The ILR Lecture Series presents sixteen lectures per year presented by experts with various backgrounds. All lectures are held on the campus of Farmingdale State College on Friday afternoons with light refreshments following. Registation is required.


Friday, March 20                           

GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL - Lecturer: Anthony Robbins

On February 1, 1913, the brand-new Grand Central Terminal opened its doors to an admiring public. On February 1, 2013, the beautifully restored Terminal – rescued from destruction by a seminal 1978 Supreme Court decision – celebrated its Centennial. This illustrated lecture brings the Terminal to life – its remarkable history, stunning architecture, and central role in creating midtown Manhattan. This lecture is made possible through Speakers in the Humanities', a program of the New York Council for the Humanities with the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Friday, March 27    

ELEVATED THINKING: THE HIGH LINE -  Lecturer: Linda Lupario                     

The High Line is an elevated freight rail line that has been transformed into a public park on Manhattan's West Side. It is owned by the City of New York, and maintained and operated by Friends of the High Line. Linda Lupario will be sharing an hour long documentary on The High Line from its inception to almost completion. Inspired by the Promenade Plantee in Paris, it has helped catalyze the gentrification of the Chelsea and nearby neighborhoods. It opened in 2009, and has had over 4 million visitors.


Friday, April 10  

A TRIBUTE TO OL' BLUE EYES - Lecturer: Jerry Cardone                            

Come celebrate the work and the life of a man who has captivated us for decades like no other singer. Jerry Cardone's masterful tribute to Ol' Blue Eyes has endeared him to a multitude of fans everywhere.A marvelous treat awaits you as he fills your heart with song! Jerry states, "Frank Sinatra met many challenges in his life and influenced me as no other singer could. I would like to keep his music alive."    


Friday, April 17                              

THEODORE ROOSEVELT: Our First Modern Day President -  Lecturer: Wayne Wagner

Wayne Wagner, a volunteer docent at the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site since 1999, will be giving a PowerPoint presentation, "Theodore Roosevelt: Our First Modern Day President."  This will include a discussion of his life and his family, as well his major accomplishments as our 26th President.


Friday, May 1                                 

AMERICAN JEWRY AND THE CIVIL WAR -  Lecturer: Bud Livingston

This topic is as unusual as it is fascinating. Learn about the two Jewish senators, the Jewish general, the leading Jew of the Confederacy who had the ear of its only president, Jefferson Davis. Hear about the Seder in the wilds of Maryland, the matzo consumption in New York City, the private bankers who sold millions of dollars of U.S. bonds in Europe, the labor leader whose father almost got lynched on New York City docks, the two Civil War synagogues that still function today on the Lower East Side, the most flagrant anti-Semitic order in American history, issued by the Union's greatest hero, and other strange and wonderful facts about Civil War Jewry.


Friday, May 8   

RITA HAYWORTH -  Lecturer: Marc Courtade                                

Rita Hayworth is a true legend of the golden days of Hollywood who rose to stardom in the 1940s as a dancer, personality, and sex symbol. She began performing as a child, dancing with her family in vaudeville. The dance training served her well, and she became the first person to partner with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly in film. Her erotic appeal made her a favorite pin-up of GI's in World War II, and Gilda made her a cultural icon. This presentation will celebrate her life and career, with plenty of film clips to remind us why she is immortal.


Friday, May 15                              


From the silent era to the beginning of a truly international cinema, Italy has been in the forefront of the artistry of movie making. Join us for a tour of the achievements of such filmmaking legends as Fellini, Antonioni, and the 'la dolce vita' of Italian cinema.


Friday, May 22                             


Come hear a fascinating lecture on probing the largest gravitationally-bound structures in the universe at both ends of the electromagnetic spectrum. Dr. Douglass holds a PhD in Astronomy and is an active researcher in the field of galaxy clusters. He is also an assistant professor in the Physics Department at Farmingdale State College.

For more information or to receive a brochure, contact ILR@farmingdale.edu or call 631.420.2160.