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Student Clubs & Organizations at Farmingdale State College

For more information, please contact:
Student Activities Office
Roosevelt Hall, Room 116
(631) 420-2103 

The following clubs & organizations have been officially recognized as of the  Spring 2015 Semester.  

Click on a name to get a description of that club or organization.


Accounting Society Model U.N. Club
Advancing Productivity, Innovation & Competitive Success  Modern Language Club 
African Heritage Diversity Club  Muslim Student Association 
Alpha Eta Rho (Aviation Enthusiast Club)  Olympians FC Soccer Club 
Alpha Phi Delta (Fraternity)  Phi Iota Alpha (Fraternity) 
American Association of Airport Executives Phi Sigma Sigma (Sorority) 
Anime & Gaming Club  Phi Theta Kappa (2-Year Honor Society) 
Architectural Construction Technology Club  Political Science Club 
Backstage Theater Company  Pre-Health Professions Club 
Biology Club  Pre-Optometry Club
Campus Activities Board  Professional Communications Club 
Card Game Club  Psi Chi (Psychology Honor Society) 
Christian Fellowship Club  Psychology Club 
Computer Technology Club  Quality Club 
Criminal Justice/Security Systems Club  RAM Motor Sports 
Design Club  Ram Nation Radio 
DiGamma Omega Xi, Inc. (Service Society)  RAM News Network 
Earth Matters  Rambler Student Newspaper 
Economics Club  Residence Hall Association 
Farmingdale Automotive Enthusiasts  Robotics Team 
Farmingdale Queer Pride  Roller Hockey Club 
Flying Rams  Sexual Awareness Council 
Focus Photography Club  Short Film Club 
FSC Fashion Committee Sigma Beta Delta (4-Year Business Honor Society)
Golden Key International Honor Society (4-Year Honor Society)  Sigma Delta Tau (Sorority) 
Habitat for Humanity  Ski & Snowboard Club 
Hello World: Computer Programming Club  Society of Women Engineers 
History Club  S.O.N.I.C. (Step Team) 
Horticulture Club  Sports Management Club 
Hugs Across America  Starlettes (Dance Team) 
Humans vs. Zombies  Student American Dental Hygienists Association 
Ice Hockey (Club Sport)  Student Government Association 
Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineers  Student Nurses Association 
Islander Yearbook  Student Veterans of America 
Kappa Chi (Criminal Justice Honor Society)  Tau Kappa Epsilon - Upsilon Upsilon Chapter (Fraternity) 
Kappa Sigma (Fraternity) Unique Hype (Spirit Club) 
Ladies Respectively Innovating  We Help Others (Community Service Club) 
Latin American Student Organization  Wrestling Club 
Medical Laboratory Technology Club  Young Americans for Freedom 
Men In Action (Community Service Club)   

 Descriptions of Clubs & Organizations


Accounting Society

The Accounting Society serves the campus and the Business Administration department by promoting the understanding and advantages of the accounting profession.  The club develops and asserts leadership traits and training through the encouragement of participation in group activities and the introduction of practical business experiences to accompany classroom theory.


Advancing Productivity, Innovation & Competitive Success

Commonly referred to as "APICS", this organization provides students in the business curriculum with a better professional understanding of Operational Management.


African Heritage Diversity Club

The African Heritage Diversity Club creates awareness of the different cultures through book exchanges, networking, civic engagement and giving back to the community.


Alpha Eta Rho (Aviation Enthusiast Club)

The Phi Chapter of Alpha Eta Rho maintains an interest in Aviation at Farmingdale State College by pledging their efforts towards encouraging the Aviation Industry throughout the country while acting as an organized body in representing Aviation at the College and forming a brotherhood/sisterhood of aviators among the members of the organization.


Alpha Phi Delta (Fraternity)

Alpha Phi Delta, with almost one hundred active chapters nationwide, located mainly throughout the northeastern region is based on the values of honor, integrity, unity, respect and forming a brotherhood that is beneficial to the overall strength of the group, as well as developing the individuality of college men.  Alpha Phi Delta is a lifelong national fraternity of men dedicated to academic excellence, leadership in campus activities, diversity and community service.


American Association of Airport Executives

Commonly referred to as "AAAE", this organization promotes professional development, proficiency and attitudes in students engaged in the study of airport development, administration, management and operation or in related fields of aviation.


Anime & Gaming Club

The Anime & Gaming Club provides an environment for enthusiasts of animation and gaming to converse freely on the ideas and enjoyment of said topics.


Architectural Construction Technology Club

The Architectural Construction Technology Club advances the knowledge of the architectural, engineering and construction fields through collective involvement and self-determination of the members of this club


Backstage Theater Company

A professional quality student theater company that can entertain as well as train students in all aspects of theater production.


Biology Club

The Biology Club promotes an interest and an understanding of all facets of the application of the sciences to health care, research, biotechnology, forensics or academic fields; as well as to keep members informed of technology advances and educational and job opportunities in the biomedical field.


Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board provides all students with different activities throughout the academic year for social and entertainment value which are either free or discounted to current students.


Card Game Club

The Card Game Club helps to establish new social connections between students who share an interest in card games (Poker, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, etc.)


Christian Fellowship Club

The Christian Fellowship Club provides students with a better understanding of the Christian community through service and faith-building, and spreads awareness and unity among the campus.


Computer Technology Club

The Computer Technology Club helps develop a better understanding of the nature and functions of data processing, to study equipment, supply members with the most current methods of computer technology and assist them in solving their individual problems.


Criminal Justice/Security Systems Club

The Criminal Justice/Security Systems Club helps make law enforcement, correctional practitioners and security experts more effective, sponsor research and disseminate the knowledge acquired to all members of the profession, and to inspire law enforcement, correctional officers and security experts with pride in their duties.


Design Club

The Design Club promotes the interest and enjoyment of the graphic arts through the student design community at Farmingdale State College.  The club facilitates contact and communication between people with an academic or professional interest in graphic design, in order to maintain interest in the Visual Communications student body by sponsoring appropriate publications, organizing group events and membership through the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).


DiGamma Omega Xi, Inc. (Service Society)

DiGamma Omega Xi, Inc. is a service society that represents, advocates and promotes multiculturalism and cooperation collectively for the benefit of the campus community by increasing interest and involvement into community service, education and student activities, while embracing diversity between various cultures and focusing on what is in common with these groups.


Earth Matters

Earth Matters keeps students informed of current green technologies and how Farmingdale State College and the surrounding communities can further incorporate them in order to protect and preserve the environment.


Economics Club

The Economics Club promotes critical thinking skills, enhances decision-making abilities and helps other students educate themselves in the art of allocating scarce resources.


Farmingdale Automotive Enthusiasts

The Farmingdale Automotive Enthusiasts provide members an opportunity to gain broader insight to the Automotive & Engineering Technology professions and to encourage leadership and fellowship among students.


Farmingdale Queer Pride

Farmingdale Queer Pride promotes mutual respect between cisgender, transgender, straight and queer communities on and off campus, and to empower individuals who feel marginalized because of their gender identity or sexual orientation through the use of workshops, lectures, educational programs, discussion groups and other activities.  In addition, Farmingdale Queer Pride shall provide a safe environment in which an individual can grow without fear of discrimination.


Flying Rams

The Flying Rams provide a group of peers who want to learn and compete with other aviators.  The Flying Rams aim to have fun and work as a team, to grow in their aviation skills and to compete against other clubs and University teams at every level of the sport.


Focus Photography Club

The Focus Photography Club provides guidance in photography and helps students develop their skills.  Students will have fun, work as a team and create a contact network between students interested in this field.


FSC Fashion Committee

The FSC Fashion Committee takes interested students who are looking to pursue a career in fashion and/or are interested in obtaining fashionable habits to enrich their everyday lives.  The Fashion Committee also helps and encourages students to express themselves in a professional and classy way while creating a bond with those who share a passion for fashion.


Golden Key International Honor Society (4-Year Honor Society)

The Golden Key International Honor Society helps to enable members to realize their potential, recognize and encourage academic achievement and excellence in all fields of study, financially support high achievers through awards and scholarships, promote altruistic conduct through voluntary community service, and to connect individual achievement with service and lifelong opportunity.


Habitat for Humanity

The Farmingdale student chapter of Habitat for Humanity helps provide community service and volunteer work to the campus community.  It also helps individuals become more involved with volunteering, fundraising, community service and helps raise public awareness for issues dealing with poverty, hunger and the provision of safe, decent and affordable housing.


Hello World: Computer Programming Club

Description coming soon.


History Club

Description coming soon.


Horticulture Club

The Horticulture Club promotes the field of horticulture through projects benefiting the campus by disbursing horticultural knowledge to fellow members of the community, provide social activities for members of the department and campus community, and engage in fundraising efforts.


Hugs Across America

Hugs Across America is an organization that raises money to donate teddy bears to traumatized/underprivileged children.  The organization also takes part in other volunteer work throughout the year.


Humans vs. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies promotes zombie awareness in a zombie-filled world by participating in filming, activity nights and campus-wide games.


Ice Hockey (Club Sport)

Ice Hockey is a club sport** that provides members a way to maintain skills and athletic ability through the sport of Ice Hockey, while competing inter-scholastically against regional colleges and Universities.

**Ice Hockey is a "club sport", meaning that it is a collegiate sport that does not fall under NCAA Division III guidelines.  Participation is obtained via try-outs for the club sport team.


Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers

The Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers help promote the activity of Engineering students to recognize Electronic & Electrical fields outside of the classroom.


Islander Yearbook

The Islander creates and disburses a student yearbook to all students, especially graduates.


Kappa Chi (Criminal Justice Honor Society)

Kappa Chi recognizes and promotes high scholarship among students actively engaged in collegiate preparation for professional services of the Criminal Justice professions and to establish the benefit of necessity of education and professional training.


Kappa Sigma (Fraternity)

Kappa Sigma Fraternity complements and enhances the educational mission of Farmingdale State College, promotes the ideals of Brotherhood, actively contributes to personal growth and development of its members, promotes ethical behavior and decision-making and encourages service to others.


Ladies Respectively Innovating

Ladies Respectively Innovating develops and enhances leadership skills so ladies can reach their maximum potential.  They will also learn how to cultivate leadership, diversity, acceptance of differences, personal and professional development amongst ladies at the College and throughout other communities.  The group also creates harmony within one’s self by creating seminars and workshops that focus on self-awareness, lifestyles, leadership, issues women face in society and the perceptual image of women in society.


Latin-American Student Organization

The Latin-American Student Organization aims to culturally enrich students about Latin American tradition, assist members in high academic achievement, and promote social objectives within Latin American culture.


Medical Laboratory Technology Club

The Medical Laboratory Technology Club assists in the promotion of educational, cultural, recreational, and social activities that cultivate integrity and professionalism in the Medical Laboratory Technology program.


Men In Action (Community Service Club)

Men In Action provides another outlet for students to give back to the community.  Three things the group is founded on are academic excellence, fellowship and community service.  Men In Action welcomes any individual who is willing to dedicate their time to the mission of the group.


Model U.N. Club

The Model U.N. Club enriches the academic lives of students by introducing them to the functions of the United Nations through participation in simulations of diplomacy and international relations, while educating students about international relations, foreign affairs, diplomacy and the agenda of the United Nations.  The Model U.N. Club also assists members in developing interpersonal, critical thinking, negotiation skills and how to successfully debate.


Modern Language Club

The Modern Language Club provides a meaningful learning experience by exploring new languages, culture, and customs of other countries, while promoting fellowship among students.


Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association provides opportunities for meetings, discussions and collective celebration of Islamic festivities.  The Muslim Student Association also increases Islamic awareness and understanding on campus and provides its members with speakers and lectures on varying topics within Islamic culture.


Olympians FC Soccer Club

Olympians FC Soccer serves the purpose of uniting all students of Farmingdale State College on the common ground of enjoying soccer in their leisure time.  The club's goal is to have fun as students while playing and competing on a friendly level.


 Phi Iota Alpha (Fraternity)

Phi Iota Alpha develops leaders and creates innovative ways to unite the Latino community.  The brotherhood of Phi Iota Alpha is committed towards the empowerment of the Latin American Community.  This is accomplished by providing social, cultural programs and activities geared towards the appreciation, promotion and preservation of Latin American culture.


Phi Sigma Sigma (Sorority)

Phi Sigma Sigma is an inclusive sisterhood that prepares its members for a world filled with diversity by embracing their differences and seeking out women of all races, cultures, levels of ability, socioeconomic origins, backgrounds and perspectives.  Phi Sigma Sigma also believes learning is a priority and through education and challenging their members to reach new goals, helping them to become women of influence and substance.  The sorority also believes that a woman who serves is also a woman who leads; by serving others, their members become more valuable citizens, students, parents, workers and community leaders.


Phi Theta Kappa (2-Year Honor Society)

Phi Theta Kappa is an academic honor society in which membership is admitted through G.P.A. and department approval for matriculated students in a 2-year Associates program.


Political Science Club

The Political Science Club provides student with a community where different disciplines of study could be evaluated in the light of Political Science.  The club is also committed to promote leadership and analytical skills.


Pre-Health Professions Club

The Pre-Health Professions Club provides assistance, guidance, mentoring and opportunities to all students with the goal of becoming a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, optician, podiatrist, pharmacist and other professions of this nature.  The Pre-Health Professions Club will be a support to aid students in all phases of application and acceptance into a health-oriented program.


Pre-Optometry Club

The Pre-Optometry Club educates students about the field of optometry, by giving students an idea about what it means to be an optometrist by holding discussions on eye diseases, prevention of ocular diseases, color blindness and other topics.


Professional Communications Club

The Professional Communications Club provides a place for people to help out by putting together videos to promote the activities that go on around campus.  To make the team grow and be productive, the club will work with other groups around campus to put together everyone’s interest.


Psi Chi (Psychology Honor Society)

Psi Chi is an international honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology and to advance the science of psychology.


Psychology Club

The Psychology Club provides an opportunity for students to learn about the profession of Psychology and its varied practices.  The club will advance students' understanding of Psychology's role in our society and in their own personal lives.  For those interested in a career in Psychology, the club will provide opportunities for increased exposure to the professional roles and responsibilities of psychological professionals and the education necessary for various careers in Psychology.


Quality Club

The Quality Club encourages and provides the means for the development as to the nature and the incentives of entering into professions concerned with quality, and facilitates the advancement of the theory and practice of quality and the allied arts and sciences.  The Quality Club works closely with the ASQ (American Society for Quality) LI Chapter Volunteer, as well as within the ASQ organization.


RAM Motor Sports

RAM Motor Sports provides a competitive sport (SAE Mini-Baja Competitions in Engineering & Design) to those interested in Engineering and design due to its intense design, fabrication and testing atmospheres.  RAM Motor Sports promotes having fun and working as a team, to grow in their skills and to be a dedicated team player to compete against other clubs and University teams at different competitions.


Ram Nation Radio

Ram Nation Radio provides Farmingdale State College and the surrounding communities with alternative high quality radio programming, while providing the students of Farmingdale State College with an opportunity to participate in the operation of a radio station.


RAM News Network

The RAM News Network aims to relay information pertaining to campus news & activities for the FSC student body and staff.


Rambler Student Newspaper

The Rambler Student Newspaper creates and disburses a student newspaper for students throughout the academic year as well as educates students on writing skills and improvement.


Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association is a student-run organization which represents and protects the views, concerns and rights of the residential community, and strives to improve the quality of life on campus.  The Residence Hall Association is designed to provide communication, education, leadership and community development opportunities for the students in the residence halls.


Robotics Team

The Farmingdale Robotics Team encourages and oversees the development of advanced robotic machines within a safe, friendly and cooperative atmosphere.


Roller Hockey Club

The Roller Hockey Club provides members a way to maintain skills and athletic ability through the sport of Roller Hockey, while competing inter-scholastically against regional colleges and Universities through both the NCRHA and ECRHA.


Sexual Awareness Council

The Sexual Awareness Council provides knowledge, awareness and entertainment to those who would like to learn more about human sexuality within a safe environment, while promoting discussions about sexual health.


Short Film Club

Description coming soon.


Sigma Beta Delta (Business Honor Society)

Sigma Beta Delta recognizes students in the Business Management field with high academic G.P.A. and with good morals and character.  Admittance is based on department chair.


Sigma Delta Tau - Delta Lambda Chapter (Sorority)

Sigma Delta Tau enriches the lifetime experience of women of similar ideals by building lasting friendships and fostering personal growth.  Sigma Delta Tau encourages each member to reach her fullest potential by providing intellectual, philanthropic, leadership and social opportunities within a framework of mutual respect and high ethical standards.


Ski & Snowboard Club

The Ski & Snowboard Club provides fun and friendship building exercises for students to draw on for the rest of their lives through both ski and snowboarding activities.


Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers Club stimulates women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders by expanding the image of the engineering.


S.O.N.I.C. (Step Team)

The FSC Steppers of Naturally Innovative Creativity (S.O.N.I.C.) enhance school spirit, provide entertainment and promote student participation, as well as perform at special events and host events.


Sports Management Club

The Sports Management Club focuses on students who are looking to go into the rapidly growing business of sports, as well as for general sports to gain interest in the action of the sports world that happens off the field.  This will also be used in order to review and study for classes with the Sports Management curriculum.


Starlettes (Dance Team)

The Starlettes provide opportunities for students interested in expressing themselves through the art of dance.  The Starlettes provide opportunities for students to practice the skills of teamwork and leadership, establish relationships with others who share a common interest in dance, and reach out to the Farmingdale State College community by providing low cost/free entertainment.


Student American Dental Hygienists Association

The Student American Dental Hygienists Association promotes Dental Hygiene studies and to safeguard the common interest of members in the profession and contribute toward the improvement of the health of the public.


Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the governing body of the students of Farmingdale State College.  The Student Government Association promotes the education, welfare, advocacy and enrichment of the Student Body of Farmingdale State College and is also responsible for the disbursement and management of the Student Activity Fee.


Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association helps prepare students in the nursing program with professional responsibilities and leadership skills and to assist in the provision of health related services to the campus community.


Student Veterans of America

The Student Veterans of America helps foster a sense of camaraderie and esprit de corps that veterans felt while in the military, but are lacking in a civilian environment.  The Student Veterans of America will act as a focal point for the airing of veteran's grievances on campus as well as an outlet for positive social interaction with each other and the non-veteran community both on and off campus.


Tau Kappa Epsilon - Upsilon Upsilon Chapter (Fraternity)

Tau Kappa Epsilon creates lifelong relationships that enhance educational, interpersonal, community and professional success and aids men in their mental, moral and social development for life.  Tau Kappa Epsilon contributes to the advancement of society through the personal growth of our members, and service to others.


We Help Others (Community Service Club)

The purpose of We Help Others promotes volunteering and giving back to others by participating in both on-campus and off-campus community engagement activities and gaining leadership, teamwork and career-related experiences.


Unique Hype

Unique Hype is a spirit squad who aims to bring school spirit to the campus community.  Unique Hype organizes cheers and performs at games and other school events to increase school spirit.


 Wrestling Club

The Farmingdale Wrestling Club was established to promote the interest and enjoyment of the sport of wrestling.  The club provides a way for students to have fun and work as a team, while advancing their wrestling skills.  The club also competes against other club and University teams at every level of the sport.


Young Americans for Freedom

The Young Americans for Freedom promotes the general principles of the organization by conducting educational activities and provide conservative leadership to bring about the objectives outlined in the organization and assist students in their efforts to understand and promote conservatism on campus and in the surrounding community.