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Program of Study

Liberal Arts & Sciences (60-61 credits)

  • EGL 101 Composition 1-College Writing (GE) ... 3
  • EGL 102 Composition 2- Writing About Literature ... 3
  • Humanities (GE) ... 3
  • SPE 130 Public Speaking or SPE 201 Oral Communications (GE)...3
  • EGL 209 Technical Comm. (GE) ... 3
  • The Arts (GE) ... 3
  • American/Other World/Western Civilization History (GE) ... 3
  • MTH 116 College Algebra & Trigonometry (GE) ... 4
  • MTH 110 Statistics ... 3
  • Foreign Language - Level II (GE) ... 3
  • PSY 101 Intro to Psychology (GE) ... 3
  • SOC 122 Intro to Sociology ... 3
  • Non-Psych Social Science elect ... 6
  • Math/Science elect by advisement ... 3-4
  • Biology with lab (GE) ... 4
  • Biology elective with lab ...4
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences electives ... 6

Support Courses (3 credits)

  • BCS 102 Computer Concepts & Applications ... 3

The Major (46 credits)

Psychology Core (16 credits)

  • PSY 248 Statistics for Psychology ... 3
  • PSY 260 Research Methods ... 4
  • PSY 272 Cognitive Psychology ... 3
  • PSY 234 Social Psychology ... 3
  • PSY 301 Learning ... 3

Psychology Electives 5 courses by advisement (15 credits)

  • Any 200 level or higher Psychology (PSY) course ... 15

Psychology Concentration (15 credits)

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Concentration

  • PSY 331 Industrial/Organizational Psychology ... 3
  • PSY 311 Organizational Behavior ... 3
  • PSY 414 Applied Personnel Psy ... 3
  • PSY 442 Applied Psychology/Internship/Senior Project I ... 3
  • PSY 443 Applied Psychology/Internship/Senior Project II ... 3

Free Electives ... 12

Total Credits ... 121-122

NOTE: The Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology does not lead to licensure. All licensure in Psychology in New York State requires an advanced (Masters or Doctoral) degree.

What is the Applied Psychology Program at Farmingdale State?

The Applied Psychology program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The program focuses on developing the student's ability to use the core knowledge and analytical skills of the discipline in order to address practical problems important to local business and industry. Students will learn the foundations of Industrial/Organizational Psychology including personnel management, organizational behavior, and organizational development. The program's career objectives are to prepare students for meaningful and rewarding entry-level positions in business and human resource management.

Why study Applied Psychology at Farmingdale State College?

Ours is a flexible program that will help you meet your career goals.

Work with your Bachelor's Degree

The Applied Psychology Program is a hands-on program that gives you the skills and experiences that will enable you to help businesses efficiently recruit, develop, and organize their human resources. Commensurate with the expectations of a BS in Applied Psychology and the current requirements of entry-level jobs in the area of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, students will successfully complete a one-year applied research project or internship in human resources.

Continue your education in graduate school

If program graduates' educational aspirations include advanced professional training, they will have acquired the theoretical knowledge, research and analytical skills, critical thinking skills and tools for effective writing necessary for successful entry and performance in the increasingly competitive graduate programs in psychology. Internship and research experience can be tailored to meet students' graduate training goals. Program graduates are prepared to enter graduate training programs in a broad variety of psychological specialties including, but not limited to: clinical and counseling psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, cognitive psychology, guidance counseling, marriage and family therapy, and school psychology.

Applied Psychology (BS) Program Objectives:
  • Graduates will have the knowledge and skill to successfully conduct and report research in Applied Psychology.
  • Graduates will demonstrate technical competence with regard to general psychological concepts and theories.
  • Graduates will demonstrate technical competence with regard to the content and technologies of Applied Psychology.
  • Graduates will possess the competencies required to perform entry-level positions in business and human resource management.

For course descriptions, visit our Course Descriptions page.

Admissions to the Applied Psychology Program

External Applicants

High School seniors, students wishing to enter Farmingdale State from other institutions, and those who are not currently Farmingdale students, must apply to the College (see link below) and indicate their desire to enter the Applied Psychology Program. The application deadlines for external candidates are:

Monday, October 1, 2018 for spring '19 admission

Friday, February 15, 2019 for fall '19 admission 


Internal Applicants

Current Farmingdale students wishing to transfer to the Applied Psychology Program must complete an internal curriculum change form.  Internal transfer student admission to the Applied Psychology Program is done in the fall and spring semesters each year.  The curriculum change deadlines are:

Monday, October 15, 2018 for spring '19 admission

Friday, March 15, 2019 for fall '19 admission

Students seeking admission to the program should have a strong GPA.  The program is challenging and because of its size, admission is competitive. For additional information, download the Internal Transfer, Curriculum Change Information Sheet below.


For more information or to discuss whether the Applied Psychology Program is the right choice for your professional aspirations, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Jennifer Gonder at gonderj@farmingdale.edu or 631-420-2236.

Useful Forms: Internal Applicants 

For more information regarding admissions to Farmingdale State College, visit the Admissions Office site.