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I have published more than 100 books and scores of articles, but I'm always looking for something new to write and edit. Here are some of my latest and most popular publications:


Although I was always print based, I've recently moved into media in a big way and it's been a huge success. This ten-disc set teaches all students — even those who might consider themselves uncreative or uninspired — to express their personalities through writing. Students analyze excerpts from classic poems and short stories to learn proven techniques for making their words more compelling, original, and creative. Plus, they'll learn how to spice up their writing with powerful language, colorful imagery, and imaginative storytelling! This series contains the following lessons, one per CD:

Grammar and Style

You can get it at

SAT Literature
This four-disc video series is due out soon. You can get it at And stay tuned: I've enjoyed working with the great folks at Video Aided Instruction (Peter, Mona, and Michael) so much, that I've already completed another big project with them and we're talking about two more.
"i" before "e"
Already named by the Tampa Bay Times as a Notable Book!
Reviewer Colette Bancroft, the Times Book editor, said: "This book is packed with handy-dandy lists, rules, charts and even a chapter on why people misspell words — all designed to help writers avoid looking dumb." She didn't say that my meditation on The Great Vowel Shift (and other oddities of American spelling) is humorous as well as educational!

Everyday Professional Writing
This is my 4th book for the Book of the Month Club in the “Everyday Series.” You can get this book-- as well as the other three in my series -- online at

Maybe you need to update your résumé. Or write a letter of complaint to a manufacturer. What if your boss has asked you for an annual report? Or maybe you want to make sure that the company-wide e-mail is perfectly polished. In any and all of these instances, EveryDay™ Professional Writing will provide the necessary directions so that what you write and send out is perfect in its tone, design and context.  

EveryDay Professional Writing will make you feel confident about your work and the messages you send out to the world. This accessible guide will help you focus on your purpose, format your text, give you a grammar check and ultimately help you achieve a professional writing style that will help you move ahead in your career. Here's a Book of the Month Club member review of my book:

Reviewer: ERIC HALL
Very helpful!!

Grammar and Style
This book sells around the world, to students, teachers, and people who need a quick, complete, but enjoyable guide to writing and speaking better. It’s already in its second edition. See what people on have to say about it:  

5.0 out of 5 starsLaurie Rocks!,
By A Customer
This book is great. It has all the content of a dried-up grammar reference text, and NONE of the pain. Laurie is funny, direct, and great at communicating the relationship between grammatical functions and the purpose of writing.
This text can be used as a regular reference to check your work, or you can read it straight through. (Let's see someone say that about Scott Foresman!) Thanks, Dr. Rozakis.

5.0 out of 5 starsRead it for Fun!
By A Customer
Yeah, I know it sounds weird; who reads grammar books for fun? But Laurie Rozakis infuses this solid guide with her own brand of quirky humor, and it works beautifully. Wonderful quotes from famous writers add spice to the stew. Try it, you'll like it.

5.0 out of 5 starsGrammar Boring? It Ain't Necessarily So!, October 23, 2000
By A Customer
I just loved this book! How does it manage to make learning about English grammar fun--got me, it just does. The author covers common mistakes and challenges while keeping you rolling in the aisle with her humor. The book is well organized so what you need is easy to find. If you buy one grammar book this year (and who needs more than one grammar book?) make it this one. You'll actually read it, which is half the battle.

5.0 out of 5 starscompassionate scholarship
By mary ellen snodgrass (hickory, nc USA)
Dr. Rozakis, one of the nation's most revered textbook authorities, has balanced the elements of grammar with a wit and joie de vivre that is rare indeed in academe. This one belongs on the shelves of students, teachers, writers, and parents.

5.0 out of 5 starsEverything you need to know about the English Language is right here in front of your eyes
By Orphan
If you need to study up on English for whatever reason, this is the book. It's so easy to understand. It covers everything in the English language. It's amazing. I read the entire thing dilligently and I have to say that I've never understood proper English until now. If you want to know more about English -- your search ends here. This is the book. No other book compares. This is where the road ends!

Writing Well
Writing doesn’t have to hurt! My The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Well has helped thousands of people learn to write, painlessly and enjoyably.  Here are some typical reviews of the book from

5.0 out of 5 starsExperts Do It Best
By A Customer
Students and teachers stand to gain a painless lesson in writing from Dr. Rozakis, one of the teaching realm's most published authors. Not only is she knowledgeable in scholarship and the real world, she displays an ebullience that infects the reader with the urge to write well.

4.0 out of 5 starsGood Book on Writing!!!, December 21, 2006
By Angusium

This book is one of the best writing books I owned. It was written in an easy-to-follow way that you just don't want to stop reading it. I highly recommend it to anyone who are bored by other writing books.

Writing Great Research Papers
Writing Great Research Papers
This is one of my most celebrated books. I received this review from a librarian at Ivy Community College:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quickly, clearly, and engagingly, this guide gives you concise, complete, step-by-step instructions that will make writing research papers a breeze, not a burden. It shows you how to: select and narrow your topic, evaluate and present evidence persuasively, and avoid plagiarism and other novice mistakes.  Learn from examples, sample papers, and model documentation



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