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Gift Acceptance Procedures

The department contacted should initially review the proposed gift to determine its use and verify the campus can meet all restrictions or limitations.

  1. If the department wishes to accept the gift, the Request to Accept a Gift Form must be completed and forwarded to the Office for Development and and Philanthropy, Horton 120.  The following must be included:
    1. The approximate value of the gift. The exact value is the responsibility of the donor and College personnel should avoid such appraisals.
    2. A general description and the purpose(s) for which the gift will be used.
    3. All restrictions, including, but not limited to non-disclosure and licensing agreements. Such restrictions will be reviewed to ensure they do not violate State or Federal law or University policies.
    4. All correspondence or documents regarding the gift between the donor and the College or department. The department should ensure that it receives from the donor written documentation of the donor’s intent to make a gift, a receipt of donation, and other pertinent correspondence from the donor.
  2. If necessary, all documents will be forwarded to SUNY counsel for review. (Non-monetary gifts valued at more than $50,000, and monetary gifts.)
  3. If the College decides to accept the gift, all pertinent documentation will be forwarded to the Secretary of the Farmingdale Foundation (Horton 120). Current campus policy is to formally accept all gifts through the Foundation.
  4. The Foundation will formally accept the gift on behalf of the College and send a letter acknowledging and thanking the donor for the gift.

 This procedure does not apply to gifts of books, periodicals, documents or manuscripts that will constitute useful additions to the library. The Campus President, upon the Chancellor’s approval, may accept these donations.