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Sponsored Programs/Grant Submission Process

Administrative Approval Process for External Grant Proposals

Farmingdale State College (FSC) encourages faculty and staff to engage in professional development, grants, and research activities. The Office of Research and Sponsored Program Development (ORSPD) can assist in finding funding sources. The ORSPD will also assist with grant preparation by providing information on current indirect costs, fringe benefits, cost-sharing, etc., and general assistance in the budget preparation and proposal development, as well as in completing the FSC Grant Routing Sheet. All external funding applications must be submitted through the ORSPD. Ideally, the FSC Grant Routing Sheet and draft proposal/budget should be submitted to the ORSPD two weeks before the grant proposal deadline. Please allow sufficient time to obtain administrative approvals and signatures.

Processing of grant requests for external funding involves the following steps:

  1. Principal Investigator or Project Director (PI/PD): The PI/PD should inform the ORSPD that a proposal is being written and of the expected submission deadline by using the ORSPD Intent to Apply and Grant Notification Form The initial submission of a grant proposal to the ORSPD should be made in a timely manner so the proposal can be reviewed appropriately before the agency/sponsor deadline.
  2. ORSPD works with the PI/PD in proposal creation, budget formulation, and proposal editing. The ORSPD will also review proposals for compliance with agency/sponsor guidelines, as well as college, state and federal policies.
  3. Grant Routing Sheet: The FSC Grant Routing Sheet will be filled out by the ORSPD and signed by the PI/PD when the proposal is ready for submission. The PI/PD then takes the FSC Grant Routing Sheet along with the final proposal and meets with their Department Chair/Director to discuss the project.
  4. Department Chair/Director Review: The Department Chair or Director reviews the proposed project to ensure that it is feasible with respect to personnel and material resources of the department. If approved, the Department Chair signs the FSC Grant Routing Sheet. The PI/PD should then bring the grouting routing form to their Dean/Administrative Supervisor and go to step 5.
  5. Dean(s)/Administrative Supervisor(s): The Dean(s)/Administrative Supervisor(s) review the proposed project in the context of the mission and available personnel and material resources. Upon approval, the FSC Grant Routing Sheet is signed and then forwarded to ORSPD.


The next steps are completed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Program Development:

  1. Office of Research and Sponsored Program Development (ORSPD) Review: After the Department Chair/Director and Dean has reviewed/approved, ORSPD should receive the signed form and proposal to review/approve. ORSPD then will route the proposal to obtain the following administrative approvals:
  2. Provost: The Provost reviews the proposal for consistency with the mission and availability and commitment of support services, including time and space. The Provost will consult with and inform the President as needed. Upon approval, he/she signs the FSC Grant Routing Sheet and returns it to ORSPD.
  3. Other Approvals: As determined by the project or research it may be necessary to obtain other approvals from Facilities and/or other Departments. It will be the responsibility of the ORSPD to work in conjunction with the PI/PD to obtain other necessary approvals.
  4. SUNY Research Foundation Representative: All budgets and matching fund commitments will be reviewed by the college Research Foundation Director to ensure budgetary commitments are approved by the College. Upon approval, the FSC Grant Routing Sheet is signed and returned to ORSPD.
  5. Final Changes and Submission: The proposal and signed FSC Grant Routing Sheet are returned to ORSPD. The Director of the ORSPD discusses any final changes of the proposal in consultation with the PI/PD. Final edits or reviews are completed and the proposal is prepared for final submission to the agency/sponsor.


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