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Curriculum Information Guide

Interaction Design (IxD)

Prof. Bill Steedle, Acting Chair
Visual Communications Department
School of Business

Bachelor of Technology Degree

The Interaction Design Bachelor of Technology degree focuses on human behavior and user experience in the design and development of mobile applications, responsive web design and user experiences, service design, social networks, way-finding projects, brick and mortar and on-line retailing, exhibit design and more.  This program encourages a culture in which students learn the value of collaboration, vision, risk-taking, discovery, entrepreneurship, passion, social responsibility and play.  Students will immerse themselves in an environment that focuses on the practical application of user-centered, needs-based design solutions built upon strong research and development, observation, and prototyping.

Interaction Designers have the ability to influence the future development of products, systems and services in fields as diverse as education, healthcare, banking, business, and more.  Graduates of the program will enter into employment such as mobile interface design, web design, user experience design (UX), user interaction design (UI), human computer interaction and more.

For additional information, or to schedule an interview and tour of our facilities, please contact the Visual Communications Department at 631-420-2181

Typical Employment Opportunities

Application Development
Data Visualization
Immersive Experience
Interactive Installation
Kiosk Design and Development
Museum Experience Design
User Experience Design (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)
Web Development and Design

Interaction Design (IXD) (BT) Program Outcomes:

  • Graduates will develop and build upon strong foundational design skills through exploration and experimentation.
  • Graduates will master skill sets in traditional and digital techniques to design successful interactive experiences.
  • Graduates will exhibit an understanding of graphic design and interaction design from both an historical perspective as well as from a contemporary perspective with current and future trends of industry being paramount.
  • Graduates will build professional skills including resume development, self promotion, job search, industry procedures and practices and presentation techniques.
  • Graduates will present a portfolio of work in order to successfully compete in the current job market and to apply for graduate study.  In this portfolio, students will demonstrate knowledge of current technical and conceptual interaction design standards.

Fall 2019 - Subject to Revision
Liberal Arts and Sciences (33 credits)
EGL 101 Composition I: College Writing (GE) 3
MTH Elective (Statistics Preferred) (GE) 3
EGL 102 Composition II: Writing About Literature 3
ART 200 History of Graphic Design (GE) 3
SPE Elective (GE) 3
SOC 122 Introductory Sociology (GE) 3
HIS Elective (GE) 3
ART 201 Survey of Art History: Prehistoric Times through Middle Ages (GE)  


ART 202 Survey of Art History: Early Renaissance to the Present (GE) 3
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (GE) 3
BIO/ PHY Elective (GE) 3
ART 203 History of Interaction Design (GE) 3
Support Courses (21 credits)
BCS 130 Website Development I 3
BCS 240 Website Development II 3
PSY 328 Introduction to Human Factors 3
Free Electives 6
300 + Electives (Includes RAM 303) 6
Interaction Design Core (67 credits)
VIS 110 Drawing I 3
VIS 112 Two-Dimensional Design 3
VIS 115 Three-Dimensional Design 3
VIS 116 Digital Media and Methods 3
VIS 122 Typography I 3
VIS 225 Photography I 3
VIS 228 Four-Dimensional Design 3
IXD 210 Typography for Interaction 3
IXD 212 Interaction Design I-Foundation 4
IXD 310 Interaction Design II- User Interface 4
IXD 312 Research Strategies 3
IXD 320 Interaction Design III- User Experience 4
IXD 322 Prototype Tools 3
IXD 330 Design for Social Change 3
IXD 410 Interaction Design IV- Advanced Interaction Design 4
IXD 412 Special Topics Studio 3
VIS 340 Industry Preparation 3
VIS 416W Senior Project I 3
VIS 426 Senior Project II 3
IXD 414 Design and Play Mechanics 3
VIS 418 Portfolio 3
Total Credits 121

Curriculum Summary

Degree Type: BT
Total Required Credits: 121

Please refer to the General Education, Applied Learning, and Writing Intensive requirement sections of the College Catalog and consult with your advisor to ensure that graduation requirements are satisfied.

Admission to Farmingdale State College - State University of New York is based on the qualifications of the applicant without regard to age, sex, marital or military status, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.