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The Academic Advisement Handbook For Transfer Students 2014-2015

When you click on each section of the index that follows, you will be able to access the information that you seek.

Dear Students:

On behalf of the Academic Advisement and Information Center (AAIC), welcome to Farmingdale State College. Our academic counselors will help you develop the strong academic foundation you need to succeed at FSC.

The Academic Advisement and Information Center (AAIC) is a hub of activity, support, and essential resources dedicated to assuring the academic success of all students at Farmingdale State College.

Some of the specific ways the AAIC can assist you are:

  • Selecting courses and registering for classes
  • Understanding General Education requirements
  • Identifying and locating your assigned academic advisor
  • Selecting or changing your major
  • Declaring a minor
  • Identifying and completing important academic and administrative forms (e.g. curriculum change, course withdrawal)
  • Responding to academic alerts such as an Early Warning notice or Probationary status
  • Determining eligibility requirements for academic honor societies
  • Identifying and applying for outside scholarships

When in doubt, be sure to get correct information and guidance by turning to the AAIC. The resources contained in this handbook contain important information on everything from selecting and preparing for your classes, examples of typical first semester schedules, and listings of student support services and resources on campus.

This booklet will help you throughout your entire college career. Be sure to hold on to it. We suggest you keep it with your other important college papers so you can refer to it as necessary throughout your academic career at Farmingdale State College. In addition, you can access this handbook and a wealth of other resources at our website.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your first year at FSC. If you have any academic questions, please feel free to contact our office at any time.

The Academic Advisement and Information Center (AAIC)
Greenley Library, Lower Level
(631) 794-6160
Email: Advisement@farmingdale.edu

See your Academic Advisor: We can’t emphasize enough how critical it is for you to see an advisor before choosing courses.

An academic advisor can help you to:

  • choose courses that meet your educational goals
  • select general education courses (required in all majors)
  • understand the requirements of your academic major
  • explore career possibilities
  • identify specific Farmingdale State College resources of particular use to you

Using OASIS to Find and Register for Courses

OASIS (Online Administrative Student Information System) is an easy-to-navigate online portal where students can:

  • Your schedule of classes and a campus map – It sounds logical, but you would be surprised how many people forget this.
  • find course offerings
  • register for courses
  • identify required books
  • review their college transcript
  • review financial aid packages

After you have received your Ram ID number go to OASIS on https://oasis.farmingdale.edu. Follow the directions carefully – once you have logged on you can maneuver through and register for courses.

  • As you browse through listings in the online course schedule, you’ll notice that many courses have multiple sections. Sections are versions of the course that meet on different days and times.
  • Each section has a unique five-digit number called a CRN, or Course Registration Number. This is a critical number to know—you must have it to register for a course. As you choose courses, keep track of the CRNs for the sections that you want.
  • In most majors, your academic advisor will give you an alternate PIN number that you will use to enter the OASIS system. You will use that PIN to register.

Registration Generates Your E-Mail Account

You will have access to your e-mail account several days after you have first registered for classes. You will find your email username in the “Personal Information” menu of OASIS. Check your student e-mail account frequently. This e-mail account is the main method FSC uses to send you important information. Faculty and staff at FSC will only respond to Farmingdale e-mail accounts. Do not send emails to your professors from your personal e-mail account! FSC uses Gmail for its student email. Your Farmingdale Gmail account will also give you access to a number of Google Apps, including Google Docs and Google Calendar. Log into your email at: gmail.farmingdale.edu

Immunization Alert!

All immunization forms must be submitted to the Health and Wellness Center PRIOR TO JULY 1st. If these forms are not submitted by this date, the Registrar may withdraw you from all of your courses. For further information, contact the Health and Wellness Center at: (631) 420-2014. The FAX number is: (631) 420-2137.

Department Location and Contact Services
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office
Laffin Hall, Room 324
Financial aid packages
Apply for grants, loans, work study
Registrar Laffin Hall – Room 225
Register for classes
Withdraw from a course
Change of major form/add a minor
Student Accounts Laffin Hall, Room 226
Account information
Transfer Services Transfer Credit Office
Laffin Hall, Room 201
To determine which classes may transfer to FSC: https://www.farmingdale.edu/admissions/transfer-services/testequivalencies.shtml
Transfer credit evaluations for:
*courses taken at another institution
*courses taken in high school (AP, CLEP, IB).
Identifying completing important academic forms, including: change of major, declare minor, off campus study approval
Understanding general education requirements
University Police University Police headquarters
Student ID Cards
Bookstore Barnes and Nobel Bookstore
Campus Center
Text books, other books, magazines, supplies, snacks, greeting cards, Farmingdale apparel
Language Proficiency Testing Modern Languages Department
Memorial Hall, Room 204
Placement testing for FSC courses
Proficiency testing for other languages
“Test out” of foreign language
Athletic Facilities and
Sports at Farmingdale
The Athletics Building
Nold Hall
Campus Housing and Residence Life Sinclair Hall, First Floor
Residence Halls
Residence over break/summer
Dean of Students Laffin Hall, Room 314
Federal financial aid waivers
Campus judicial procedures
Office of Student Activities Roosevelt Hall – Room 116
Clubs and organizations
Special interest activities
Student government

These Services and Programs are offered Free-of-Charge

Academic Advisement and Information Center (AAIC) Greenley Hall, Lower Level
Academic Advisement Information on majors, minors, policies, workshops; scholarship information;referrals to appropriate offices
The Language Center Memorial Hall – Room 200
Tutoring for foreign languages
The Mathematics Center Whitman Hall – Room 181
Specialized tutoring for all levels of math
The Writing Center Knapp Hall – Room 30
Assistance with writing assignments – not just for English classes!
The Tutoring Center Sinclair Hall – Room 160
(631)-420-2066/ 2475
Tutoring for a variety of courses and programs
Career Development Center Greenley Hall – Student Success Center
Career assessment
Resume & cover letter assistance
Networking & interviewing skills
Job Fairs & graduate school fairs
Disabilities Support Services Roosevelt Hall, Room 151A
Assist student with disabilities
Access to programs and opportunities
Arrange accommodations
Health & Wellness Center; Infirmary Health & Wellness Center
Infirmary; over the counter medications;
Immunizations; MD visits Acupuncture, holistic medicine
International Education & Study Abroad Laffin Hall 320A
Study Abroad – short term, semester, year
Services for International Students
Mental Health Counseling Campus Mental Health Services
Sinclair Hall, Rm 101
Professional counseling services
Referrals to community services
Student Success & Support Student Success Center
Greenley Hall
Workshops and programs
Peer mentoring program
Career development services
Academic Student Achievement Program (ASAP) TRIO Laffin Hall, Room 112
TRIO Support Services for students who are: 1st generation college, low income, and/or have disability
Veterans’ Services Office of Veterans’ Affairs
Laffin Hall, Room 202
Application process
Call to active duty
Free services & activities
Personal services
School of Arts & Sciences    
Dean’s Office Hale Hall, Rm 220 631-420-2175
Biology Hale Hall, Rm 2127 631-420-2198
Chemistry Lupton Hall, Rm 216F 631-420-2221
English and Humanities Knapp Hall, Rm 13 631-420-2050
History, Economics, & Politics Memorial Hall, Rm 221 631-420-2739
Liberal Arts & Sciences Memorial Hall, Rm 100 631-420-2656
Mathematics Whitman Hall, Rm 180A 631-420-2182
Modern Languages Memorial Hall, Rm 215 631-420-2675
Physics Lupton Hall, Rm 200A 631-420-2188
Professional Communications Knapp Hall, Rm 19 631-420-2321
Psychology Knapp Hall, Rm 46 631-420-2725
Science, Technology, and Society Memorial Hall, Rm 114 631-420-2220
Undeclared Major Program Memorial Hall, Rm 100 631-420-2638
School of Business    
Dean’s Office Whitman Hall, Rm 118 631-420-2189
Business Management Thompson Hall, Rm 127 631-420-2015
Computer Systems Whitman Hall, Rm 112 631-420-2190
Ornamental Horticulture Thompson Hall, Rm 202 631-420-2113
Sports Management Thompson Hall, Rm 129 631-420-2786
Visual Communications Hale Hall, Rm 156 631-420-2181
School of Engineering Technology    
Dean’s Office Lupton Hall, Rm 104 631-420-2115
Architecture/Construction Lupton Hall, Rm 261 631-420-2024
Automotive Technology Lupton Hall, Rm 101 631-420-2046
Aviation/Aeronautical Science Lupton Hall, Rm 101 631-420-2308
Criminal Justice/Security Systems Whitman Hall, Rm 163 631-420-2538
Electrical/Computer Engineering Tech Lupton Hall, Rm 246 631-420-2397
Mechanical Engineering Technology Lupton Hall, Rm 101 631-420-2046
School of Health Studies    
Dean’s Office Gleeson Hall, Rm 347 631-420-2171
Dental Hygiene Gleeson Hall, Rm 344 631-420-2060
Health Studies Gleeson Hall, Rm 344 631-420-2257
Medical Laboratory Technology Gleeson Hall, Rm 344 631-420-2257
Nursing Gleeson Hall, Rm 304 631-420-2229

Change of major is controlled at the program level.

Once matriculated at Farmingdale, if you wish to switch to a different major, you should follow these steps:

First – Meet with your current Department Chairperson. The Chairperson will advise you of factors to consider and steps to take in contemplating a change of major.

Second - You will then want to set up an appointment with your desired Major’s Chairperson. Topics that you and the Chairperson are likely to discuss include:

  • What is the curriculum and options for concentration within the major?
  • What are the career and graduate school options for graduates of that major?
  • Is there space to be enrolled in the program?
  • Do you have the proper GPA to be accepted?
  • Are there specific courses required as prerequisites for admission to the major?
  • Will the courses you have already completed (at FSC or elsewhere) apply to degree requirements in the new major?


Third - If approved for admission to the new major, you and the chairperson of your new department will complete an “Application for Change of Curriculum” that will be processed by the Transfer Services Office.

Note: If you are simply contemplating a change in major and want to determine the impact of that change in curriculum on your prospects for graduation in a reasonable amount of time, you are welcome to meet with the counselors in the AAIC for general guidance.

In addition, please be advised that Farmingdale offers students options for enhancing one’s studies by declaring a second majoror by adding a minor to one’s academic plan.


Farmingdale State College offers instruction in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

The foreign language requirement for the SUNY General Education program at Farmingdale State College is as follows: baccalaureate degree students, as well as those in the associates in arts degree program, must successfully complete one foreign language course. General Education language courses include those are the following levels: Elementary I or II, Intermediate III or IV, and also specialized courses such as “Italian for Business” or “Spanish for Medical Personnel.” Bachelor of Technology programs (Horticultural Technology Management and Visual Communications: Art & Graphic Design) do not have a foreign language requirement.

Please note that - beyond the one-course General Education Language requirement – some departments require additional language study. For the following majors, the program requirements dictate that a minimum of Elementary Level II proficiency is necessary to meet graduation requirements: Liberal Arts and Sciences (AA), Applied Psychology (BS), Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement Technology (BS), Criminal Justice – Security Systems (BS), Dental Hygiene (BS), Nursing (BS), Professional Communications (BS), and Science, Technology and Society (BS).

The following provisions exempt a student from both Level I and Level II language requirements.

  • A student has documentation of completion of primary education abroad in a foreign language other than English. This documentation must include a certified translation.
  • A New York State Regents Exam score in a foreign language of 85 or above. (Note: Students who receive a Regents exam score in a foreign language of 85 or above and are thus exempt from the foreign language requirement, may be required to take a higher level foreign language course or a foreign language culture/cinema course taught in English and offered through the Modern Language Department order to satisfy the credit requirements of their major. Students should consult with their academic advisor regarding this matter.)
  • Advanced Placement examination in a foreign language with a score of 3 or above.
  • International Baccalaureate examination in a foreign language with a score of 4 or above.
  • A CLEP exam score of 50 or above.
  • An accepted score on a standardized language test offered by the College. The Modern Languages Department currently provides Proficiency Testing (credit by evaluation) in the following languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, and Urdu. Students who successfully pass the exam will have 3 credits in Modern Language.
  • If the language is not offered at Farmingdale, the student must take a language test administered by the Foreign Language Proficiency Testing Service of the New York University School of Continuing and Professional Services. If the student achieves a score of 8 or above on this test, he/she may receive up to six credits in modern language. If the student’s score is 5-7, the student must enroll in one of the Modern Language Department’s elective culture/cinema courses taught in English to complete this requirement.

The following provisions exempt a student from both Level I and Level II language requirements (continued)

  • If a student is certified by the College Office of Support Services for Students with Disabilities as being learning disabled in the area of foreign languages, the College requires the student to enroll in one of the Modern Language Department’s elective culture/cinema courses taught in English to satisfy the foreign language requirement.
  • Bachelor of Technology and Associate degree candidates who choose foreign languages as one of their competency areas are subject to the above guidelines.


Language placement is determined by the student’s record of previous high school language study and/or by scores on the NY State Regents exams, AP exams, International Baccalaureate exams, or Farmingdale departmental placement exams.

Placement guidelines include the following provisions:

  • To be eligible to register for the Elementary Level II course without having completed the Level I course at Farmingdale, a student must meet any one of these criteria:
    a) The student has successfully completed 3 or 4 years of study in that same language in high school.
    b) The student demonstrates Level I ability in a placement examination offered by the Modern Language Department.
    c) The student earned a score of 85 or higher on the NY State Regents Exam in a foreign language and wishes to continue study of that same language at the Elementary II level or higher.
  • Students with a score of 4 or higher on the International Baccalaureate Language Exam will be placed at the Intermediate Level III of that language.
  • For other new students wishing to enter language study at the Intermediate or Advanced level, such placement will be determined by the Modern Languages Department.

If you need placement testing for English or Math, please call (631)420-2629 to make an appointment.