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Curriculum Information Guide

Visual Communications: Art & Graphic Design

Prof. Bill Steedle, Acting Chair
Visual Communications Department
School of Business


Bachelor of Technology Degree

The Visual Communications Department has a history of more than a half-century of innovation and excellence. Our design program offers a comprehensive and relevant educational experience that prepares students to be real-life creative problem solvers in traditional as well as emerging fields. Upon graduation, they demonstrate valuable professional skills and technological competencies vital for succeeding in an evolving creative environment.

The Visual Communications: Art & Graphic Design Baccalaureate Degree experience also includes opportunities that enable students to gain essential professional experience and participate beyond the classroom: two internship courses encourage students to pursue professional opportunities while the “in-house” agency courses allow students to work collaboratively and directly with clients. The Design Club and a student chapter of the AIGA, the premiere professional association for design, give our students an opportunity to participate in the industry as student learners. There are also industry-related field trips and special study abroad programs with trips that range from a few weeks to an entire semester.

The success of graduates in positions of responsibility in some of the best-known agencies, design teams, studios and corporations in the region and around the country illustrates the strength of our program. Many alumni have become thriving entrepreneurs by opening their own agencies and art-related businesses or as well as through active freelance careers.

For additional information, or to schedule an interview and tour of our facilities, please contact the Visual Communications Department.

Typical Employment Opportunities

Art Director
Brand Identity Designer
Creative Director
Editorial Designer
Graphic Designer
Interface Designer
Mobile Interface Designer
Package Designer
Production Manager
Social Media Designer
User Experience Designer
Visual Content Developer
Web Designer & Developer
Web Developer

Visual Communications (BT) Program Outcomes:

  • Graduates will receive a strong foundation in design, will have opportunities to explore, experiment, and master skillsets in traditional disciplines and digital techniques.
  • Graduates will demonstrate diverse knowledge and skills required to perform professionally in an evolving creative work environment.
  • Graduates will exhibit the knowledge necessary to understand design from an historical perspective, as well as current and future trends of industry.
  • Graduates will have learned specific professional skills addressing résumé development, self-promotion, job search skills, industry procedures and practices and presentation techniques.
  • Graduates will have created a portfolio of work, which will meet industry demands in order to successfully compete in the current job market.
Fall 2019 - Subject to Revision
Liberal Arts and Sciences (39 credits)
EGL 101 Composition I: College Writing (GE) 3
ART 200 History of Graphic Design (GE) 3
ART 201 Survey of Art History: Prehistoric Times through the Middle Ages (GE) 3
ART 202 Art History – to Present 3
ART 302 History of American Art  
ART 303 MesoAmerican Art History 3
American History (GE) 3
Mathematics (GE) 3
Basic Communication (GE) 3
Natural Science (GE) 3
Western or Other World Civilizations (GE) 3
Social & Behavioral Science (GE) 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Support Courses (3 credits)
BUS 131 Marketing Principles 3
Visual Communications Core (81 credits)
VIS 110 Drawing I 3
VIS 112 Two-Dimensional Design 3
VIS 114 Color 3
VIS 115 Three-Dimensional Design 3
VIS 116 Digital Media and Methods 3
VIS 120 Drawing II 3
VIS 122 Typography I 3
VIS 222 Graphic Design I 3
VIS 225 Photography I 3
VIS 226 Design Production I 3
VIS 228 Four-Dimensional Design 3
VIS 232 Graphic Design II 3
VIS 234 Design Production II 3
VIS 236 Typography II 3
VIS 238 Illustration for Designers 3
VIS 250 Photography II 3
VIS 332 Graphic Design III 3
VIS 334 Design Production III 3
VIS 336 Advertising I 3
VIS 340 Industry Preparation 3
VIS 346 Advertising II 3
VIS 414 Interaction Design 3
VIS 416W Senior Project I 3
VIS 418 Portfolio 3
VIS 426 Senior Project II 3
VIS/IxD/BUS/BCS Electives or RAM 303 6

Total Credits:


Transfer credit is granted at the discretion of the faculty based on grades and a portfolio assessment. All students entering the program, including transfer students, will be required to take VIS 116 Digital Media & Methods.

Curriculum Summary

Degree Type: BT
Total Required Credits: 123

Please refer to the General Education, Applied Learning, and Writing Intensive requirement sections of the College Catalog and consult with your advisor to ensure that graduation requirements are satisfied.

Admission to Farmingdale State College - State University of New York is based on the qualifications of the applicant without regard to age, sex, marital or military status, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.