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Proper dress in laboratories at Farmingdale State College


Farmingdale State College follows universal laboratory safety guidelines that prohibit open-toed shoes, sandals and other "skin exposed" footwear in the laboratory. In addition, shorts, miniskirts and tank tops are discouraged in all laboratories and where hazardous conditions exist.

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety has therefore created a 'Proper Attire in Laboratories' sign for you to print out and post (laminate if possible) so that it’s clearly visible to all those entering and working in your lab(s). This sign identifies proper attire in the laboratory – the “do’s” and “don’ts” of proper lab attire if you will.

In summary, any clothing that exposes large areas of skin and jewelry should not be worn in the laboratory. Feel free to leave a pair of shoes or long pants in your office/laboratory for use in the lab. If you want to wear short sleeve shirts to the lab, then put on a lab coat once inside. Good laboratory safety begins with the appropriate attire – let’s all set an example for our students as well and be sure they’re following these guidelines as we all surely will.

Remember! Wearing proper attire is one of the best ways to prevent an exposure to hazardous materials in the laboratory.

Please call the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 631-420-2105 with questions regarding proper attire in the laboratory.

American Chemical Society Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories (SACL) Update


The American Chemical Society (ACS) Joint Board-Council Committee on Chemical Safety has completed Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories, 8th edition, Best Practices for First- and Second-Year University Students.  This easy-to-use document was first published in 1972, and continues to retain its place in academic lab safety. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety strongly encourages employees and students alike to review this extremely informative and useful resource, which is available at no cost through the ACS website. View the Laboratory Safety PDF.

Farmingdale State College has invested in and is actively using E-Mist Technology, used in the control and prevention of infections such as MRSA, receives Top Innovation of the Year Award


Farmingdale State College has acquired two E-Mist units that are used throughout campus and is especially helpful in keeping our athletic facilities infection free. E-Mist has recently announced that InfectionControl.tips (ICT), an internationally recognized Pan-Access collective, has selected the company as a Top Innovation of the Year. ICT is dedicated to infection control and prevention and actively publishes peer-reviewed research articles and perspective pieces focused on the topics of infection control and prevention.

As always, got questions? Please contact EH&S at ehs@farmingdale.edu or call 631-420-2105.