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Curriculum Information Guide

Art & Graphic Design Minor

Prof. Bill Steedle, Acting Chair
Visual Communications Dept.
School of Business


The Art & Graphic Design Minor is an 18-21 credit adjustable minor designed to suit the artistic interests of the individual student. All students will gain a basic foundation of art and design skills and an opportunity for further study in areas such as art history and related humanities, fine arts, graphic design and/or digital photography.

Students interested in this minor must be accepted into the minor by the Visual Communications department and meet with an advisor to choose appropriate courses.

About Academic Minors

Farmingdale State College students are invited to enhance their studies with an "Academic Minor." A minor is a cluster of thematically related courses drawn from one or more departments. In addition to department based minors (e.g. computer programming & info systems), interdisciplinary minors are also available (e.g. legal studies).

Academic minors are approved by the College-Wide Curriculum Committee and the Provost. Students must make application for an academic minor through the department offering the minor in conjunction with the Registrar's Office Specific course work must be determined in consultation with a faculty member in the department offering the minor. A statement of successful completion of the academic minor will appear on the student's transcript at the time of graduation.

  • A minor is considered to be an optional supplement to a student's major program of study.
  • Completion of a minor is not a graduation requirement and is subject to the availability of the courses selected. However, if the requirements for a minor are not completed prior to certification of graduation in the major, it will be assumed that the minor has been dropped. Consequently, the student will only be certified for graduation in their primary major.
  • Only students in 4 year baccalaureate programs can apply for a minor.
  • A minor should consist of 15 to 21 credits.
  • At least 12 credits must be in courses at the 200 level or higher.
  • At least 9 credits must be residency credits.
  • Specific requirements for each minor are determined by the department granting the minor. 
  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 in their minor.  Some minors may require a higher GPA.
  • Students are prohibited from declaring a minor in the same discipline as their major (e.g. one cannot combine an applied math minor with an applied math major). Academic minors may not apply to all curricula.
  • Students are permitted to double-count courses.
  • Students are only permitted to take more than one minor with appropriate written approval of their department chair or curriculum Dean.
Fall 2019 - Subject to Revision
VIS 112 2-D Design 3
VIS 116 Digital Media or VIS 110 Drawing I 3
VIS 260 Graphic Design for Non VIS Majors 3

Pick 3-4 (3 courses must be at the 200 level or higher)

Art History and Related Humanities  
ART 200 History of Graphic Design 3
ART 201 Art History: Prehistoric — Middle Ages  3
ART 202 Art History: Renaissance — Present 3
ART 302 Art History: Survey of American Art 3
EGL 269 The Romantic Arts: Art Dance Literature and Music 3
EGL 311 Introduction to Writing for Electronic Media 3
EGL 308 The City in Literature, Art, Film and Theater 3
Fine Arts  
VIS 101 Introduction to Drawing (with VIS permission only) 3
VIS 103 Introduction to Watercolor 3
VIS 104 Introduction to Calligraphy 3
VIS 105 Introduction to Photography (with VIS permission only) 3
VIS 110 Drawing I 3
VIS 120 Drawing II 3
VIS 214 Figure Drawing I 3
VIS 215 Introduction to Animation 3
VIS 216 Painting I 3
VIS 217 Introduction to Printmaking 3
VIS 252 Drawing and Painting Techniques 3
VIS 318 Figure Drawing II 3
VIS 122 Typography I 3
VIS 115 3D Design 3
VIS 225 Photography I 3
VIS 228 4D Design 3
VIS 238 Illustration for Graphic Designers 3
VIS 240 Publication Design I 3
VIS 242 Publication Design II 3
VIS 250 Photography II 3
VIS 254 Package Design 3
VIS 265 Web Design for Non-Majors 3
VIS 353 Editorial Design 3
VIS 354 Corporate Identity 3
Combine any 3 of the following 1 credit courses:  
VIS 280 Adobe Illustrator  1
VIS 281 Adobe Photoshop 1
VIS 282 Adobe Photoshop for the Web 1
VIS 283 Adobe Dreamweaver 1
VIS 284 Adobe InDesign  1
VIS 285 Basic HTML/CSS for Graphic Design 1

Other VIS 200+ courses may be considered as electives if approved by the Department Chair.

Curriculum Summary

Total Credits: 18-21

Admission to Farmingdale State College - State University of New York is based on the qualifications of the applicant without regard to age, sex, marital or military status, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.