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Kamal Shahrabi Executive Director 631-420-2256
Marjaneh Issapour Director 631-420-2086
Research and Training Coordinators
Adam Filios Solar PV 631-420-2084
Bahar Zoghi Small Scale Wind 631-794-6124
Gonca Altuger-Genc K-12 STEM Outreach 631-420-2117
Jeff Hung Solar Thermal 631-420-2243
 Kivman Lee Instructional Support Specialist 631-794-6382
Mihaela Radu Public Seminars 631-420-2450
Anna Godas Instructional Support Associate  631-794-6175
Mir S. Saidpour Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle  631-420-2377
Mohamad Zoghi Renewable Energy Generation and Storage 631-420-2315
Nazrul Islam Smart Meter 631-794-6216