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Ram-bo Profile

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Ram-bo Goes for a Healthy Snack Before a Big Game

Occupation : Herding
Place of Birth: Siberia
Zodiac: Aries
Parents: Little Big Horn and Dolly
Education: BS in Horticulture from Farmingdale State College
Weight: 260lbs
Height: 7ft with my horns
Eye Color: Brown
Hoof size:   X-large

            Green and White
Songs:             Ba ba black sheep
Foods:             I’m a vegetarian
Movie:            Rambo, Of course.
Vacation Spots: The third chair to the left in the lounge of the FSC Campus Center and The Rocky Mountains


Ram-bo Q&A

  1. Where are you from?

    Baja California

  2. How many teams do you represent?

    Four, Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Soccer

  3. How were you chosen to be school mascot?

    Audition, It was a real cattle call. I beat out an old guy who was sweaty, shirtless and carrying big machine guns.

  4. Do you have any friends that are mascots?

    Quacker Jack, the mascot of the LI Ducks is a good friend

  5. What is your favorite campus event?


  6. What is your favorite television or movie animal?

    Mary’s little lamb

  7. What is your favorite food?

    I love the new Korean Tofu hot pot in the FSC Campus Center.

  8. What do you consider the ideal fan?

    Anyone who doesn’t wear wool

  9. What’s it like to be a mascot?

    It’s cool. You get to meet a lot of students. And you get to hang out with cheerleaders.

  10. What do you like to do for fun?

    Chase all the ewes.