & Society
Wendy Escobar Bioscience
Jonathan Escobar Software Technology
Rosa Escobar Science/Technology & Society
Ronie Escobar Computer Programming/Info Sys
Bryan Escobar Flores Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Andy Espejo Aviation Administration
Giovanna Espinal Business Management
William Espitia Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jennifer Estrada Bioscience
Md Jubayer Evan Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alexandra Evans Applied Psychology
Jyaire Ewa Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Vincent Ewart Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kayla Facci Business Management
Allison Fadel Liberal Arts & Sciences
Melissa Fahey Bioscience
Matthew Faller Sport Management
Alyssa Fama Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Dilacy Fanas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mary Fandel Science/Technology & Society
Tubah Farooq Bioscience
Mohammed Farooq Business Management
Kristin Farrugia Nursing
Serghie Faustin Professional Communications
Reed Favilla Nursing
Alicia Fayette Bioscience
Alyssa Feld Science/Technology & Society
David Felician Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ryan Feltkamp Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jamie-Alexander Fenton Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Steven Ferentinos Business Management
Marshena Ferguson Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dana Fernandez Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Michael Fernandez Science/Technology & Society
Michael Ferrara Global Business Management
Alexander Ferrari Professional Communications
Victoria Ferremi Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Angela Ferri Applied Psychology
Alexandria Ferrigno Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Ferro Science/Technology & Society
Kristopher Ferrufino Business Management
Michael Figliuolo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicholas Figorito Business Management
John Filosa Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
James Finch Science/Technology & Society
Nicole Fiorillo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Peter Fitzgerald Science/Technology & Society
Dylan Fitzgerald Science/Technology & Society
Stephanie Fives Business Management
Griffin Flaxman Computer Programming/Info Sys
Matthew Fling Business Management
Scott Flores Aviation Administration
Jenifer Flores Business Management
Jonathan Flores Computer Engineering Tech
Marlon Flores Business Management
Deanne Flores Nursing
Bryan Flynn Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
William Fodera Electrical Engineering Tech
Jacqueline Foerst Science/Technology & Society
Megan Foertsch Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
William Fonseca Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jennica Forbes Business Management
Daniela Ford Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Joseph Forlani Professional Communications
Danielle Forsyth Science/Technology & Society
Perry Fortuna Business Management
Nicholas Fossari Business Management
Danielle Francino Business Management
Amanda Francis Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christopher Franco Business Management
Gregory Franco Business Management
Philip Franco Business Management
Cristian Franco Science/Technology & Society
Julie Franklin Business Management
Marisa Franze Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Fredella Business Management
Rebecca Frederick Science/Technology & Society
DeVante Frederick Computer Programming/Info Sys
William Freyeisen Business Management
Richard Friedel Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Alon Friedman Architectural Engineering Tech
Jesse Friel Ornamental Hort-Landscape Devl
Jeremy Friend Business Management
Pietro Frisina Business Management
Justin Fromme Business Management
Sean Froning Computer Programming/Info Sys
Gabrielle Fuchs Nursing
Janet Fuentes Bioscience
Giselle Fuentes-Correas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Emily Furrer Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jhonathan Gaguancela Bioscience
Khent Anthony Gaid Architectural Engineering Tech
Alexander Gala Science/Technology & Society
Yaseen Galafano Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
John Galaor Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matthew Galeazzi Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michelle Gallagher Liberal Arts & Sciences
Juliana Gallego Science/Technology & Society
Maria Gallegos Global Business Management
Rodrigo Gallegos Business Management
Jason Gang Computer Engineering Tech
Travis Gangale Business Management
Alena Gannon Science/Technology & Society
Matthew Gannotta Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Michael Gannotta Bioscience
Stephen Garafola Interaction Design
Frankie Garafola Science/Technology & Society
Ondina Garay Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kevin Garay Liberal Arts & Sciences
Hillary Garcia Business Management
Jorge Garcia Business Management
Javier Garcia Mechanical Engineering Tech
Luis Garcia Garcia Computer Engineering Tech
Nicholas Garguilo Nursing
Nicholas Garrisi Mechanical Engineering Tech
Caleigh Garton Bioscience
Steven Gaudio Business Management
Messiah Gaymon Science/Technology & Society
Murad Gazi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Danny Gee Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brittany Genao Applied Psychology
Evan Gennarelli Business Management
Bryan George Bioscience
Olivia Geraghty Science/Technology & Society
Danielle Gerard Applied Psychology
Derek Gerhard Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Keith Gerold Business Management
Dana Gerraputa Applied Mathematics
Andrew Gersitz Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Brandon Getreu Liberal Arts & Sciences
Paola Gettis Business Management
Arman Ghazarian Business Management
Peter Giammona Bioscience
Stella Giangarra Liberal Arts & Sciences
Mariadriana Giannachi Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Nickolas Giannakopoulos Mechanical Engineering Tech
Krzysztof Gierczak Aviation Administration
Ruben Gil Business Management
Melinda Gilbert Business Management
Timothy Gillott Science/Technology & Society
Andrew Ginnegar Bioscience
Jessica Gioia Professional Communications
Nicolette Giordano Science/Technology & Society
Daniel Giraldo Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Gabrielle Gitto Professional Communications
Tyler Giuffrida Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alonna Glass Computer Programming/Info Sys
Lyneisha Godwin Business Management
Vincent Goldberger Science/Technology & Society
Carly Goldman Security Systems
Stephen Goldsmith Business Management
Brett Goldstein Sport Management
Ashley Goldstein Applied Psychology
Francis Gomera Bioscience
Karla Gomes Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Jessica Gonzales Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Melissa Gonzalez Science/Technology & Society
Carolyn Gonzalez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kristina Gonzalez Bioscience
Matthew Gonzalez Business Management
Hector Gonzalez Molina Nursing
Christopher Goodwin Business Management
William Grajales Sport Management
John Grande Professional Communications
Angelina Greco Business Management
Christopher Greco Business Management
Denzel Green Wright Science/Technology & Society
Kaelyn Greene Liberal Arts & Sciences
Justin Greene Sport Management
Melanie Greenwood Business Management
Caitlyn Gregg Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kyle Gribbin Science/Technology & Society
Gina Griffin Nursing
Frank Grillo Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Anthony Grimaldi Business Management
Anida Gron Science/Technology & Society
Zachary Gross Business Management
Rachel Grosso Science/Technology & Society
Ariana Guadarrama Science/Technology & Society
Christopher Guarascio Mechanical Engineering Tech
Melanie Guardado Science/Technology & Society
Leonardo Guarin Electrical Engineering Tech
Thomas Gucker Mechanical Engineering Tech
Erick Gudmuch Security Systems
Lilia Guerra Science/Technology & Society
Alexander Guerrero Business Management
John Guglielmi Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Marouane Guidi Aviation Administration
Christopher Guido Liberal Arts & Sciences
Ana Guillen Mechanical Engineering Tech
Marissa Gumin Science/Technology & Society
Mallory Gunal Bioscience
Jason Guo Business Management
Rohit Gupta Computer Engineering Tech
Brianna Gurrera Nursing
Thomas Gute Security Systems
Ryan Guthrie Business Management
Samantha Guzman Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Halder Guzman Mechanical Engineering Tech
Rebecca Haas Professional Communications
Tess Haberman Dental Hygiene-AAS
Jacquelyn Haft Bioscience
Gary Hagen Applied Mathematics
Nicole Hagias Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Sara Haider Science/Technology & Society
Angelina Haidere Bioscience
Mark Hamann Applied Psychology
Thomas Hamel Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kayla Hamilton Nursing
Jennifer Han Computer Programming/Info Sys
Richard Hansen Business Management
Henry Hansen Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Molly Harder Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kimberly Hardwicke Professional Communications
Breanna Hardy Science/Technology & Society
Navindra Harriram Global Business Management
Crystal Harris Bioscience
Tyler Harrison Computer Programming/Info Sys
Caitlin Harrs Liberal Arts & Sciences
Austin Harvey Liberal Arts & Sciences
Stephanie Hauptman Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Hay Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Tali Hayden Science/Technology & Society
Thomas Hayes Business Management
James Hayhow Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christopher Haynes Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicole Heaton Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jesse Heidrich Mechanical Engineering Tech
Lauren Heim Liberal Arts & Sciences
Maddison Heins Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Zoe Helfand Business Management
Jessica Hemmings Science/Technology & Society
Brian Henriksen Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
David Hernandez Professional Communications
Keith Hernandez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joel Hernandez Bioscience
Edwin Hernandez Science/Technology & Society
Elsy Hernandez Applied Psychology
Brian Hernandez Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexander Herrera Computer Engineering Tech
Norell Herring Business Management
Brian Herrmann Business Management
Elizabeth Hickey Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Lauren Higgins Medical Technology
Daniel Hill Liberal Arts & Sciences
Paul Hilton Electrical Engineering Tech
Ronald Hiscock Computer Programming/Info Sys
Griffin Hitzler Science/Technology & Society
Keith Hobson Aviation Administration
Christopher Hoffmann Global Business Management
Joseph Holecek Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jesse Holland Science/Technology & Society
Luke Holland Applied Psychology
Michaela Holmes Science/Technology & Society
Collin Horl Sport Management
Brandon Hornedo Nursing
Nicole Huff Business Management
Kathleen Ann Humphrey Professional Communications
Joseph Hunt Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joseph Hunt Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Lani Hurley Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Daniel Hurwitz Bioscience
Amal Husein Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Andrew Hutnik Security Systems
Danielle Hyland Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kenneth Ickstadt Computer Engineering Tech
Shawez Idrees Mechanical Engineering Tech
Abdelrahman Idris Business Management
Oluwatoyin Ikuomenisan Computer Programming/Info Sys
Shaheer Ilyas Bioscience
Brittany Impellizeri Business Management
Kristen Inkpen Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Michael Iorio Business Management
Robert Iovino Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Sana Iqbal Science/Technology & Society
Scott Irving Business Management
Thomas Isernia Sport Management
Christina Italiano Professional Communications
Misha Jackson Business Management
Teresa Jackson Business Management
Alison Jacobson Science/Technology & Society
Megan Jacovelli Business Management
Michael Jacovelli Business Management
Allison Jaekle Sciences - Health Professions
Hassan Jahangir Liberal Arts & Sciences
Renee James Science/Technology & Society
Imran Jan Bioscience
Timothy Janke Aviation Administration
Gleisy Jaramillo Business Management
Elizabeth Jarossy Nursing
David Jaroszewski Science/Technology & Society
Navneet Jawandha Bioscience
Francesca Jelonek Science/Technology & Society
Charnae Jenkins Science/Technology & Society
Nikkita Jensen Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Hak Young Jeon Aviation Administration
Daejin Jeong Nursing
Angela Jermon Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Raquel Jimenez Bioscience
Eugenio Jimenez Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Sara Jimenez Dental Hygiene-AAS
Jennifer Joe Bioscience
Riya John Dental Hygiene-AAS
Alicia Johnson Sciences - Health Professions
Nicole Johnson Science/Technology & Society
Anthony Johnson Computer Engineering Tech
Janay Johnson Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Zachary Johnson Bioscience
Zachary Johnson Bioscience
Justin Johnston Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Brianna Jones Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
James Jones Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Kymarrah Joseph Science/Technology & Society
Jason Joseph Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Joudah Liberal Arts & Sciences
Pablo Juca Mechanical Engineering Tech
Rebecca Kaczorowski Electrical Engineering Tech
George Kalambukadu Electrical Engineering Tech
Kaitlyn Kallansrude Professional Communications
Nick Kalstek Business Management
Samantha Kaminsky Dental Hygiene-AAS
Thomas Kane Computer Programming/Info Sys
Stephen Kasper Mechanical Engineering Tech
Megan Kaufman Science/Technology & Society
Manpreet Kaur Dental Hygiene-AAS
Harpreet Kaur Nursing
Nadine Keefer Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christopher Keithline Aviation Administration
Christian Kelley Nursing
Brian Kelly Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Christina Kelly Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kyle Kelly Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Cian Kelly Science/Technology & Society
Tyler Kelly Mechanical Engineering Tech
John Kender Sport Management
Edward Kent Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
James Keough Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Heather Kerr Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Aneesa Khan Nursing
Sylia Khan Nursing
Kanza Khan Bioscience
Iqra Khan Bioscience
Andrew Khanija Business Management
Sarah Khemraj Science/Technology & Society
Arslan Khurram Computer Programming/Info Sys
Safia Khursheed Liberal Arts & Sciences
Byungju Kim Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Eliza Kim Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Yoomin Kim Nursing
Eddie Kinloch Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Dennis Kirschbaum Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nicole Kleet Business Management
Tiffany Klein Business Management
Angeline Klein Liberal Arts & Sciences
Corinne Klein Architectural Engineering Tech
Michael Klimovich Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
James Klopp Bioscience
Travis Knott Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Elvin Koc Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Shannon Koch Nursing
Melissa Konakli Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kenneth Kopczynski Nursing
Sara Kotowski Applied Psychology
Rebecca Koumourdas Applied Mathematics
Jodie Kourbage Nursing
Danielle Kouyoudjian Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Oscar Kowalewski Computer Programming/Info Sys
Robert Kowalski Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michael Kowalski Nursing
Magdalena Krasuska Science/Technology & Society
Christine Kratzel Nursing
Leanne Kruse Dental Hygiene-AAS
Kevin Krzeminski Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jeffrey Kudrick Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Tamana Kumar Business Management
Rishab Kumar Liberal Arts & Sciences
Heather Kurash Business Management
Selman Kurtoglu Global Business Management
James Kuzma Business Management
Kathryn Kuzniewski Business Management
Vanessa Kwaak Liberal Arts & Sciences
Taylor Kwintner Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jiwon Kwon Global Business Management
John La Bianca Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Cristina La Fata Business Management
Joseph La Francesca Computer Programming/Info Sys
Joseph Laboy Security Systems
Sebastian Lacki Business Management
Jonathan Lackner Sport Management
Ian Lafferty Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jacob Lafleur Computer Programming/Info Sys
Hector Lafont Computer Programming/Info Sys
Selena LaFranca Bioscience
Thomas Laier Computer Programming/Info Sys
Janice Laine Nursing
Rene Lainez Computer Engineering Tech
Joseph Lambert Architectural Engineering Tech
Jordan Lambert Liberal Arts & Sciences
Peter Lampasona Bioscience
Leonardo Landeta Mechanical Engineering Tech
Justin Lang Business Management
Alec Langberg Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sophia Langella Science/Technology & Society
Kyle Lankowicz Science/Technology & Society
Diana Larin Dental Hygiene-AAS
Thomas LaRocca Professional Communications
Erika Larson Science/Technology & Society
Michael Lastuvka Business Management
Safah Lateef Architectural Engineering Tech
Rachael Laterra Science/Technology & Society
Gabrielle Laurito Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexandra Layer Bioscience
Brenda Lazaro Bioscience
Antonio Lazo Science/Technology & Society
Erik Lea Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brian LeBlanc Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Emily Lee Nursing
Taylor Lee Science/Technology & Society
Justin Leff Business Management
Marc Lehmuller Mechanical Engineering Tech
Michelle Lent Business Management
Hilma Leon Business Management
Stephen Leon Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Alexandra Lesser Dental Hygiene Entry Level BS
Stephanie Lester Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Tatiana Leto Liberal Arts & Sciences
Erin Lettieri Liberal Arts & Sciences
Salvatore Levanti Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Julia Levato Business Management
Dylan Lewicki Mechanical Engineering Tech
David Lewis Computer Programming/Info Sys
Mikayla Lewis Liberal Arts & Sciences
Juliana Lewisy Science/Technology & Society
Gianela Liendo Fuentes Applied Psychology
Brianna Lifrieri Business Management
Samuel Lim Medical Technology
Roxana Lima Business Management
Stephanie Linden Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Bianka Lindo Science/Technology & Society
Jason Link Business Management
Bryan Liu Computer Engineering Tech
Brandon Livecchi Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jonathan Livi Applied Economics
Michelle Liz Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kellyanne Lloyd Science/Technology & Society
Taylor LoCastro Nursing
Devin Loccisano Bioscience
Sarah Logan Business Management
Melissa Lomangino Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Patrick Long Professional Communications
Matthew Long Science/Technology & Society
Michael Long Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Christina Longo Business Management
Jacqueline Lopez Liberal Arts & Sciences
Senia Lopez Science/Technology & Society
Erik Lopez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Christian Lopez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Victoria Lopiccolo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Victoria Lopipero Science/Technology & Society
Rachel Losardo Business Management
Anthony Losito Computer Programming/Info Sys
Daphne Louis Business Management
Giovanni Lucas Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
James Luciano Liberal Arts & Sciences
Moises Lugardo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Marco Lukic Science/Technology & Society
Joseph Lupo Nursing
Marie Lutz Medical Technology
Stephanie Lynagh Science/Technology & Society
Ashley Lynn Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jon Lyons Business Management
Yana Lyzhina Science/Technology & Society
Wasay Mabood Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michael Mac Donald Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
John Macchia Aviation Administration
Brianna MacGregor Liberal Arts & Sciences
Julio Macias Bioscience
Peter Macukas Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ryan Madden Professional Communications
Samantha Maddox Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Conrad Madey Mechanical Engineering Tech
Sanaa Madni Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Magaldi Mechanical Engineering Tech
Anthony Maglione Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Dylan Magno Computer Programming/Info Sys
Cassandra Magnussen Science/Technology & Society
Sumaira Mahmood Bioscience
Steven Mahon Business Management
Joseph Maiolo Business Management
Steven Maiorca Applied Mathematics
Melanie Makinen Global Business Management
Victoria Makulik Business Management
Kathryn Malanik Business Management
Stephani Maldonado Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Sabah Malik Bioscience
Emaz Malik Science/Technology & Society
Lia Malone Applied Psychology
Nicole Manassero Bioscience
Michael Mancino Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Carla Mangal Business Management
Jesslynn Mannino Nursing
Huma Manzoor Bioscience
Michael Marano Bioscience
Kimberly Marchese Nursing
Kaitlyn Marconi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Lauren Mariana Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Julia Marino Science/Technology & Society
Elizabeth Marion Science/Technology & Society
Jessica Marmaroff Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rebecca Marmaroff Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Michael Maron Business Management
Kristie Marotta Science/Technology & Society
Ian Marquit Nursing
Jessica Marsala Liberal Arts & Sciences
Timothy Martin Ornamental Horticulture
Trevor Martin Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ana Martinez Science/Technology & Society
Amanda Martins Applied Economics
Deandra Martucci Professional Communications
Joseph Martuccio Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Taylor Marturella-Jaramillo Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Janice Marvello Science/Technology & Society
Graham Mason Business Management
Dylan Mason Science/Technology & Society
Jacqueline Mass Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Anthony Massa Sport Management
John Masterson Computer Programming/Info Sys
Laura Mastropietro Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Julia Matera Science/Technology & Society
Shaun Mathew Security Systems
Jackie Mattera Nursing
Nicole Mauro Global Business Management
Devon Maxwell Professional Communications
Angela Mazzoli Science/Technology & Society
Andrew Mc Daniel Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sean Mc Dermott Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Justin Mc Evoy Nursing
Victoria Mc Gibbon Business Management
Michael Mc Intosh Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jaclyn Mc Kay Bioscience
Charlie Mc Kenna Business Management
Christopher Mc Mullen Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Laura McAuley Business Management
Logan McAvoy Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tylyn McBean Liberal Arts & Sciences
Elijah McCall Business Management
Cassandra Mccardle Nursing
Audra McCarthy Professional Communications
Melissa McCormack Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kayla McCue Business Management
Meghan McDonough Science/Technology & Society
Bryan McEnaney Business Management
Cynthia McGarry Nursing
Christopher McGuire Sport Management
Jake McGuire Business Management
Nicholas McIntyre Ornamental Hort-Landscape Devl
Mary-Kate McIntyre Professional Communications
Dillon McMenamy Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jason Mcmullan Global Business Management
Matthew McNeill Professional Communications
Timothy McNicholas Business Management
Kyle McPadden Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nicholas Medaglia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Shaskia Medard Dental Hygiene-AAS
Kerri Medlock Nursing
Daniel Meeker Computer Engineering Tech
Daniel Mehryari Business Management
Alexandre Meirhaeghe Liberal Arts & Sciences
Pedro Mejia Computer Programming/Info Sys
Gerson Melara Sport Management
Luis Melendez Computer Engineering Tech
Johnathan Mencarelli Business Management
Oscar Mendez Professional Communications
Heidi Mendez Liberal Arts & Sciences
Araseli Mendez Applied Psychology
James Menendez Mechanical Engineering Tech
Priscilla Mery Bioscience
Brianna Messere Science/Technology & Society
Victoria Messina Professional Communications
Claire Messina Bioscience
Jake Messling Sport Management
Dean Metacarpa Sport Management
Michael Metaxas-Senderowitz Business Management
Kurt Meth Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Haydee Meyer Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Christopher Meza Business Management
Sabrina Meza Sciences - Health Professions
Rita Mezic Nursing
Zarsha Mian Computer Programming/Info Sys
Christopher Miceli Applied Economics
Sara Micieli Applied Psychology
Nicollette Micozzi Dental Hygiene-AAS
Katrina Migliorini Science/Technology & Society
Nataniel Mihailescu Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kara Miklas Professional Communications
Timothy Miksa Mechanical Engineering Tech
Giuseppe Milicia Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Cristina Millan Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jeanna Miller Liberal Arts & Sciences
Charnelle Miller Professional Communications
Christian Miller Business Management
Zackary Milton Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joseph Mineo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Vincent Minolfo Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Anthony Mirabella Architectural Engineering Tech
Pasqualina Mirabito Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Francesca Miranda Business Management
Jordan Miranda Electrical Engineering Tech
Anabel Miranda Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
John Mistretta Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Salvatore Mistretta Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ashley Misturini Science/Technology & Society
Mickaela Mitchell Science/Technology & Society
Frank Mizzi Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Mocera Global Business Management
Richard Moffatt Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ryan Mohabir Nursing
Ahmad Mohammad Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sara Mohip Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sulki Moise Business Management
Robert Molchan Business Management
George Molina Business Management
Donald Molinari Science/Technology & Society
Francisco Molina-Rubio Business Management
Joseph Mollica Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Victoria Monforte Science/Technology & Society
Jason Monsanto Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Gina Monsolino Nursing
Phillip Monte Business Management
Brielle Montemurro Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brian Montes Professional Communications
Joshua Montes Mechanical Engineering Tech
Stephen Montgomery Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Tyler Moore Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Cherae Moore-Drew Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alexis Morales Electrical Engineering Tech
Kimberly Moran Liberal Arts & Sciences
Frank Morano Science/Technology & Society
Malayika Moreau Science/Technology & Society
Rita Moreno Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Kerry Morgenthaler Business Management
Michael Moriates Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Cody Morocho Electrical Engineering Tech
Samantha Morra Bioscience
Kristina Morris Dental Hygiene-AAS
Edward Morrissey Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Angelica Moshri Architectural Engineering Tech
Betsy Mosquera-Rozo Medical Technology
Ifigenia Moss Science/Technology & Society
Brooke Motis Business Management
Marilyn Mott Science/Technology & Society
Danielle Mount Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Michael Mouton Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Gillian Mullady Bioscience
Robert Mullane Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Joseph Mullaney Applied Mathematics
Dylan Muller Business Management
Maya Murdaugh Science/Technology & Society
Jonathan Murillo Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Lauren Muro Professional Communications
Megan Murphy Business Management
Patrick Murphy Applied Mathematics
Taha Nadeem Electrical Engineering Tech
Gina Napoli Business Management
Stephen Napoli Business Management
Syed Naqvi Business Management
Gabrielle Nardelli Bioscience
Tyler Nash Global Business Management
Ryan Nash Sport Management
Michelle Nash Nursing
Victoria Nash Medical Technology
Matthew Nastro Sport Management
Michael Natale Science/Technology & Society
Christina Naughton Nursing
Wania Nawaz Business Management
Aqsa Nayyar Business Management
Daniel Nazar Science/Technology & Society
Timothy Negron Computer Programming/Info Sys
Amaris Negron Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Roberto Nelson Business Management
Olivier Nelzy Sport Management
Ahmed Nemetalla Computer Programming/Info Sys
Gabrielle Neubert Nursing
John Neumann Sport Management
Haley Newberg Liberal Arts & Sciences
Thao Nguyen Medical Technology
Giang Nguyen Applied Mathematics
Briana Nicholas Science/Technology & Society
Courtney Nichols Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Samantha Nicholson Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Lisa Nnadi Bioscience
Guruprasad Nochikattuvalasu Thangaraj Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Noormae Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jenna Norizsan Business Management
Joseph Norris Sport Management
Kerry Nortwich Bioscience
Dominique Noto Business Management
Alexander Novichonek Mechanical Engineering Tech
Gabriela Nunez Computer Programming/Info Sys
Carl O'Brien Business Management
Kayley O'Brien Nursing
Tatum O'Brien Science/Technology & Society
Phillip O'Brien Science/Technology & Society
Thomas O'Connor Business Management
Francesca Oddo Dental Hygiene-AAS
Donovan O'Dowd Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ronald O'Gara Business Management
Doreen O'Hara Applied Mathematics
Oluwatobi Ojuade Business Management
Christina Okula Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Zaburat Olajide Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ismail Olcek Bioscience
Elizabeth Oliva Sport Management
Marcello Oliveira Sport Management
James Olivero Business Management
Cameron Olsen Computer Programming/Info Sys
Taylor O'Neil Liberal Arts & Sciences
Marina Ordonez Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Melanie Orellana Business Management
Annette Ortiz Science/Technology & Society
Andrea Osorio Professional Communications
Alec Ostrager Electrical Engineering Tech
David Otero Science/Technology & Society
Marisa Ottati Security Systems
Alexander Ottomano Mechanical Engineering Tech
Lesandra Outar Applied Psychology
Uroosa Oza Science/Technology & Society
Aylin Ozbay Business Management
Miranda Ozimek Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nulia Ozulumba Liberal Arts & Sciences
Shawn Pacheco Computer Engineering Tech
Ashley Padilla Bioscience
Bryan Pafundi Computer Programming/Info Sys
Mike Pagano Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Killian Pagano Science/Technology & Society
Elias Pagiazitis Science/Technology & Society
Amelia Pakarati Professional Communications
Mel Kathleen Palaca Mechanical Engineering Tech
Daniel Palacios Martinez Science/Technology & Society
Natalie Palermo Applied Psychology
Gregory Palma Business Management
Giuliette Palmieri Science/Technology & Society
Gabriel Pamphile Nursing
Matteo Papacostas Mechanical Engineering Tech
Justin Papadimitropoulos Mechanical Engineering Tech
Angelica Papantoniou Applied Psychology
Johnryan Pappas Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alyssa Paprocky Business Management
Nicholas Paradise Mechanical Engineering Tech
Taylor Parlo Professional Communications
Alyssa Parrotta Science/Technology & Society
Rahul Paruchuri Mechanical Engineering Tech
Tatyana Pascone Nursing
Mariya Pashnyak Bioscience
Zachary Passarella Computer Programming/Info Sys
Parth Patel Automotive Technology
Christopher Paterno Aviation Administration
Sara Patrissi Science/Technology & Society
John Patti Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Samantha Patton Business Management
Sabrina Paulino Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kathleen Paulson Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jenny Pechacek Science/Technology & Society
Anthony Pedota Business Management
Miranda Pedroza Business Management
Christian Pellegrino Automotive Technology
Vincent Peluso Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Xavier Pena Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Jamilette Pena Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Dennise Pena Nursing
Robert Pena Security Systems
Joanna Pennacchia Science/Technology & Society
Collins Peprah Computer Engineering Tech
Rubis Peralta Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Gabriel Peralta Flores Business Management
Michael Percaro Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Haley Perez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicholas Perniciaro Mechanical Engineering Tech
Timothy Perrin Aviation Administration
Shelia Perrin Nursing
Stephanie Perrone Professional Communications
Raymond Persaud Mechanical Engineering Tech
Beshram Persaud Electrical Engineering Tech
Nicole Pesale Science/Technology & Society
John Pescatore Business Management
Antonio Petito Sport Management
Michael Petralia Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Michelle Petruzzelli Applied Psychology
Michael Pettignano Sport Management
Samantha Pettignano Bioscience
Jordani Pierre Science/Technology & Society
Danylsa Pierre Science/Technology & Society
Megan Pierre Nursing
Joramelle Pierre-Louis Science/Technology & Society
John Pierson Business Management
James Pike Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
James Pina Computer Programming/Info Sys
Brendan Pincus Business Management
Ace Pineiro Sport Management
Anthony Pino Mechanical Engineering Tech
Samantha Piquette Medical Technology
Nicole Piro Business Management
Vincent Pirolo Business Management
Cassandra Pixler Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jonathan Plutsky Sport Management
Angelina Polanco Business Management
Salvatore Polisi Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Matthew Pollichino Business Management
Stacey Polynice Bioscience
Jourdan Pomeroy Computer Programming/Info Sys
Kimberly Ponton Business Management
Dylan Poppiti Computer Programming/Info Sys
Maria Porcasi Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Alexis Porcello Nursing
David Portalatin Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Mauro Portillo Mechanical Engineering Tech
Mariah Powell Science/Technology & Society
Taylor Power Aviation Administration
Joseph Premuto Mechanical Engineering Tech
Thomas Prendergast Science/Technology & Society
Matthew Presta Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Alyssa Prianti Professional Communications
Jorge Prieto Mechanical Engineering Tech
Dominique Procopio Professional Communications
Karl Propper Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sarah Proschwitz Liberal Arts & Sciences
Cassidy Pugatch Liberal Arts & Sciences
Rosario Pulella Computer Programming/Info Sys
Matthew Pulgrano Business Management
Erin Purack Nursing
Victoria Pyzynski Business Management
Ryan Quere Business Management
Eric Quinones Electrical Engineering Tech
Josue Quinteros Bioscience
Saleh Rabie Architectural Engineering Tech
Robert Radano Professional Communications
Daniel Radle Aviation Administration
Harsan Raghu Mechanical Engineering Tech
Dana Ragolia Business Management
Ypsilla Raihan Business Management
Jennifer Raimondi Science/Technology & Society
Nida Rajput Bioscience
Vasudaa Ramakrishnan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Karthik Ramanathan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Devon Ramdial Computer Programming/Info Sys
Harshavardhanan Ramesh Mechanical Engineering Tech
Ashley Ramirez Science/Technology & Society
Jorge Ramirez Liberal Arts & Sciences
George Ramirez Architectural Engineering Tech
Carlos Ramirez Business Management
Sebastian Ramirez Business Management
Narayan Ramjatan Business Management
Pooja Ramkarran Business Management
Elizabeth Ramos Bioscience
Kenneth Ramos Computer Programming/Info Sys
James Ramos Electrical Engineering Tech
Alessa Ramos Bioscience
Daniella Rampersad Liberal Arts & Sciences
Urva Ramzan Business Management
Nicholas Ranallo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jillian Randell Business Management
Hailey Rangel Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kayla Rankin Professional Communications
Amberly Rappa Liberal Arts & Sciences
Shehab Rashed Science/Technology & Society
Shaheesta Rashedy Bioscience
Nimmi Raveendran Science/Technology & Society
Monish Arvind Ravi Mechanical Engineering Tech
Harsh Ray Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Jillian Reale Liberal Arts & Sciences
David Rebori Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Gregory Reed Computer Engineering Tech
Gretchen Reichelt Nursing
Kaitlyn Reichert Professional Communications
Olivia Reichert Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
William Reichling Mechanical Engineering Tech
Gabrielle Reid Liberal Arts & Sciences
Muhammad Reid Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Kayla Reidy Nursing
Patrick Reilly Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Lea Reiner Liberal Arts & Sciences
Brian Reip Science/Technology & Society
Michael Remy Security Systems
Jonathan Rendon Applied Mathematics
Abner Reyes Business Management
Anthony Reyes Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Henry Reyes Science/Technology & Society
Jovany Reyes Business Management
Daniela Reyes Business Management
Tyler Reynolds Liberal Arts & Sciences
Amber Rhatigan Medical Technology
Justin Ribarich Liberal Arts & Sciences
Conor Ricchetti Mechanical Engineering Tech
James Richards Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Brian Richardson Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brendon Ricketts Computer Programming/Info Sys
Christopher Riebl Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Alyssa Riegel Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Lauren Rios Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Halee' Rischert Professional Communications
Marisol Rivas Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Yexenia Rivera Science/Technology & Society
Samantha Rivera Business Management
Irania Rivera Global Business Management
Sasha Rivera Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Victoria Rizzo Science/Technology & Society
Danielle Roa Business Management
Brandon Robbins Business Management
Brianna Roben Science/Technology & Society
Kristina Roberto Business Management
Jenna Rocco Nursing
Stephanie Rocha Nursing
Joseph Roche Business Management
Natalie Rodgers Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Wilson Rodriguez Global Business Management
Kelly Rodriguez Nursing
Alvin Rodriguez Mechanical Engineering Tech
David Rodriguez Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Mariuxi Rodriguez Science/Technology & Society
Natasha Rodriguez Science/Technology & Society
Stephanie Rodriguez Science/Technology & Society
Cristian Rodriguez Business Management
Debbie Roger Bioscience
Andrew Rogers Business Management
Stephanie Roldan Bioscience
Mark Roldan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Daniel Roller Sport Management
Anthony Rolston Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Christen Romando Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Roy Romard Nursing
Rudolph Romeo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alma Romero Global Business Management
William Romero Business Management
Marlon Romero Industrial Tech/Facility Mgmt
Ana Romero Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Sean Rooney Science/Technology & Society
Selena Rosado Science/Technology & Society
Kaylee Rosen Liberal Arts & Sciences
Elizabeth Rosen Professional Communications
Andrea Ross Professional Communications
Kyle Rossi Business Management
Brian Rossi Business Management
Michael Rothman Sport Management
Isaiah Rowe-Ukey Professional Communications
Russell Roxburgh Computer Programming/Info Sys
Linyi Ruan Business Management
Trevor Rubin Business Management
Jeremy Rubinstein Interaction Design
Ashley Rubio Bioscience
Jessica Rubio Professional Communications
Alexandra Ruggiero Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
John Ruggiero Business Management
Jonathan Ruiz Mechanical Engineering Tech
Cristian Ruiz Business Management
Cheyanne Russell Sport Management
Nunzio Russo Business Management
Jenna Russo Professional Communications
Gina Russo Business Management
Taylor Ryan Liberal Arts & Sciences
Erik Ryan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Thomas Ryan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Lauren Ryder Global Business Management
Kasey Ryman Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jessica Safonte Nursing
Hansel Sainevil Science/Technology & Society
Kingderlie Saint Jean Science/Technology & Society
Madina Sakhi Nursing
Gabriella Sakk Applied Psychology
Marie Saladino Nursing
Elycia Salcedo Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sitwat Saleem Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Washington Saltos Business Management
Rebecca Salvatore Global Business Management
Gabrielle Samuel Liberal Arts & Sciences
Hector San Martin Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Keisy Sanchez Bioscience
Nikolas Sanchez Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Cristian Sande Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Johnny Sandoval Computer Programming/Info Sys
David Santa Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nelson Santana Software Technology
Marco Santiago Mechanical Engineering Tech
Taylor Santiago Bioscience
Janine Santorelli Professional Communications
Michael Santori Business Management
Jonah Santos Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jorgina Sarmiento Business Management
Sima Sassieni Dental Hygiene-AAS
Jessica Scafa Science/Technology & Society
Kelly Scanlon Business Management
Michael Scarabino Business Management
Michael Scarangella Applied Psychology
John Scarpa Mechanical Engineering Tech
Julia Schachter Applied Psychology
Dana Schackne Medical Technology
Samantha Schaefer Nursing
Brett Schankin Aviation Administration
Lauren Scheffel Business Management
Effie Scheffler Business Management
Gillian Scherer Science/Technology & Society
Corrine Schifflin Medical Technology
Brandon Schiffman Industrial Tech/Automotive Mgt
Madison Schlesinger Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Samantha Schlinger Liberal Arts & Sciences
Yosef Schlusselberg Electrical Engineering Tech
Thomas Schmich Business Management
David Schmidt Business Management
John Schmidt Liberal Arts & Sciences
Christina Schmidtke Business Management
Zachary Schmitt Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Benjamin Schmoll Business Management
Caroline Schnabl Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Deanna Schneider Professional Communications
Kimberley Schneider Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Devon Schoen Ornamental Horticulture
Caroline Schott Liberal Arts & Sciences
Taylar Schubart Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Courtney Schwartz Business Management
Adam Schwartz Science/Technology & Society
Zachary Schwartz Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Matthew Sciorsci Applied Psychology
John Scotti Computer Programming/Info Sys
Casey Scourby Business Management
Janine Scura Liberal Arts & Sciences
James Seaman Business Management
Jennifer Seeger Professional Communications
Revanth Kumar Seerangaswamy Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matt Seligman Business Management
Shelby Sellers Professional Communications
Taylor Semo Professional Communications
Wendy Sepulveda Business Management
Ian Sexton Mechanical Engineering Tech
Syed Shah Computer Engineering Tech
Hetali Shah Electrical Engineering Tech
Shakhawat Shaimoon Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Zixin Shan Aviation Administration
Gowtam Shanmugam Mechanical Engineering Tech
Caitlin Shapiro Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Adam Shapiro Business Management
Akshay Sharma Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ankush Sharma Science/Technology & Society
Kapish Sharma Computer Programming/Info Sys
Jared Shaw Automotive Technology
Kevin Shay Business Management
Stephanie Sheehan Business Management
Malik Shehrooz Computer Programming/Info Sys
Fatima Sheikh Business Management
Laura Shepherd Ornamental Horticulture
Xavier Sheriff Business Management
Erika Sherman Ornamental Hort-Landscape Devl
Gideon Sherry Architectural Engineering Tech
Robert Shevins Science/Technology & Society
Andrew Shindler Computer Programming/Info Sys
Nadia Shirgul Professional Communications
Timothy Shortell Electrical Engineering Tech
Brandon Shortt Business Management
Pranav Shunmugam Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nageen Siddiqui Science/Technology & Society
Adeena Siddiqui Bioscience
Kayla Silverstein Science/Technology & Society
Laura Simas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Michael Simkhai Liberal Arts & Sciences
Daniel Simko Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Xavier Simmons Aviation Administration
Cassandra Simpson Business Management
Natalie Sims Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Christopher Sinche Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Joshua Singer Business Management
Andrew Singer Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Ravinder Singh Applied Mathematics
Gregory Singh Medical Technology
Simranjeet Singh Computer Programming/Info Sys
Gurmantar Singh Electrical Engineering Tech
Jupraj Singh Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sukhminder Singh Science/Technology & Society
Arshpreet Singh Bioscience
Ravinder Singh Bioscience
Nicole Sinko Architectural Engineering Tech
Guadalupe Sivirian Business Management
Kerri Skarren Science/Technology & Society
Leonidas Skiadas Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Justin Slaughter Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brian Sloane Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jarea Small Nursing
Stephanie Smith Nursing
Zachary Smith Architectural Engineering Tech
Deanna Smith Science/Technology & Society
David Sofferman Computer Programming/Info Sys
Sean Sorg Science/Technology & Society
Steven Sosa Nursing
Samuel Soundararajan Aviation Administration
Matthew Soviero Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Andrew Spagnuolo Computer Programming/Info Sys
Alexandra Sparrow Business Management
Alyson Sparto Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Daniel Spateri Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tia Speller Business Management
Jessica Spina Business Management
Tatiana Spinelle Science/Technology & Society
Savannah Spinelli Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Daniel Spirio Interaction Design
Yasin Spiteri Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Squeo Mechanical Engineering Tech
Stephen Squeri Business Management
Nicole Squiabro Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alex Squiciarino Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Lainna St Fleur Business Management
Luciano Staffa Business Management
Marianna Stanczak Business Management
Benjamin Stanley Computer Programming/Info Sys
Justin Stark Business Management
Lucas Starkie Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matthew Starr Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Raymond Staten Architectural Engineering Tech
Constantina Stavris Business Management
Julie Steinert Liberal Arts & Sciences
Destiny Stephens Applied Psychology
Dylan Steppe Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicole Stern Bioscience
Megan Stettinger Applied Psychology
Jeanine Stewart Nursing
Teresa Stewart Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sean Stewart Electrical Engineering Tech
Taylor Stoerback Sport Management
Gabrielle Stone Business Management
Robert Stosch Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ashleigh Strazzullo Nursing
Nicholas Strigaro Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jacklyn Stringham Sciences - Health Professions
Victor Suarez Sport Management
Sean Sugrue Business Management
Ali Suhail Computer Programming/Info Sys
Tyler Sullivan Applied Psychology
Daniel Sullivan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Matthew Sullivan Business Management
Ryan Sullivan Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Nicolette Susi Science/Technology & Society
James Sutch Computer Engineering Tech
Shane Sutherland Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jason Svitlik Architectural Engineering Tech
Michael Swidzinski Business Management
John Swift Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
David Szenczewski Computer Programming/Info Sys
Vanessa Tabora Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Mohammad Tahir Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Leandro Tamariz Electrical Engineering Tech
Samantha Tammaro Professional Communications
Adam Tanner Business Management
Zanaira Tariq Business Management
Zachary Tarlow Security Systems
Timothy Tarshis Business Management
Nadine Tarzia Bioscience
Courtney Tasso Applied Psychology
Yliana Taveras Science/Technology & Society
Giovanni Tavolacci Security Systems
Kirsten Taylor Nursing
Dillon Taylor Mechanical Engineering Tech
Sumaiya Teli Dental Hygiene-AAS
Kristen Tetro Liberal Arts & Sciences
Devan Thakur Business Management
Gregory Thayer Science/Technology & Society
Giesensky Then Business Management
Evan Thode Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jamie Thomas Liberal Arts & Sciences
Greeshma Thomas Computer Engineering Tech
Vinny Thomas Science/Technology & Society
Frederick Thomas Sport Management
Aaron Thompson Mechanical Engineering Tech
Danielle Thorne Liberal Arts & Sciences
Charles Thurer Professional Communications
Catherine Tignetti Liberal Arts & Sciences
Krista Tillchock Professional Communications
Cassandra Tinerino Science/Technology & Society
Martina Tinnirello Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Colin Tinschert Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Patricia Tolentino Science/Technology & Society
Titus Tom Liberal Arts & Sciences
Sebastian Toro Applied Mathematics
Christine Torre Professional Communications
Elijah Torres Medical Technology
Adriana Torres Bioscience
April Tortorella Business Management
Ashley Totaram Sciences - Health Professions
Daniel Towne Sport Management
Richard Trabosh Business Management
Christopher Tramonte Science/Technology & Society
Eric Tran Liberal Arts & Sciences
Jake Traub Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicholas Trifoli Business Management
Gabriella Trocchia Global Business Management
Jarrod Trojcak Science/Technology & Society
Brianna Trovato Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dean Trusty Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alex Tsakanikas Computer Programming/Info Sys
Payten Tucciarone Applied Psychology
Robert Tucker Sport Management
Damian Tuniewicz Nursing
Julia Tuohy Dental Hygiene Entry Level BS
Franklin Turcios Business Management
Cameron Turi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Robert Turner Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Victoria Turner Medical Technology
Nicholas Tush Science/Technology & Society
Robert Tutino Security Systems
Echezona Uchegbu Nursing
Jacobo Ulloa Sport Management
Nicholas Ulrich Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Madden Umholtz Aeronautical Sci:Prof Pilot
Steven Umstetter Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Brian Uster Bioscience
Nicholas Uterano Computer Programming/Info Sys
Obinna Uzoezie Mechanical Engineering Tech
Louis Vacca Business Management
Alexandra Vacca Business Management
Haylee Vadnais Business Management
Joseph Valentino Computer Programming/Info Sys
Mark Valerie Applied Mathematics
Chaddy Valerio Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ty Vallinoto Nursing
William Van Dyke Crim Justice-Law Enforcement
Sarah Van Eekhout Bioscience
Benjamin Vanacore Aviation Administration
Diego Vanegas Electrical Engineering Tech
Brittney VanPelt Liberal Arts & Sciences
James Vargas Mechanical Engineering Tech
Emely Vargas Garcia Business Management
Daniel Varley Nursing
Teofilo Vasquez Nursing
Marvin Vasquez Mechanical Engineering Tech
Saul Vasquez Business Management
Rudy Vasquez-Argueta Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Pooja Shree Vasudevan Mechanical Engineering Tech
Katherine Vazquez Bioscience
Jasmine Velasquez Science/Technology & Society
Christopher Velasquez Mechanical Engineering Tech
Anthoni Velasquez Business Management
Joseph Velotti Science/Technology & Society
Robert Venezia Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Hannah Ventaloro Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jonathan Ventura Electrical Engineering Tech
Andrew Ventura Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Christine Verghese Nursing
Jaclyn Veroxie Business Management
Domingo Vigil Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Ashley Vilardi Business Management
Nicole Vilardi Liberal Arts & Sciences
Katherine Villada Science/Technology & Society
Angela Villota-Loaiza Liberal Arts & Sciences
Marcela Viscarra Business Management
Gabriel Viteri Sport Management
Mark Vitucci Bioscience
Toni Viviani Science/Technology & Society
Justo Vizcaino Science/Technology & Society
Christopher Vizcarra Architectural Engineering Tech
Catherine Volikas Applied Economics
Rose Voyard Science/Technology & Society
Lela Wade Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Emily Walker Sciences - Health Professions
Melissa Walsh Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Dana Walsh Science/Technology & Society
Inga Walter Nursing
Amber Walters Science/Technology & Society
Kevin Wang Computer Programming/Info Sys
Evelyn Wang Business Management
Gulnur Wangelin Nursing
Timothy Wangenstein Computer Programming/Info Sys
Ke'Andra Washington Science/Technology & Society
Benjamin Waters Computer Programming/Info Sys
Malika Watlington-Wright Science/Technology & Society
Alexis Weatherill Business Management
Chloe Weaver Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alyssa Webber Nursing
Scott Weinzimer Business Management
Stacey Weir Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Dorothy Weiss Applied Psychology
Brianah Weissbach Bioscience
Julia Weller Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Rachael Wenzel Business Management
Kyle Wenzel Business Management
Andrea Werkmeister Nursing
Leo Werner Business Management
Rebecca Westbrook Liberal Arts & Sciences
Shannon White Business Management
Yendeleila White Science/Technology & Society
Brian White Science/Technology & Society
Samantha Wiedre Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Caitlyn Wigand Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Ericka Wiggins Science/Technology & Society
Olivia Wilcox Nursing
Adam Wilkinson Sport Management
Brian Williams Science/Technology & Society
Nia Williams Professional Communications
Rhodesia Williams Professional Communications
Angel Williford Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Christopher Wilson Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kiara Wilson Business Management
Ryan Winter Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kiera Wirtenson Science/Technology & Society
Alexander Wittner Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Stanislaw Wojdat Business Management
Frankie Wolf Professional Communications
Taylor Wolf Security Systems
Robert Wolf Business Management
Marisa Wolfe Business Management
Melanie Wolff Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
William Wolfson Automotive Technology
Natalie Wong Liberal Arts & Sciences
Hon Tung Wong Aviation Administration
Nicholas Wood Liberal Arts & Sciences
Daniel Wood Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Ashley Wood Business Management
Christopher Woods Computer Engineering Tech
Joanna Wu Dental Hygiene-AAS
Michael Wurster Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Kristian Wurth Business Management
Leona Xidas Vis Comm: Art & Graphic Design
Fayyad Yakub Science/Technology & Society
Michael Yanar Science/Technology & Society
Joselyn Yanes Business Management
Vincent Yap Interaction Design
Christine Yasinsky Business Management
Kendall Young Sport Management
Kareem Youseff Science/Technology & Society
Andrew Zabala Science/Technology & Society
SyedKumeal Zaidi Computer Engineering Tech
Hunter Zalud Business Management
Badar Zaman Computer Programming/Info Sys
Michelle Zambrano Science/Technology & Society
Nicholas Zanardi Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Jaclyn Zanella Business Management
Kevin Zapata Computer Engineering Tech
Valerie Zappola Science/Technology & Society
Antonia Zappolo Business Management
Danielle Zaragoza Science/Technology & Society
Tori Zaremski Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nancy Zavala Dental Hygiene Completion BS
Izabela Zdunek Science/Technology & Society
Elizabeth Zeines Business Management
Maxwell Ziegler Construction Mgmt Engr Tech
Peter Zinerco Science/Technology & Society
James Zito Computer Programming/Info Sys
Phyllis Zito Nursing
Seda Zivali Global Business Management
Gianna Zizza Liberal Arts & Sciences
John Zolezzi Horticultural Tech Mgmt
Olivia Zuhlke Bioscience
Asher Zwarenstein Criminal Justice:Law Enf Tech
Igor Zybert Computer Programming/Info Sys