Mail & Supply

Central Store/Central Receiving is a campus operated facility, whose primary goal is to provide services to the Campus Community through the following activities:  

  • Receiving of all goods from outside vendors
  • Shipping of goods with return authorizations
  • Delivery services for all goods received and general office supplies

Central Stores/Central Receiving processes and redistributes incoming material for campus departments and student related organizations.  Incoming material deliveries include, but are not limited to,UPS,U.S.Post Office, FedEx and OTR.  Delivery to a central location increases property accountability, customer satisfaction, and eliminates unnecessary vehicle traffic on campus therefore, making the campus safer for students, faculty and staff. 

Farmingdale State College is registered with the United States Postal Service as a non-profit educational institution. Any abuse of private use of this service is a violation of the law which could result in a loss of this privilege. The College retains the right to open and inspect all outgoing mail and packages to ascertain appropriate use of our postal status. Personal use of our campus postage meter is strictly prohibited.

Central Store/Central Receiving is located in the Service Building located behind the Central Heating Plant. Their hours of operation are from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays. The main office can be reached at 631-420-2118.

Office Supply Requisitions:  Central Stores provides items that are purchased on a repetitive basis to the campus community. Before ordering from another source, a department must first determine if the item is available in Central Stores.  If the items are in stock, campus departments and offices are requested to order the item from Central Stores utilizing the Request for Office Supplies form and either faxing it to 631-420-2214 or sending it inter-office mail. Once orders are received and entered into our internal systems, they are ready to be pulled and delivered.  We aspire to fill and deliver all orders within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of the department request.

Central Receiving Delivery: It is the goal of Central Receiving to deliver all incoming material to its final destination on the same day that it is received, or within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt.  Exceptions to Central Receiving “same day” delivery policy are:

  • Materials requiring processing through property control (Fixed Assets)
  • Freight requiring special delivery arrangements (i.e., large items, or quantities) Deliveries will be coordinated between the department and Physical Plant and an appropriate delivery time, date, and location will be determined

U.S. Mail Delivery :Central Receiving does deliver merchandise, or items that are classified as U.S. Mail. 

Vendor Delivery Instructions :Department’s coordinating delivery of materials with vendors will instruct them to mark all packages as follows:

  • PO Number
  • Name of person who purchased item
  • Department Name
  • Farmingdale State College Central Receiving

Please Note: All packages delivered without a PO number or name will be declared unable to be delivered and returned to sender

Personal Packages: Central Receiving prohibits the use of its resources for delivery of personal material. If personal packages are received at Central Receiving, the recipient will be contacted and directed on the proper procedures for receiving personal property.  Neither Central Receiving nor the College will be responsible for the material if it is delayed, damaged, or lost.

Overnight Freight/Next Day Air:  Incoming overnight freight must be addressed completely and correctly.  Omitting any part of the delivery information from an overnight package will result in a delay in delivery.  When a department or purchasers name is omitted off the package’s delivery information, Central Receiving will make every effort to locate the recipient and deliver the package prior to returning to sender.

Campus Deliveries:  When packages are processed in the warehouse the following will occur:

  • Freight is logged by PO number and number of pieces in shipment
  • Date and time of arrival
  • Shipper Information
  • Delivering Carrier
  • Verification of Contents                   

All deliveries from UPS, FedEx, and OTR trucks will be made to the campus prior to 3:00 PM.  All packages will be verified and received by Warehouse before being delivered to your location.  Verification of a shipment consists of the following:

  • Verification that your department has received the correct quantities
  • Verification that the correct merchandise has been received, meets your specifications, and is not damaged
  • Verification that the correct merchandise has been received, meets your specifications, and is not damaged
  • When order is checked, sign the delivery and requisition form
  • If the shipment is defective in any way, or does not meet specifications, the vender will be contacted along with the department.  Arrangements for pick up and replacement will be done by the department and Physical Plant.  If there are no problems the PO will be processed for payment

All high security items will be delivered the same day they are received and must be signed for by the designated person in the department. If large quantities or oversized items are ordered, please ensure that you can store in your area. If a delivery attempt is made, and you are not in your location, a delivery notice will be left at your location.  Packages will then be sent out for delivery the next business day.  If we miss you on the second day, you must call the warehouse at 2118 to make arrangements for the pick-up, or delivery of your items.  

COD Packages:  Central Receiving will not accept COD, packages unless the department has made special arrangements with Central Receiving.  Otherwise, the goods will be returned to the sender.

Returning Merchandise:  In the event of an item(s) needing to be returned, please take the following steps:

  1. Call the company and explain the situation. Have them issue you a return merchandise authorization number (RMA#). If the company is at fault, then they will probably pay for shipping. Please have them clarify who is to pay for shipping. If they will, then they may send you a return tag or one may have been provided in the box when they shipped the products. Also find out if they will come to pick up the boxes or if we are to ship them.
  2. Email Purchasing with the following information:
    1. The originalPO#
    2. The account #
    3. The original requisitioner
    4. The items being returned
    5. The reason for return
    6. The RMA #
    7. Who is paying for shipping
    8. If they are picking up the shipment or if we are to send it back
    9. The address the items are to be returned to

Once you have emailed Purchasing, they will put together a return authorization   form and send a copy to your department, accounts payable and central receiving. Once you receive confirmation from the Purchasing Office that this has been done then you can contact central receiving to have them pick up the merchandise.