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Vendor Selection

When choosing vendors for state-funded purchases it is important to also promote New York State Purchasing initiatives. The appropriate vendor should be able to provide a reasonable price, have a responsive record, and the ability to provide what is required. The ability to provide what is required is known as Form, Function, and Utility.

  • Form: Shape, color, configuration, construction...
  • Function: Purpose, capacity to work in a particular way...
  • Utility: Usefulness, availability, functionality...

Vendor Hierarchy

Vendors should be considered using the hierarchy below. For example, a vendor from the Open Market would only be selected after considering State Preferred Sources, State Contracts, SUNY Contracts, and Certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise options.

1. State Preferred Sources:

New York State Finance Law allows purchase of goods and services from preferred sources without competition, and also allows that form, function and utility requirements may be considered. Purchases from Preferred Sources take precedence over all other sources of supply and competitive procurement methods, and do not require a bid, quote, or solicitation requirement. If a preferred source is to be rejected, that source must be given prior written notice with an explanation and an opportunity to respond.

Corcraft: New York State Department of Correctional Services
NYSPSP: NYS Preferred Source Program for New Yorkers who are Blind
NYSID: New York State Industries for the Disabled

For additional information regarding these preferred sources and their offerings visit the New York State Office of General Services List of Preferred Source Offerings and Preferred Source Guidelines.

2. State Contracts and SUNY Contracts:

OGS State Contracts: The Office of General Services (OGS) awards statewide contracts for many commodities and services. Purchases using OGS state contracts do not require a bid, quote, or solicitation requirement. The OGS website has contract information and search capability.

SUNY Contracts: The State University of New York offers several University-wide or multi-campus commodity, service, and technology contracts. Purchases using SUNY wide contracts do not require a bid, quote, or solicitation requirement. The SUNY website contracts search provides information about current contracts for the State University of New York.

3. New York State Certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) and New York State Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOB):

SUNY, in tandem with the New York State Department of Economic Development, seeks to promote procurement from certified state minority and women owned business enterprises and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses The College strongly encourages the selection of MWBE and SDVOB vendors when possible. A statewide directory of MWBE vendors and SDVOB vendors can be downloaded and/or searched on the OGS website.

Purchasing has the discretionary authority to award a procurement up to $200,000 for MWBE as identified by the New York State Department of Economic Development in SUNY Procedure Numbers 7556 and 7557. As stated in Item 7553 (and consistent with NYS State Finance Law Section 163), where commodities or services are available from New York State certified M/WBEs, purchases may be made by the College in amounts not exceeding $200,000 without competitive bidding. However, the discretionary threshold to $200,000 for procurements from small, minority- and women-owned business does NOT apply to construction & construction-related services. The campuses are required to document in the procurement record support for both the reasonableness of the price and the selection of the vendor. Advertising requirements under NYS Economic Development Law still apply.

*Please note: For purchases between $2500.00 - $49,999.99 using an MWBE or SDVOB vendor, the department must maintain 3 price quotes in their procurement record. For intended purchases above $50,000 please contact the Purchasing Department.*

For additional information regarding MWBE and SDVOB vendors, please see our visit our page on the Purchasing website.

4. Open Market:

Purchases may be made from vendors that are not a preferred source, on state contract, or on SUNY contract, but are subject to state competitiveness requirements. Purchases using the open market require bids, quotes, and solicitation requirements. Refer to the Procurement Guide with Thresholds to view the selection criteria and competitive requirements for open market purchases based on dollar thresholds.


Ordering Office Supplies

When purchasing office supplies, vendors should be considered using the above mentioned vendor hierarchy. Below are suggested vendors for ordering office supplies.

  • Staples:
    Staples is an OGS state contracted vendor for Miscellaneous Office Supplies, and Proftech is an MWBE authorized reseller for their contracted products. Orders can only be placed online with procurement cards by logging on to the Proftech website. First time users with P-Cards should contact Lisa Bruns at lisa.bruns@farmingdale.edu for account set up.

    If you do not have a Procurement Card, the ProfTech website can be used to obtain pricing. Item numbers and pricing should then be used to input a requisition on the web procurement system. The Purchasing Department will then place the order for you.

  • Office Depot/Office Max:
     In conjunction with the new SUNY / E&I/ Office Depot contract  - T002713 for office supplies, WATS International has been chosen as your Office Depot/Max Tier 1 Diversity Partner.  First time users with P-Cards should contact Ann Marie Moresky at annmarie.moresky@farmingdale.edu.

Ordering Furniture

When purchasing furniture, vendors should be considered using the above mentioned vendor hierarchy. Below are suggested vendors for ordering various types of furniture including conference seating and tables, dormitory furniture, general purpose tables, high density filing, household furniture, library furniture, office furniture, classroom furniture, specialty seating, and systems furniture.

Ordering Technology

For Technology purchases, please refer the Farmingdale State College Technology Purchasing website. There you will find information, guidance, policies, and procedures for the purchase of various types of technology, including Departmental Computers, Tablets, Printers, Toners, and Computer Accessories.