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Curriculum Information Guide

Security Systems

Dr. M. Nazrul Islam, Chair
Security Systems & Law Enforcement Technology Department

School of Engineering Technology


Bachelor of Science Degree

The goal of this program is to provide a positive learning and teaching environment in applied science and technology. The program treats the technical aspects of the discipline in order to educate a new breed security director who integrates crime prevention theory with the design philosophy and hardware and software components of security systems. Criminal justice and security are by their nature information gathering and processing activities and students need to be prepared for a changing work environment where computers will be used extensively. The computer as an integrating technology is emphasized in the program to achieve remarkable effectiveness as well as exceptional efficiency of crime control performance. The Access Control, Computer Forensics, Computer Security, Intrusion Detection, and Security-Imaging Sensor laboratories which house state-of-the-art equipment serve as technical resources for the program. The courseware teaches students how to: manage the movement of people in organizations; detect intrusions on the corporate network; deter acts of corporate espionage and sabotage; and prevent theft of company assets. What is different about this program is that it has been shaped as a digital age curriculum. Students do not simply learn about hardware and software but also are taught how to use it to solve protection problems.

Our program offers students a choice of one of two concentrations, 1) a networking concentration; or 2) a transportation security – aviation concentration. These concentrations are supported by courses from Farmingdale’s Aviation and Computer Systems Departments.

Typical Employment Opportunities

Corporate Security
Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
Local, Municipal, and State Law Enforcement Agencies

Security Systems (BS) Program Outcomes:

  • Graduates will have knowledge of advanced computer-based evidentiary and “discovery” data methods, and will be technically competent to administer procedures for evidence identification, documentation, and chain of custody maintenance.
  • Graduates will have knowledge to develop comprehensive computer security programs for organizations.
  • Graduates will have knowledge to develop protection programs for organizations using an integrated security systems approach.
  • Graduates will have an appreciation and understanding of the necessity for personal integrity, professional ethics, and cultural awareness.
Fall 2019 - Subject to Revision
Liberal Arts and Sciences (61 credits)
EGL 101 Composition I: College Writing (GE) 3
EGL 102 Composition II: Writing About Literature 3
PSY 101 Intro to Psychology (GE) 3
SOC 122 Intro to Sociology (GE) 3
Foreign Language (GE) 3
The Arts (GE) 3
MTH 110 Statistics (GE) 3
Natural Science with a Lab (GE) 4
American/Other World/Western Civilization History (GE) 3
Humanities (GE) 3
Liberal Arts and Sciences Electives* 30

*Note: The Liberal Arts and Science electives must include:

1. At least 3 credits in General Education
2. At least 9 credits in the Social Sciences
3. At least 12 credits of 200 or higher level courses

Required Courses in the Major (55 credits)
CRJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 115 Computer Forensics 3
CRJ 200 Criminal Investigation 3
CRJ 217 Computer Forensics II 3
CRJ 218 Computer Forensics III 3
CRJ 230 Biometrics and Identity Theft 3
CRJ 310 Computer Security I 3
CRJ 311 Computer Security II 3
CRJ 312 Computer Security III 3
CRJ 314 Security Law and Policy 3
CRJ 323 Network Defense 3
CRJ 410W Senior Project 3
CRJ 420 Physical Security I 4
CRJ 421 Physical Security II 3

Free Electives (6 Credits)

Network Concentration (12 Credits)

BCS 208 Networking Fundamentals I 3
BCS 209 Networking Fundamentals II 3
BCS 320 Scaling Networks 3
BCS 321 Connecting Networks  3


Transportation Security (12 Credits)

AVN 280 Intro to Air Cargo Operations-Basic 3
AVN 300W Government in Aviation 3
AVN 400 Aviation Law 3
AVN 417 Homeland Security in Aviation 3

Total Credits:


Curriculum Summary

Degree Type: BS
Total Required Credits: 122

Please refer to the General Education, Applied Learning, and Writing Intensive requirement sections of the College Catalog and consult with your advisor to ensure that graduation requirements are satisfied.

Admission to Farmingdale State College - State University of New York is based on the qualifications of the applicant without regard to age, sex, marital or military status, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.