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This courtesy shuttle starts the first day of classes and continues through finals.

The Farmingdale Shuttle

Farmingdale State College is now offering the RAM Shuttle for the FSC community.  

This courtesy shuttle starts the first day of classes and continues through finals (8/28/17 to 12/19/17).

The shuttle is available during the Fall and Spring semesters. 

The shuttle is wheelchair accessible and will pick up all riders at the front of Laffin Hall and take them to the LIRR station in the Village of Farmingdale and to the Aviation Center.  The shuttle will also pick up those members of the FSC community travelling to the LIRR station and bring them to campus and the Aviation Center.

The shuttle is open to all students, faculty, staff and alumni Mondays through Friday.    

If the campus is closed or classes are canceled, the shuttle will not operate.  In the event of unusual circumstances or extreme weather, please call 631-420-2103 to check on the status of the shuttle.


The Fall 2017 schedule for the Farmingdale Shuttle is as follows:


(Farmingdale Station)



Laffin Hall

(FSC Campus)

Aviation Center

7:00am 7:10am x
7:25am 7:40am x
7:50am 8:00am 8:15am
8:25am 8:30am x
8:40am 9:00am x
9:10am 9:20am x
9:30am x 9:45am
x 10:00am x
10:15am 10:30am x
10:45am 11:00am x
11:15am 11:30am 11:50am


12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

(Lunch Break)

x 1:00pm x
1:15pm 1:32pm x
1:45pm x 2pm
x 2:20pm x
2:30pm 3:00pm x
3:15pm 3:30pm x
3:45pm x 3:55pm
x 4:10pm x
4:25pm 4:30pm  
4:45pm  x



(Monday-Thursday Only) 

x 5:00pm  x
5:15pm 5:30pm 5:45pm
x 6:00pm x
6:15pm 6:30pm x
6:45pm 7:00pm x
7:10pm x 7:30pm
7:45pm 8:00pm x
8:10pm 8:20pm x
8:30pm 8:45pm x


Drop off only.

 x  x

*  There will be no shuttle service on Saturdays or Sundays.  

 Funded by the Student Transportation Fee.