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Preferred Name Change Procedure

Referring to students and employees by a preferred name in classrooms, the workplace, and when interacting with college personnel, supports a welcoming and respectful learning and working environment. The reasons for choosing a preferred name are personal and different for each person.

Students and employees at FSC may choose to identify themselves using a preferred first name that differs from their legal name. A student or employee's preferred name will appear in select College-related systems and documents instead of the person's legal name, as noted below.

•             FSC ID Cards – (both legal and preferred first name will be visible)

•             Email address

•             Email display

•             Blackboard

•             Class rosters

•             Grade rosters

•             Advising screens – degree audit and other advising systems

•             Directory listings (telephone, online, hard copy)

•             Email list server interface

•             Campus registration and password expiration reset

FSC encourages students and employees to use a preferred name other than their legal name to identify themselves if they wish. For more information, as well as restrictions, please visit the "Preferred First Name" information page.