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Personal Vehicle Procedures


  • A personal vehicle may be used when a rental or common carrier/state car is not available, is cost effective, or is otherwise appropriate for a justifiable reason. When choosing  a personal vehicle when a common carrier/state car or rental IS cost effective, reimbursement is limited. 


  • When you extend your trip for personal reasons there cannot be any additional cost to the state for a personal convenience.


  • The starting point of your trip should be from Farmingdale State College or your home, whichever is closer to your destination.


  •  Mileage reimbursement rates are determined by the IRS and change frequently.  Review mileage rates before traveling.


  • The mileage allowance covers charges for gasoline, repairs and insurance.


  • When submitting reimbursement for official travel by privately owned vehicle, list the starting and ending points (including addresses) of the trip(s) being claimed on a Mapquest/Yahoo direction print out.


  • Only official travel for business purposes should be claimed on the travel voucher, not side trips such as shopping, entertainment, or personal activities.


  • All reasonable and necessary parking and toll charges will be reimbursed as an incidental expense.


  • Review cost comparison between personal car and rental car with the trip calculator.


  • When an employee uses a personal car on State business and is involved in an accident, the employee's insurance provides the primary source of coverage.  


  • Knowingly misrepresenting the facts concerning travel for official business or signing travel forms which contain deliberate false statements is a violation of the NY Penal law and will be subject to administrative and/or disciplinary action.