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2013-2014 Proposed Course/Lab Fees


Course Title

Proposed Fee Amount

BIO 126L Fund of Human Struct & Functio $30
BIO 135L Marine Science Lab $30
BIO 190L Zoology Lab $30
BIO 191L General Biology Lab $30
BIO 193L Biology II (Zoology) Lab $30
BIO 223L Principles of Ecology $30
BIO 225L Parasitology Lab $30
BIO 235L Marine Biology $30
BIO 244L Principles of Genetics Lab $30
BIO 246L Animal Histology Lab $30
BIO 247L Cell Biology Lab $30
BIO 295L Vertebrate Physiology Lab $30
BIO 316L General Microbiology Laborator $30
BIO 341L Intro to Molecular Bio Lab $30
BIO 347L Principles of Cell Biology Lab $30
BIO 352L Plant Pathology Laboratory $30
BIO 430L Forensic DNA Analysis Lab $30
BIO 457L Bioinformatics Sen/Project Lab $30
CHM 112 Chem & Public Interest Lab $30
CHM 124L Principles of Chemistry Lab $30
CHM 140L Intro Gen-Organic-Biochem Lab $30
CHM 152L General Chem Principles I Lab $30
CHM 153L General Chem Principles II Lab $30
CHM 260L Fundamentals of Organic CHEM $40
CHM 270L Organic Chemistry I Lab $40
CHM 271L Organic Chemistry II Lab $40
CHM 285L Physiological Chemistry Lab $40
CHM 324L Intro Chemistry Materials Lab $40
CHM 380L Biochemistry $40
CON 207 Elements Strength of Materials $20
CON 407 Building Commissioning $20
HOR 201L Arboriculture Lab $45
HOR 330L Weed Science & Management Lab $45
HOR 360L Landscape Surveying Skills Lab $45
MLT 105L Medical Lab Techniques Lab $30
MLT 223L Hematology $30
MLT 227L Immunology and Serology Lab $30
MLT 228L Immunohematology Lab $30
MLT 243L Clinical Chemistry Lab $30
MLT 244L Clinical Practice Lab $30
MLT 257L Clinical Microbiology I (Lab) $30
MLT 258L Clinical Microbio. II Lab $30
MLT 423L Advanced Hematogoly Lab $30
MLT 428L Advanced Immunohematology $30
NUR 304H Care of Individual (Clinic) $50
NUR 402H Community & Mental Health NUR $50
NUR 403H Care of Indiv Exp Acute Clinic $50