PDF Documents

All PDF documents must be checked and fixed for accessibility BEFORE being uploaded to the Website. All documents must be free of errors and alerts. The preferred way is to create a page in OU Campus and publish the information as an HTML page to the website. 

If you must upload PDF please review instructions below on how to properly create accessible PDF documents.

  1. It is strongly recommended to begin with the source file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and fix all accessibility issues before converting to PDF. Please note that after the PDF conversion, some cleanup in Acrobat may still be necessary.

  2. Go to File > Save As > PDF

  3. Once the document has been converted to PDF, go to Tools > Action Wizard and select "Add." This will add the wizard to the right column.
    Action Wizard icon under Tools.

  4. On the right column, click "Action Wizard" then select "Make Accessible."
    Actions' list with several commands.

  5. Click "Start" and follow the prompt to fix the issues as they appear for Title, Recognize Text, From Fields (if applicable), Set Reading Language, Figures missing alternate text, and finish with the "Start Checking" prompt for the last check.
    Start Button.

  6. Fix all issues listed on the left column. All PDF documents must be free of errors and alerts.  Skipped rules are not allowed.
     Left column showing errors to fix.

  7. Refer to this guide to fix most common Accessibility issues. All PDF's must be free of errors or alerts in order to be uploaded to the website.  If you have any issue fixing a particular error, email Sylvia Navarro-Nicosia.

Other Useful Resources for PDF Documents

Cheatsheets from the National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE)
Create and verify PDF accessibility (Acrobat Pro)

Accessibility Resources for PDF Documents