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University Club

2013-14 AcademicYear

All Staff Members
Farmingdale State College

Re: University Club

Dear Colleagues:

Welcome back to the 2013-14 academic year. The Membership Committee of the University Club would like to invite you to renew your membership for the upcoming year. We would also ask that you reach out to any of your departmental colleagues who did not join last year, or any new faculty and staff, and invite them to be part of this great campus organization. The University Club will again be providing a wonderful opportunity for members to get together and enjoy social, cultural and culinary lunchtime events on a regular basis throughout the year.

Membership dues are $50 per year ($25 for spring semester only membership), a bargain when you consider that for this low price you get eight gourmet quality lunches, interesting presentations on a variety of topics, plus all of the other amenities offered by Club member ship. To join simply send your check (no cash payments please) made payable to ASC and write "University Club" on the memo line of the check. These can be sent to my attention in Horton Hall via campus mail. You can also pay directly at ASC in Laffin Hall (they accept credit cards) and send me the receipt. If you are a new member, please also note your department and campus email address. Dates for the fall and spring semester events are:

  • Tuesday, September 17 – Welcome Back
  • Monday, October 28 – Halloween Celebration
  • Wednesday, November 20 – Mexico Revolution Day
  • Tuesday, December 10 – Holiday Celebration
  • Wednesday, February 12 – Concert in Little Theater (evening event)
  • Tuesday, March 4 – Mardi Gras celebration
  • Monday, April 7 – World Health Day
  • Wednesday, May 7 – End of Year celebration

New for this year – our events will now be held in the University Club in Knapp Hall. Although we will miss Ward Hall, this new venue is a tremendous upgrade in amenities, ease of food preparation, and enhanced audio/visual capabilities.

The University Club looks forward to seeing you at these activities at 11 am. If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to speak with one of the Board members. We are always looking for volunteers to assist us.

Richard Hume,
Treasurer/Membership Chairperson

Dolores Ciaccio, Career Development Center
Dr. Robert Elgart, Biology
Richard Hume, Administration & Finance
Sandra Hustedt, Human Resources
Kathleen Ignozzi, Admissions Office
William Jimenez, Success Center