Professor Mary Kirby-Diaz

Areas of Expertise:

  • Fandoms
  • Buffy Studies
  • Fandom Studies
  • Internet Research
  • Marriage & Family
  • Mass Media and Popular Culture
  • Internet Communities
  • Internet Fandoms

Professor Mary Kirby-Diaz is an expert in Fandoms, Fandom Studies, Internet Communities and Internet Fandoms. Her study of internet Buffy and Angel (based on a Buffy spin off TV show, Angel) fans is the largest and longest study of an internet fandom, with participants (from nearly twenty countries) ranging in age from 16 through 63. That study culminated in the book, Buffy and Angel Conquer the Internet, which has been sold in over twenty-five countries, in more than five languages.

As an acknowledged expert on Fandoms and Buffy Studies, she has been an invited participant at popular culture conferences, organizing panels, speaking, and consulting for other scholars on Fandoms, Fandom Studies, and Fan and Internet Communities. Professor Kirby-Diaz is currently writing a second book for publication in January 2014, on social capital in fan communities.

Additionally, Professor Kirby-Diaz has been teaching popular culture, mass media, sociology in film, and marriage and family.

Professor Kirby-Diaz was one of the founders – and past Co-Director – of the Farmingdale State’s Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, and is past chair of both the Undeclared Major program and the Department of Sociology- Anthropology.

Her work has been varied and her expertise goes beyond Buffy Studies. As chair of the Undeclared Major program, she advised over 1,500 students on choosing a major. This knowledge remains sharp, and she often spends time with students discussing their career plans and lending her expertise to those who request it.

Her many publications include articles on pedagogy, mentoring adjuncts and running an adjunct mentoring program. Her prior research and presentations reflect a broad interest in society, youth cultures, teaching, and relationships.

Professor Kirby-Diaz holds two Master’s degrees: from The University at Buffalo and from Stony Brook University. Her baccalaureate degree is from The University at Buffalo.


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