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Website Contributors

Content on the new web site can be changed by authorized individuals for each administrative area, academic department or School. Below is the list of current content contributors.

If an authorized person is not listed for your department, or you wish to become a content contributor, please see your department head or area IT staff.

Please note that Content Contributors will be able to publish with no approval only after attending a mandatory training workshop.

Name Area of Website
Admissions Admissions Department
Aiken, Akil College Preparatory
Ai, Qing Modern Languages
Anderson, Maria Psychology
Antonetti, Christine The Writing Center
Ardakani, Mostafa Transportation Security Center
Aydin, Ilknur Computer Systems
Barbieri, Jonathan University Police
Beatty, Richard Admissions
Beier, Kathleen Institutional Research
Bentz, Maya Distance Learning
Berger, Elizabeth Residence Life
Betz, Joseph Architecture & Construction; Faculty page
Bitew, Worku Department of Mathematics
Bojack, Henry Computer Systems
Borah, Jeff Information Technology
Botiglione, Denise Arts & Sciences
Bradshaw, Bernice Equity and Diversity; STEM
Brown, Kathleen Administration & Finance
Brown, Margery English & Humanities
Bruns, Lisa Purchasing
Calabria, Pat Institutional Advancement
Campbell, Steve Academic Camps
Carter, Jeff Environmental Health & Safety
Carter, Marya Psychology
Cataldo, Amanda Student Activities
Coley, Kathy Institutional Advancement
Coscia, Donald Faculty page
Crescenti, Peter Institutional Advancement
Darrow, Maria Small Business Development Center
Dimuro, Danielle Admissions
Donneys, Jose Institutional Advancement
Douglass, Edmund Science, Technology, Society
Earle, April Library
Etrasco, Chantal Social Science Research Institute
Evans, Daniel Faculty page
Fedder, Carolyn Office of the President
Felix, Sherri The Children's Center
Field, Bryan Physics
Fischer, Marvin University Police
Flores, Marilyn Registrar
Fogarty, Emily A. History
Fredericks Elfe, Branden Farmingdale First
Friedman, Erica J First in the World (FITW); RAM Program
Government, Student Student Activities, Student Government
Gaab, Jeff Faculty Page
Gant, Jason Campus Recreation
Gao, Qinghai Faculty Page
Gelles, Karen Library
Geremia, Justina  Administration & Finance
Glueckert, Gary Arts & Sciences
Goldstein, Jon Institutional Advancement
Gordon, Shelly Faculty page
Greco, Pete School of Business
Greene, Katy Institutional Advancement
Greenidge, Alexis CISCO
Grzan, Dawn Provost Office
Hahl, Sandra Liberal Arts & Sciences
Harary, Alex Personal Counseling
Hauff, Keri University Police
Hayhow, Darlene Payroll
Health & Wellness Center Health & Wellness Center
Hecht, David Human Resources
Hinckley, Glen Chemistry
Hughes, Dorothy Administration & Finance
Ibrahim, Ahmed Faculty page
Education, International International Education
Islam, Nazrul Security Systems/Law Enforcement Technology
Jasur, Angela Residence Life
Johnson, Michelle Alumni Affairs
Jones, Angela Social Science Research Institute
Jurow, Ru Institutional Advancement
Kazanecki, Diane Financial Aid
Kim, Doug Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Kriegel, Michelle School of Business
Lavery, Amanda Pre Health Advisement
Lehrer, Jonathan Urban Horticulture
Library Library
Li, Jie Faculty page
Lind-Gonzalez, Patricia Institutional Research
Londis, Michael Tutoring Center
LoPiccolo, Orla Faculty page
Lostritto, Mary Ellen Institute for Learning in Retirement
Lutz, Kerry Faculty PAge
Magno, Corinna Physical Plant
Makarowitz, Lloyd Physics
Margino, Megan Library
Marsh, Lynn Dental Hygiene
Mccue, Cindy Registrar
Mckim, Chantalle Institutional Advancement
McMullin, Laura Dean of Students
Technologies Support, Instructional Instructional Technologies Support
Melamed, Ira Information Technology
Menchyk, Nicholas Urban Horticulture
Menna, Larry Faculty page
Merkel, Melissa Curriculum Display Sheets
Miao, Lei Faculty page
Miedreich, Lukas Student Activities, Student Government
Miller, Nicole Admissions
Moresky, AnnMarie Purchasing
Mott, Inesa Academics,Applied Learning, Corporate & Professional Development
Mussa, Abeba Economics
Nicosia, Sylvia Institutional Advancement
O'Sullivan, Jill Computer Systems
Pearson, Eva Applied Learning, Social Science Research Institute
Patnode, Stephen Faculty page
Phyfe, David Faculty page
Plough, Edward English & Humanities
Prazak, Lisa Biology
Proper, Donna Visual Communications
Quinn, Erin Campus Life, Success Center
Raia, Nicholas Institutional Advancement
Rampello, Frank Dean of Students
RESC Green RESC Green
Ro, Eunice Student Activities, Student Government
Romano, Paul School of Health & Sciences
Romer, Lauren Registrar
Rozakis, Laurie Faculty page
Sarlanis, Ruth Tutoring Center
Saunders, Robert History
Schnurr, Kevin Commencement, Dean of Students
Scruggs, Nicole A. Disabilities Center
Serr, Barbara Provost Office
Soto, Jeanne Admissions, Transfer Services
Sooknauth, Tamara Science,Technology and Society (STS)
Steinhauer, Diane Information Technology
Steinhauer, Margaret Financial Aid; Student Accounts
Stier, Amy Transfer Services
Stratigos, Cheryl Career Center
Study Abroad Study Abroad
Tawfik, Hazem Mechanical Engineering Technology
Tax, Kenny School of Business
Tiger, Lynette Aviation
Totans, James Faculty page
Tribull, Carly Faculty page
Ulrich, Joanne Use of Facilities
Urbanowski, Joan Development & Alumni Engagement
Vazquez, Regina Alumni Affairs
Veterans Office Veterans Office
Wachter, Erika Physical Plant
Walsh, Natalie School of Business
Warren-Russell, Elizanne Criminal Justice
Weinman, Daniel Mechanical Engineering Technology
Weppler, Chris Distance Learning
Xu, Lijian Faculty page
Yuan, Jun Faculty page
Zahor, Theresa A Library
Zajack, Tara Mechanical Engineering Technology
Zhu, Yinan AAIC, Faculty pages