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Previous Tenants

Previous tenants of Broad Hollow Bioscience Park include OSI Pharmaceuticals, Helicon Therapeutics, Inc. and IRX Therapeutics, Inc.

OSI Pharmaceuticals

OSI Pharmaceuticals, LLC, acquired by Astellas Pharma on June 9, 2010 (www.astellas.us), is a member of the Astellas U.S. group of companies. OSI is an oncology drug discovery and translational research organization primarily focused on the discovery of molecular targeted therapies (MTTs). Following its 2010 acquisition by Astellas, OSI has become Astellas' center of excellence for oncology small molecule discovery research.

OSI and its partners received FDA approval for the use of Tarceva® to treat non-small cell lung cancer first in 2004 as a second/third line therapy, and again in 2010 as maintenance therapy. In 2005 it received approval for the use of Tarceva to treat pancreatic cancer in combination with gemcitabine.

Helicon Therapeutics, Inc.

Helicon Therapeutics, Inc., founded in 1997, merged with Dart NeuroSciences, LLC on January 1, 2012 (www.dartneuroscience.com). Dart Neurosciences’ mission is to become the leading specialized pharmaceutical company for memory disorders by focusing on the discovery and development of innovative drugs with new mechanisms of action. These discoveries are firmly based in a careful examination of the genes involved in the reorganization of synaptic connections in the brain, a cellular/molecular process which underlies both implicit (motor skills) and explicit (facts and events) forms of memory.

IRX Therapeutics, Inc.

IRX Therapeutics, Inc. (www.irxtherapeutics.com) is focused on improving cancer treatments. IRX develops immune therapies designed to activate a patient’s immune system to defeat cancer and related diseases. The lead platform technology, IRX-2, is thought to broadly restore the immune system by overcoming cancer-induced immune suppression.


Mitogenetics is a limited liability company organized under Iowa law in December 2010, is the exclusive license holder of a biomedical technology (the "technology") designed by our licensor, The Research Foundation of State University of New York. The company's focus is mitochondria dysfunction which has been linked to certain disorders and diseases of the human body such as Autism, Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's, muscular dystrophy, and chronic fatigue.