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Web Guidelines

While the College should encourage staff, faculty and students to creatively participate in the establishment of the College's presence on the World Wide Web either through contributions to official pages or through their own personal pages, it is recognized that guidelines are necessary to assure that Web pages associated with Farmingdale Sta te present accurate information in a professional manner and in ways that benefit the College's mission.

The following guidelines seek to assure accuracy and currency of information on the College's Web site, to list procedures and responsibilities for Web page developers, and to provide a flexible framework that promotes consistency without stifling creativity:

  1. While the Webmaster will be available for consultation, all academic and administrative units m ust design, develop and debug their own official pages. These units will have total responsibility for the content of their pages. Developers of these official pages must have the approval of their dean, department head, or director.
  2. Each Web page should have a page manager -- one person who is responsible for the information on the page and for making periodic reviews of the page. If a problem in content or design is discovered,the page manager will be contacted by the Web master with a request that the problem be corrected. If it is not corrected, the page will be removed from the College's Web site.
  3. All top level pages should contain:
    • Full name and email address of the page manager
    • Revision information (date last revised or updated)
    • A link for sending comments
    • A link to the main Farmingdale State home page
    • A link back to the calling page (the page the original link was made from)
    • An officially approved Farmingdale State logo (when a logo is used)
  4. All subsidiary pages should contain:
    • Revision information
    • A link to the main Farmingdale State home page
    • A link back to the calling page
    • A link to the home page of the top level group page
  5. Content of Web pages must not violate any Federal or State laws or the policies of the College or the S tate University, including those regarding copyright, harassment or obscenity. In addition, Web pages must not be used for personal for-profit activities. Violators will be subject to the loss of their access privileges.
  6. As with the creation of official pages, all individuals creating personal pages have total responsibility for the design, development and debugging of their pages, as well as for the content of their pages.

On the College's Web server there must be a clear demarcation between official and personal pages. All personal pages must include the following disclaimer:

The views and opinions expressed on this page are strictly those of the page author. The contents of this page have not been reviewed or approved by Farmingdale State.

Also, personal home pages should not create a volume of network traffic or computer load that disrupts or interferes with the normal activities of the College community.