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Business Careers & Tech | College Prep | EIS / ESL | Allied Health | Visual Tech

Business Careers & Technology

The Business Careers &  Technology program, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, is designed to train students for specific office occupations. The BCT department uses the following methodology of instruction; Instuctor based demonstrations, lecture and individualized competency standards. In addition, the student will become certified either through New York State or County testing competencies or National testing competencies. Today more than ever, there is a great demand for employees with specialized office skills. The areas of concentration in the Business Careers & Technology department will provide students with training to obtain a variety of entry-level positions, as well as the opportunity for promotion.

Administrative Assistant
Business English, Keyboarding, Microsoft Word,
Excel, and Powerpoint, and WileyPlus Microsoft

Electronic Health Records Management
and Data Entry (EHRM)
Business Math Applications, Introductory Keyboarding, Medical Terminology, Medical Coding (CPT-4 and ICD-9), and Electronic Record Keeping

Medical Billing and Coding**
Business Calculator, Keyboarding, Microsoft Word,
Computerized Billing, Medical Coding, Medical
Terminology, Medical Transcription*, and American
Health Information Management Association
Certified Coding Associate Exam (AHIMA)

* Optional Course
** Available at Farmingdale Only

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College Preparation Academy

The College Preparation program can help prepare students to enter and succeed in College. Our courses at Farmingdale, Hempstead, and Brentwood offer a number of classes designed to strengthen your academic skills in science, language arts, and mathematics. Weekly instruction to prepare students for the GED exam includes computer-assisted learning. The College Preparation program offers math and science courses that serve as prerequisites for college admission. The language arts course develops reading and writing skills necessary for college.

Proposed Courses of Study:

~ Principles of Composition ~
Writing process, Essay writing, critical reading skills, test-taking skills, and study skills
~ Introduction to Algebra ~
Introduction to Elementary Algebra
~ Principles of Algebra ~
Continuation of Elementary Algebra with an introduction to more advanced algebraic techniques
~ Principles of Biology with Lab ~
An introduction to the study of life and living organisms. Course includex an overview of laboratory methods
~ Principles of Chemistry with Lab ~
An overview of chemistry principles and laboratory methods
~ High School Equivalency ~
Math and Science Preparation
Language Arts with writing, critical reading in literature and social studies
Academic Skills Preparation
Language Arts (Fundamentals & Developmental)
Math (Fundamentals & Developmental)

*When Offered

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English for Student of Other Languages (ESOL)

English for International Students is a three-level program in English as a Second Language (ESL) for adults. The courses cover the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and improvement of American English with a particular emphasis on academic English and vocabulary development. Computers are used to help students practice grammar and other language skills. The English for International Students Department’s ESOL classes use computers as part of language instruction. Our interactive programs give each student individual practice with grammar, reading comprehension, listening and speaking, as well as learning the basics of using the Internet for research and employment searches.

Beginner - Level 1

English Grammar and Communication
Academic Reading and Academic Writing

Intermediate - Level 2

English Grammar and Communication
Academic Reading and Academic Writing

Advanced - Level 3

English Grammar and Communication
Academic Reading and Academic Writing

Skill Building Areas
Pronunciation, Speech and Conversation
Test-Taking Preparation
Reading, Vocabulary, and Writing
Job Search Skills
Computer Fundamentals

*When Offered

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Allied Health

Health care teams work together to make the healthcare system function by providing direct patient care and support services. The Allied Health program prepares students for state or national certification exams. Our Pathway programs create a strong foundation that helps the student succeed in health and technology careers. The student experience is also enhanced by participating in life skills, job development, college, and counseling services. Some Allied Health professions are more specialized than others and must adhere to national training and education standards. Professionals must prove their skills through diplomas, certified credentials, and continuing education. Other Allied Health professions require no special training or credentials and skills may be required on the job. Depending on the profession, certain skills become useful including medical terminology, acronyms and spelling, basics of law and ethics, understanding of human relations, interpersonal communication skills, counseling skills, computer literacy, and proficiency in various forms of technology within the health care industry.


 Proposed Courses of Study:
~ Download Program Policies & Procedures ~

Certified Nurse Assistant*
Pharmacy Technician*
EMT - Basic Entry Level*
EKG - Electrocardiogram Technician

 * State or National Certified Programs

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Visual Technology

Learn the basics of computer technology, graphic design, animation, surfing the web, photo manipulation, or designing web pages. Obtain the digital communication, creative and marketable skills necessary for today's technology-driven workforce. With any or all of the Visual Technology* (VizTech) courses offered, your future is in your hands! hile enhancing our students employment marketability, the ultimate goal remains to assist students who have a specific desire/interest to specialize in this particular field of VizTech or an interest in expanding on their graphic skills through advanced college courses . . . leading towards entry into college in the field of Visual Communications, a career in graphic/web design, or taking up the challenge of starting their own business.

Computer Graphic Design
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
Introduction to Web Page Design
Basic Drawing Techniques
Digital Photography II

VizTech Electives**

Intro to Digital Photography
Intro to FLASH Animation
Intro to Adobe Illustrator
Intro to Adobe Premiere
Intro to AutoCAD

**when offered

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