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A group of students walking outside Knapp Hall on a beautiful fall day.
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Graphic Identity Standards & Communications Style Guide

The Farmingdale State College Graphic Identity Standards and Communication Guide (GISCG) is a one-stop resource for promoting the College brand on all Web, print and electronic communications.

As thousands of content pieces from colleges and universities are competing for attention – every single day – it is imperative that Farmingdale State College’s messages are consistent. When communicators deliver the same messages multiple times in multiple ways, our key audiences become familiar with the Farmingdale Story, strengthening our connections with them.

This section contains a messaging system that allows communicators to consistently define the campus when communicating with key audiences. It includes text, images, and other resources that communicators can use to consistently represent Farmingdale in print, electronic, and spoken communications.

A brand is a promise. It is how you want the market to perceive your product or institution. Your brand sets you apart from your competitors.  A strong brand identity leads to:

  • Brand loyalty and trust.
  • Brand preference.
  • High credibility.

Think about this in terms of parenting or personal relationships.  If you started altering your personality from day to day, your friends might think you were in some sort of identity crisis. If you disciplined your children differently one day to the next,  they wouldn't know what to expect from you. It is the same with Brand Identity. When your brand is consistent across all areas, a long-lasting bond of trust is established. Consistency is vital to the well-being of your brand and your reputation.

"Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms."
Simon Mainwaring

When colleges, units and departments develop their own marks, the overall impact of the Farmingdale State College logo is diluted, as it now competes with others. Additionally, the inconsistency serves to confuse our audiences. We hope that you will understand that the Office for Institutional Advancement is responsible for ensuring that all of Farmingdale's external communications possess a consistent graphic identity that upholds the identity and mission of the college.

Campus Video Bulletin Board
To submit messages to the Campus Video Bulletin Board go to the Information Technology homepage.
To submit messages to the digital signs on Dr. Frank Cipriani Drive and at the intersection of Melville Rd. and Route 110. Contact the Office for Institutional Advancement.