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Tuition Payment Plan Information Instructions

In an effort to better assist students and their families in financing the costs for education, Farmingdale State College offers a Tuition Payment plan. The Tuition Payment plan allows students to pay their tuition and fees in several payments. The following information will describe the tuition payment plan and show you how to calculate your initial payment.

To make a credit card payment (MasterCard, VISA and Discover only) online, go to the Student Account Suite. Make sure you indicate the payment is for the correct semester in the pull down menu. In addition to making the required credit card payment, you must also mail in, bring in, or leave your completed Tuition Payment Plan (view Tuition Payment form) in one of the secure drop boxes located either outside Laffin Hall or inside the building next to room 226 before the payment deadline. We do not accept faxed copies of the Tuition Payment Plan form.


Tuition Payment Plan

(Available in both the Fall and Spring semesters)

  • The total semester charges are divided into three payments.
  • There is a $25.00 non-refundable Tuition Payment plan fee each semester with this plan.
  • The first payment due is one-half of the total balance due on your bill, plus the $25.00 fee.
  • The initial payment must be paid before the payment deadline for the semester indicated on your student bill.
  • The signed Tuition Payment Plan Form must be mailed or brought to the Student Accounts Office prior to the payment deadline.  We do not accept faxed copies of this form.
  • The remaining half of the balance due on your bill is to be paid in two equal payments.   Payment reminders will be mailed out prior to the payment due date.
  • Failure to make remaining payments on time will result in a late payment fee.

How to calculate payments for the Tuition Payment Plan:

To determine the amount of your first payment on the Tuition Payment Plan, take the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE on your bill and divide that amount in half. Add the $25.00 Tuition Payment Plan Fee to the amount. This amount is what your initial payment will be.

Example for a Single Semester Payment Plan:

  • Total Amount Due: 
  • One-Half of Total Amount Due:
  • Add in $25.00 Fee:
  • Initial Payment Due By Payment Deadline:
  • $2,000
  • $1,000
  • $ 25
  • $1,025

The remaining balance is due in two payments:

  • Payment due in October for Fall semester
  • Final payment due in November for Fall semester
  • Payment due in March for Spring semester
  • Final payment due in April for Spring semester
  • $500
  • $500
  • $500
  • $500

Financial Aid Students Please Note:

  • You should make sure that all applicable financial aid that you are eligible for is listed on our bill.
  • If your financial aid appears on your bill, the TOTAL AMOUNT DUE is the only amount you are responsible to pay for that semester.
  • If your financial aid is not on your student bill, you must contact the Financial Aid Office at (631) 420-2578 to determine if there is a problem with your aid.This should be taken care of prior to the payment deadline.  Failure to correct any problems or make necessary payments prior to the payment deadline could result in late fees and holds for future services being placed on your account.