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Project Sunlight

New legislation, effective January 1, 2013, establishes a database called "Project Sunlight," which makes data available to the public concerning individuals and firms who appear before State entities with respect to five categories of matters: 

  1. Procurement of State contracts (including revenue contracts)
  2. Rate-making
  3. Regulatory matters
  4. Judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings
  5. Rule-making per the State Administrative Procedures Act.

Given the nature of the College's activities, Farmingdale State College is most likely to be impacted in the area of procurement. The College is required to report appearances by individuals and firms that appear before decision-makers or persons who advise decision-makers.

The Purchasing Office and the Internal Control Office will share responsibility for reporting such appearances into the State database. In order to comply with this requirement, staff are required to supply basic information related to the appearances. A basic form capturing the required information is attached for your use. Appearances must be reported into the state database within five (5) days of their occurrence. Therefore, these offices request that you submit the required form to the Purchasing Department or Internal Control Office within three (3) days of their occurrence.

  • Report appearances that occur in person or by video-conference BUT not written contacts by letter, e-mail or fax.
  • If you initiate a contact that is purely informational (e.g. market research), reporting is not required.
  • If you reach out to an M/WBE firm to determine interest in or availability to provide goods or services, reporting is NOT required.
  • P-card purchases are not required to be reported.
  • Procurements less than $25,000 will not need to be reported.
  • Report an appearance if it is a substantive interaction, not ministerial, meant to have an impact on the decision-making process. The appearance is reported if before an individual at Farmingdale State College who has power to exercise decision-making with respect to the matter, or who advises the decision-maker.
  • Report appearances by individuals or firms whether they represent themselves or others.

All inquiries should be submitted to Lisa Bruns (420-2245) or Dorothy Hughes (420-2166).  For additional information on Project Sunlight, please visit the SUNY Project Sunlight Compliance Webpage.

Project Sunlight Reporting Form (.pdf)