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BCS Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science (BS)

This program touches on all aspects of computer programming and information systems. It provides a practical hands-on approach to programming with an emphasis on solving business problems.

The Computer Programming and Information Systems baccalaureate degree program requires a set of core courses that all graduates must take. The Core courses provide the diverse but fundamental foundation in technology necessary to create a technology savvy individual. In addition, the student selects one of four tracks with concentrations in Programming, Systems Development, Networking or Web Development. Each track offers the student a skill set in one discipline of Information Technology and enables him/her to study a particular area in depth.

Program of Study

Business & Computer Systems (48 credits)

Course Title Credits
BCS 160 Computers, Society, and Technology 3
BCS 1xx Programming I BCS120 or BCS185 3
BCS 2xx Programming II BCS230 or BCS285 3
BCS 215    UNIX Operating System 3
BCS 260    Data Base 3
BCS 262 Data Communications 3
BCS 300 Management Information Systems 3
BCS 301 Systems Analysis and Design 3
BCS 345 Java Programming 3
BCS 430 Senior Project 3
BCS/BUS Elective any level 3
BCS 3xx Elective 300 Level or above 3
BUS 101 Accounting I 3
BUS 109 Management Theories and Practices 3
BCS xx BCS Elective any level 3

In addition to the requirements listed above and based on their track, students must complete the courses listed below:

Programming Track (12 Credits)

Students must complete BCS120 and BCS230 for this track

Course Title Credits
BCS 370 Data Structures 3
BCS 316 Perl Programming 3
BCS 360 Advanced Data Base 3
BCS 410 Computer Architecture 3

Systems Track (12 Credits)

Students must complete BCS 301 as a prerequiste for this track.

Course Title Credits
BCS 302 Systems Analysis and Design II 3
BCS 378 Information Security 3
BCS 405 Development Project Management 3
BUS 3xx Elective 300 Level or Above 3

Networking Track (12 Credits)

Course Title Credits
BCS 208 Introduction to Networks 3
BCS 209 Routing and Switching Essentials 3

Choose two of the following four courses:

Course Title Credits
BCS 311 Local Area Networking 3
BCS 320 Scaling Networks 3
BCS 321 Connecting Networks 3
BCS 378 Information Security 3

Web Track (12 Credits)

Students must complete BCS 130 as a prerequisite for this track.

Course Title Credits
BCS 240W Website Development II 3
BCS 250 JavaScript 3
BCS 303 Advanced Website Development 3
BCS 350 Web Database Development 3

Liberal Arts and Sciences (61-63 credits)

See General Education Requirements.