Fall 2015 Lecture Series

The ILR Lecture Series presents sixteen lectures per year presented by experts with various backgrounds. All lectures are held on the campus of Farmingdale State College on Friday afternoons withlight refreshments following. Registration is required.

Friday,September 25

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Private Lives of The Presidents and First Ladies- Lecturers:HowardEhrlich and Harvey Sackowitz

Journey with us as we examine the many unique stories of our chief executives and their first ladies. First families such as the Washington's, Lincoln's, and Roosevelt's (Franklin) will be discussed. Howard Ehrlich has served as executive director of Theodore Roosevelt National Association, the only presidential association created by act of congress. Harvey Sackowitz is a former President of the Nassau County Civil War Roundtable.

Friday,October 2

MADAME JUSTICE- Lecturer:James Coll

"I urge the Senate's swift bipartisan confirmation so that as soon as possible she may take her place on the Court and her place in history.” Since President Regan’s appointment of Sandra Day O’Conner to the Supreme Court in 1981, three other women have been nominated to serve in the Highest Court in the land. In this lecture, we will discuss their lives and some of the other important decisions—and dissents—that have been a part of their continuing legacy. NYPD detective and Nassau Community College adjunct professor of American and Constitutional History, James Coll, will present this fascinating lecture.

Friday,October 9

IDIOMS AND WHY WE SAY THEM- Lecturer:Martha Kolodkin

The English language is filled with interesting words and phrases. Consider some of the following: apple of my eye, chew the fat, being sacked, hold your horses, pass the buck. We know what they mean because we use them as part of our language, but where do they come from? How did they originate? Come and learn the origins of these and dozens of other idioms.

Friday,October 16

THE GOOD OLD DAYS: Popular Culture in The Roaring 20s- Lecturer: Marilyn Carmino

The “war to end all wars” was over and in its aftermath came a period of extraordinary cultural change. The time between the Great War and the Depression ushered in the first youth movement of the 20th century. You will meet the youth of “The Lost Generation” who revolted

against society’s most time-honored conventions. Get to know the “brilliant men, beautiful jazz babies, champagne baths, and midnight revels” of the period. Learn about the history, music, fashion, fads, and follies of the time and find out why “the good old days” really were the

good old days. Sound and video clips of the era will bring the 1920s roaring back to life. If you like American pop culture, you will definitely enjoy this trip back in time.

Friday,October 30

HEDY LAMARR-An Extraordinary Woman- Lecturer: Joe Mittleman

According to Louis B. Mayer, head of the MGM studio, Hedwig Kiesler was once considered the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. But, she was also a brilliant scientist and math prodigy. She excelled in science, and as she grew older, she became ruthless, using all the power her body and mind gave her. Hedy Lamarr, who said the secret of her beauty was, “to stand there and look stupid.” In reality, Hedy was anything but stupid in fact she was a genius. She was responsible for developing a system for controlling torpedoes aimed at German submarines.

After fleeing to America, she not only became a major Hollywood star, her name sits on one of the most important patents ever granted by the U.S. Patient Office. She was responsible for what is known today as WiFi, the secret of cell phones. Joe Mittleman presents the story behind this famous actress.

Friday, November 6


Join film historian Philip Harwood for a lively celebration of the legendary brothers George and Ira Gershwin, whose brilliant music and witty lyrics transformed musicals forever. Harwood takes us on a musical journey, with film clips from the original Gershwin film musicalShall We Dance(1937, starringFred Astaire andGinger Rogers),throughGirl Crazy,An American inParis,Funny Face,Rhapsody in Blue,and others. Whocould ask foranything more?

Friday, November 13

THE IMMORTAL JOLSON- Lecturer: Jan Hernstat

Join us for a multimedia lecture presentation as we trace the career of Al Jolson from his beginnings in Vaudeville to his participation in entertaining the troops in Korea. The program includes songs by Jan Hernstat, President of the International Al Jolson Society, and a special video presentation that is dedicated to the memory of Jolson the performer, and Jolson the man.

Friday, November 20

Dona Gracia DeNasi - A Renaissance Woman- Lecturer: Helena Eilenberg

Dona Gracia DeNasi, a brilliant Renaissance business woman from the 16th century, who was also a secret Jew who fought the horrors of the Inquisition. She used her intelligence, her ingenuity, and her business savvy to fight the political powers of the time, to save Jews in trouble and to stand up for herself, her family, and the Jewish people.

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