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Farmingdale State College Student Orientation

Dear Transfer Student,

Congratulations on your acceptance to Farmingdale State College!

We're excited to announce a new transfer student online orientation program. Simply fill out the form below to register/pay and check the email you provide for updates.



A few notes on the Online Orientation Program:

The Orientation Software has been rigorously tested to be compatible across desktop and mobile platforms. We encourage you to ensure your browser of choice is updated for the best viewing experience. If for some reason a particular web browser does not allow for a seamless experience, try another browser such as Google Chrome.

Please note that skipping or buffering during video playback can be the result of many factors, most often relating to internet connection issues. The video software (Vimeo) is designed to adapt video resolution to the internet connection speed it detects from the viewer. But in the case there are still issues, the viewer can click the HD icon in the play bar and select a lower resolution for the video to play back in. This may help to optimize performance better in cases of high-traffic times of day on that internet service provider's system. You may also try having the video load completely before playback.  Start the video, press pause and wait for the gray bar to fill along the player timeline before continuing.

Log-in issues:

-Please note you will not be able to log-in until you have paid in full.

 -Please allow ONE BUSINESS DAY from the time you pay and receive your confirmation email until you attempt logging in for the first time as the software requires time to accept new registrants.

-If you forget your password, please follow the "Forgot Password" link on the bottom right-hand corner of the program main page.

-If you paid for the program, received an email invitation but your RAM ID and password do not grant you access to the program, please contact Kevin at the Office of the Dean of Students at schnurk@farmingdale.edu.



-The Orientation Staff at FSC

Fill out my online form.