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Contact Information

Ellen Weber
tel: 631-420-2744

Keri Franklin
Budget Director
tel: 631-420-2424

Sue Cuttone
College Accountant
tel: 631-420-2707

Suzanna Goench
Secretary 1
tel: 631-420-2092

Horton Hall, Room 160
fax: 631-420-9173

Budget & Finance

Under the direction of the Controller, Farmingdale State's budget is developed using a myriad of directives and procedures promulgated by SUNY System Administration, the Department of Audit and Control, and the State Division of the Budget. It is the responsibility of the Controller to ensure that State funds are expended in keeping with allocation levels and appropriate State purposes.

SUNY's fiscal period begins on July 1 of each year, through June 30 of the following year.   As soon as notification has been received regarding the campus' share of SUNY's legislated allocation, normally prior to July 1, the funds are distributed to the individual campus account, and department managers are notified of their allocation. On occasion, changes may be needed in the distribution from one area to another. If additional funds are needed, request should be made to the Dean or vice president of the area. Departmental requests for transfer of funds should be directed to the Budget Director, allowing a minimum of one week for processing.

COLLEGE AUDITS: The Vice President and CFO for Administration & Finance has responsibility for coordinating all campus audits and preparing the College's official response to all audit findings, which are then assembled in report form and forwarded to the agency responsible for the issuance of the audit report.

ACCOUNTING: The Accounting Officer is responsible for monitoring the expenditures and the revenue reconciliations of the College to ensure that accurate records are maintained for individual departments. This office works closely with both the Controller and Student Accounts to ensure accurate projections of campus fiscal needs and relative income.

INVENTORY CONTROL: The College's Property Control File records the historical data for all College-owned assets. This file in recent years has become the mechanism by which the Division of the Budget monitors the condition and life of all College-owned assets. The Division of the Budget utilizes the information provided by the record to determine those assets eligible for replacement in any given fiscal year.

For more information please see Property Control.