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Women's History Resources

  • Women's Labor History Timeline: 1765 - Present Day
    The American Labor Studies Center web site (www.labor-studies.org) is commemorating Women's (Labor)History) Month in March by featuring a number of excellent curriculum resources for teachers on the role of women in American labor history.

  • National Women's History Project (NWHP)
    With an emphasis on positive role models and the importance of women from all backgrounds, the NWHP has developed a nationwide constituency of teachers, students, parents, public employees, businesses, organizations, and individuals who understand the critical link between knowing about historical women and making a positive difference in today’s world.

  • Women's History from InfoPlease
    Includes a timeline of Women's History, a new section on important speeches by women, and links to information about women prize winners.

  • The History Channel's Women's History Site
    Includes a history of women's suffrage (the right to vote), as well as a list of women's firsts, from Betsy Ross to Condoleeza Rice.

  • 4000 years of Women in Science
    Includes biographies of 125 women in science.

  • Women in Aviation and Space History