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Spring 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016   6:00pm - 8:00pm

Women's Empowerment Circle

Facilitators:  Erica Chase-Gregory, Regional Director SBDC-Farmingdale

                   Maria Camassa, CPA & Co-owner - Lucky Lou's Gourmet Rice Pudding


"Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn"


Guest Speakers:  1. Christina Loggia, Business Advisor SBDC Farmingdale

Join Christina to learn ideas on how to deal with setbacks and use them as a learning experience for future gains.  This discussion will be based on the book by John C. Maxwell

                         2.  Kim Dileo, President/CEO Kimco Group Inc.

Kim will share her secrets to her business success and how she overcomes challenges doing business as a subcontractor.

Pre-registration is required. 

Lite Dinner sponsored by Capital One Bank

SBDC Conference Center

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Fridays, June 3, 10-, 17, 24.  July 8, 15, 2016   9:00am - 10:30am

6 Series Personal/Business  Financial Workshop

This workshop will discuss concepts & techniques on how to become Financially Organized while accumulating Financial Wealth by offering a new approach to financial decision making and planning. 
Session #1: Introduction to Personal/Business Finance 101-At the end of Session #1, each person will receive their own personal financial website which can be used for sessions 1 & 6.
Session #2: Protection-Part 1: Protect first your business & personal lives from unforeseen life events.-Will discuss the philosophies on how to ensure your business and family lives are protected from events such as sickness, death, debt, decline market, job loss......
Session #3 Protection-Part 2- What you need to do to legally protect your personal and business properties from unforeseen legal & accident  events.  Will discuss concepts to ensure your business and family lives are protected from events such as accidents, lawsuits, business disputes, death......
Session #4: Strengthening and improving your Business & Personal Cash Flow.  How to build an ample supply of Short Term Capital, how to create a Debt Repayment Plan.
Session #5: Building your wealth while minimizing your Debts and Tax liabilities.  Knowing the difference between Good Debts vs. Bad Debts, true Rate of Return on your Investments and Assets, learn tax advantage strategies & products to reduce your tax liabilities and burdens.
Session #6: Creating your robust personal & business Financial Plan.  Assist in creating your Persona/Business Financial Plan, discuss techniques and concepts in ensuring you keep on target, Questions & Answers. Pre-registration is required.

SBDC Conference Center

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$50.00 Register Online