Retention and Disposition of Records

It is the policy of Farmingdale State College to adhere to the State University of New York's record retention and disposition requirements.  The retention of records is necessary to ensure that records are maintained for as long as they are needed for administrative, fiscal, legal, or research purposes.  It is also important that records that are no longer needed be destroyed properly.

SUNY has a Records Retention Policy that codifies the retention periods for the various records housed by SUNY campuses.  The policy has a series of appendices that list all the various records, and the specific period that a campus must retain them.  This SUNY policy and appendices have been pre-approved by State Archives and OSC, and when they are followed proactively, they help SUNY to avoid risks on the back end, including data breaches and audit requests that span back farther than the SUNY schedule requires us to keep them for, and also helps to save on storage costs and IT costs. When the SUNY Schedule does not cover a particular record, SUNY campuses are to defer to the New York State General Records Retention Schedule  for the proper retention period.

Retention Policies

Retention Schedules

Records Retention Training


Please refer all inquiries related to the retention and disposition of records to the Farmingdale State College Internal Control Office.

Contact info:

Justina Geremia
Internal Control Officer
Room 167, Horton Hall