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Use of Facilities

Contact Information

Joanne Ulrich
Use of Facilities Coordinator
Horton Hall Room 145




Use of Campus Facilities:
College facilities are primarily used by College faculty, staff and students, for pedagogical, cultural, recreational and internal organizational activities, in support of the College’s mission. These activities include, among others, classroom and lab instruction, research, College-sponsored conferences, department meetings, and student-club events.

To Schedule an Event:

  • Registrar: Schedules all credit courses and their special needs (i.e. finals).
  • Student Affairs: Contact Alicia Femoyer at sauof@farmingdale.edu.
  • Continuing Ed/ILR: Schedule their classes (coordinate special needs with Administrative Services).
  • Conference room coordinator: Schedules conference rooms when used exclusively by internal departments.
  • Administrative Services: Schedules everything else.
  • Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech-In accordance with the College’s Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech Policy, any third parties that wish to use the College’s designated public forum for free speech purposes must complete a Designated Public Forum Application.  The College’s policy as well as the application can be found here.


  1. An external group requesting anything - contact Administrative Services (AS).
  2. Faculty scheduling a make-up - contact the Registrar.
  3. Staff reserving a room for campus & off-campus attendees – contact AS.
  4. Chairperson scheduling any event for our students – contact AS.
  5. Student-club scheduling any event – contact Student Activities (coordinate with AS),
  6. Faculty reserving conference room for dept  meeting – contact the secretary.
  7. Faculty reserving space for an external group’s meeting (which s/he may be a member) - contact AS.
  8. When in doubt - contact AS.

Faculty, Staff and Students Reserving Farmingdale State College Facilities
All internal groups must submit an Internal Request Form to Administrative Services. There are guidelines below for reserving space on campus.

External Organizations
Campus facilities are also available to non-College (external) organizations, subject to certain terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are explained in detail in the Revocable Permit, which is issued to all external groups authorized to use campus facilities. Click here for additional information.