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Thank you for visiting the SBDC Farmingdale for assistance with your small business. We look forward to working with you! Below is a helpful guide that addresses one of our clients’ most frequently asked questions…

What grants am I eligible for?

Grants can be extremely elusive, and many are misled to their availability. Be advised that the vast majority of grants issued in the country today are issued within government and not-for-profit arenas, and generally NOT for startup businesses, home buyers, or minority-owned businesses. A very limited number of extremely competitive grants exists in the high-tech, biotech, energy savings, and recycling industries.

Please be aware of potential scams in the self-proclaimed “grant circuit.” Also see the following sites, with articles cautioning entrepreneurs about books, conferences, and seminars that “promise” grants for a myriad of uses, but require an initial purchase, or non-refundable cash upfront (ranging from $30 - $1000+), with NO GUARANTEED funding.

  • Read online book reviews from people who have purchased the books you are considering
  • Products of this kind may be useful in locating organizations providing business and technical assistance (such as the SBDC), but it is information the Small Business Administration has made readily available to you for free (www.sba.gov).

That said, below is a list of actual grant sources, including information on the issuing organization, the amount, and the requirements for applying. This list is by no means exhaustive, but rather an introduction into the uses for which grants are available.

  • For a database of federal and state assistance programs, you may want to check:

  • New York State Library , which list resources for grants available and organizations you can reach for further assistance.
  • For workbooks, guides, and additional information on securing and writing grants, visit the Foundation Center






New York State Department of Labor

Work Opportunity Tax Credit/ Welfare-to-Work

Must be used to hire certain workers (welfare-to-work, etc.)

Up to $2,400 per employee

(516) 934-8558

Long Island Forum For Technology

Business Expansion/ Worker Training

Technology/ manufacturing sector

To $100,000


Nassau County Economic Development

Brownfields/ Worker Training

Restoring unusable property in Nassau/ Training workers


(516) 571-0415


Energy Issues

Special uses: air conditioning, large facilities, light bulb rebate, consultation



Empire State Development

Economic Development

Various programs available - contact for more information


(631) 435-0717

US Department of Energy: Office of Industrial Technologies

Promote Innovation

Inventions, must address industry-specified properties

$40,000 or $250,000



Business Startup

Must be disabled, VESID determined

Up to $11,000

(631) 952-6357

Small Business Innovation Research

Promote Innovation

Must be in technology research and training and link w/ nonprofit facility

Up to $100,000


Energy Products Center

Energy Efficiency

Technology for energy efficiency


(518) 862-1090

Office of Children and Family Services

Licensed Child Care Providers

Must be for staff development or health & safety supplies


(631) 240-2560


Child Care Council

Startup Day Care

Must be home-based (family & group providers)

Not funds: hard goods and courses

(516) 358-9250

(631) 462-0303

US Department of Agriculture

Food and Agriculture Development

Must be for innovations in food products, use RFP process


(518) 457-2713

Helpful Grant Links

Some of the links below are general, NOT necessarily direct sources of grants.