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The infant program is designed to meet the needs of infants from 8 weeks old through 18 months. Strong bonds are formed between infants and teachers in order to create trusting relationships with each infant. Teachers verbalize with the infants during everyday activities and respond to their non-verbal communication, which assists in their language development. Teachers also communicate daily with parents regarding their child's day. This helps to foster a trusting relationship between parents and teachers and enables parents to see a snapshot of their child's day.


Toddlers are active explorers, eagerly trying and using materials in different ways. Teachers provide a warm, safe environment for children to explore. They often build upon the thoughts and actions of the children and encourage them to try new ways of doing things. Relationships with teacher and child, teacher and parent are important in establishing trust. Toddlers need the security of trust before they can tackle the risks of learning. Toddlers learn by doing, through direct and self-initiated manipulation of their environment. Opportunities to explore the outside environment are provided daily.


The pre-school program provides an opportunity for the children to master basic skills for kindergarten while focusing on social and emotional development. The curriculum provides a variety of enriching and stimulating activities. Children engage in circle time, story time, music and movement, and learning activities. Separate learning centers encourage children to make independent choices and to use their imagination. Computers are available with educational software for children who wish to use them. Campus field trips take place throughout the year. Opportunities to explore the outside environment are provided daily.

New this year!

Part-day Program for Toddlers, Nursery & Pre-k Children

This program is for children who only need a short period of care in either the morning or afternoon hours. Parents who are on campus for brief periods during the day can choose this option and know that their child is in a safe educational environment.

School Age Vacation Care

This program is available for all children 6-12yrs who are in need of child care while the public school is closed. Preregistration is required and payment for the days attending are due 2 weeks in advance of care. Space is limited. Registration paperwork is available online.

View/download School Age Vacation Care Flyer

View/download School Age Vacation Care Registration

Camp Farmingdale Explorers- Camp for the younger set!

Campers 3-5 years old can attend summer camp too! Check out the Camp Farmingdale Explorers section for more information!


The center provides a nutritious morning and afternoon snack, which meets the Federal Nutrition Guidelines. Lunches are to be brought in from home. For more information on lunch ideas check out our Newsletter Lunch Edition.



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