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Textbook Express

Current students now have the option to order their textbooks online using Textbook Express.

Textbook Express transfers the student’s course schedule to the bookstore website allowing the student to view the list of textbooks they will need for their courses, including prices, and provide an online purchase option. Students can select the option to have the books delivered to them or held at the bookstore for pick up. Approximately three weeks prior to the start of each semester, the bookstore will begin packaging textbooks for those students who selected pick up at the bookstore. Students will be advised via email when their textbooks are available for pick up. The entire process is easy, quick and convenient.

Textbook Express can be accessed through OASIS under the registration tab. Textbooks are available in many forms, including new, used, and digital. A textbook rental program will also be available for the Spring 2011 semester. Textbook Express will note all formats which textbooks will be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, students who reserve their textbooks online at the moment they register for their courses get the earliest opportunity to purchase used textbooks, which are 25% less expensive than new textbooks.
A student may place a pre order for textbooks, even if the course has not yet been assigned a textbook. Once the course has been assigned a textbook, the pre order converts to an order.
Yes, students can return textbooks purchased using Textbook Expressin accordance with the bookstore refund policy.
No, only data transferred from the registration system is your course information.
No. A student may customize what textbooks they elect to purchase online. A student may select certain textbooks to order online, and not select others. The process allows the student the discretion to pick and choose.
You may be able to have your financial aid applied to payment of your textbooks. To determine if this option is available to you, go to "financial information-office of student accounts" on the Farmingdale webpage. Textbook Express includes a financial aid option to pay. The student will reserve the textbook and when the student goes to the bookstore to pick up the textbook, the student will indicate payment is to be made from their financial aid.
When a student looks up their textbook needs under Textbook Express, all formats which are available for the textbook will be noted on the screen. For example, if a student looks up the textbook for MTH 110, Textbook Express will include options to reserve a new book, a used book, a digital book (if available) and a rental (if available).