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Website Contributors

Content  on the new web site can be changed by authorized individuals for each administrative area, academic department or School. Below is the list of current content contributors.

If an authorized person is not listed for your department, or you wish to become a content contributor, please see your department head or area IT staff.

Name Department
Jean Acton International Program
Matthew Bahamonde Biology
Amit Bandyopadhyay Architecture & Construction
Christine Bednor Residence Life
Elizabeth Berger Residence Life
Tina Bernocco The Children's Center
Joseph Betz Architecture & Construction
Worku Bitew Mathematics
Jeff Borah IT
Bernice Bradshaw Equity & Diversity
Chris Browne Campus Mental Health
Margery Brown English & Humanities
Lisa Bruns Purchasing
Roseann Byron Purchasing
Pat Calabria Institutional Advancement
Jeff Carter Admin & Finance - Envirinmental Health & Safety
Marya Carter Psychology
Kim Castaldini Career Development Center
Dolores Ciaccio Career Development Center
Kathy Coley Institutional Advancement
Miriam Deitsch Social Science Research Institute
Nicole Dose Admissions
Kathleen Dowd The Children's Center
Judy Epstein Institutional Advancement
Chantal Etrasco Social Science Research Institute
Marguerite Fagella Success Center
Eric Farina Veteran's Affairs
Winnifred Fay Liberal Arts & Science
Carolyn Fedder Human Resources
Marvin Fischer Campus Police
marilyn flores Registrar
Keri Franklin Admin & Finance - Use of Facilities
Branden FredericksElfe ASAP
Karen Gelles Library
Gary Glueckert Liberal Arts & Science
Jon Goldstein Institutional Advancement
Jennifer Gonder Psychology
Michael Goodstone Psychology
Pete Greco Visual Communications
Katy Greene Institutional Advancement
Alexis Greenidge Computer Systems
Dawn Grzan Provost - Grants
Sandra Hahl Liberal Arts & Science
Alex Harary Dean of Students
Babette Hernandez Admin & Finance
Dorothy Hughes Admin & Finance - Internal Control Office
Kathleen Ignozzi Admissions
Gene Indenbaum Commencement Committee
Ira Melamed IT
William Jimenez Dean of Students
Angela Jones-Zapasnik Sociology & Anthropology
Jocelyn Jones Residence Life
Diane Kazanecki Financial Aid
Audrey Krapf Health & Wellness Center
Michelle Kriegel Business Management
Jonathan Lehrer Urban Horticulture & Design
Patricia Lind-Gonzalez Institutional Research
Claire Lisi President's Office
Michael Londis Tutoring Center
Mary Ellen Lostritto Institute for Learning in Retirement
Natalie Luzzi School of Business
Lloyd Makarowitz Physics
Lynn Marsh Dental Hygiene
Cindy Mccue Registrar's
Laura McMullin Dean of Students
Diane Melamed Student Accounts
Amy Michelin Admissions
Azadeh Mirzadeh Library
AnnMarie Moresky Purchasing
Abeba Mussa Economics
Sylvia Nicosia Institutional Advancement
Peter Nolan Physics - Faculty page
Eli Olken-Dann Campus Recreation and Intramurals
Jill O'Sullivan Business Management - Faculty page
Russell Patterson Student Activities
Kerri Porcelli EOP
Michaela Porubanova Psychology
Neil Ramos Renewable Energy & Sustainability
Frank Rampello Dean of Students
Janice Rivera EOP
Paul Romano School of Health Sciences
Ruth Sapir Computer Systems
Ruth Sarlanis Tutoring Center
Robert Saunders Science, Technology & Society - Faculty page
Nicole A. Scruggs Disability Services Center
Jeannette Sinnott Aviation
Samantha Somma International Education
Diane Steinhauer IT
Margaret Steinhauer Student Accounts
Amy Stier Transfer Services
Cheryl Stratigos Career Development Center
Kenny Tax Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brian Thoms Computer Systems
Joan Urbanowski Development and Corp. Relations
Regina Vazquez Alumni Affairs
Eugenio Villarreal Modern Languages
Erika Wachter Physical Plant
Chris Weppler Library
Jennifer Wilbur Institutional Advancement
Dan Woulfin Development and Corp. Relations
Theresa A Zahor Library
Yinan Zhu AAIC
Jessica Zuniga International Education