Academic Calendar Spring 2017


Activity or Event

January   24 and 25 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Last Day for Registration Activities

January   25 (Wednesday)

Faculty and Staff Convocation (9:30am)

January   26 (Thursday)

Classes begin

January   28 (Saturday)

No Classes

February 1 (Wednesday)

*Last day for schedule changes

February   4 (Saturday)

Accelerated Saturday classes begin

February   13 (Monday)

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday – Class in session

February   20 (Monday)

Presidents Day - Classes in session

March   3 (Friday)

AM Governance Meeting (9:30am) - No classes beginning before 12 noon

March 9 (Thursday)

Last day to submit a grade OR grade extension for incompletes (for Fall semester or intersession)

March   13 - 18 (Monday – Saturday)

No Classes (Spring Break)

March 23 (Thursday)

Last day to withdraw

April   14 (Friday)

PM Governance Meeting  (1pm) - No classes beginning after 12 noon

April   TBA

Spring  Open House

April 29 (Saturday)

Accelerated Saturday Classes End (Final Exam)

May   11 (Thursday)

Last day of classes

May   12 (Friday)

**Study Day/ Make-Up Day

May   13 – 19 (Saturday, Monday - Friday)

Final Exam/Evaluation Period


May   19 (Friday)

Semester   Ends

May   20 (Saturday)

May 21 (Sunday) rain date


Accelerated Saturday classes meet 11 times and meet for 68 minutes for each hour of instruction.

Saturday classes meet 14 times during the semester and meet for 54 minutes for each hour of instruction.

Special arrangements must be made between a student and instructor for religious observances. Special arrangements must be made between a faculty or staff member and his/her department chair or supervisor for religious observances.

*For the Financial Refund schedule, refer to the Student Accounts Web page.

**May 12th are designated as campus study days. Any study day may be utilized as a campus make-up day at the discretion of the campus administration. An individual make-up day may be utilized at the discretion of an individual instructor.