Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership in 2012

What makes a great leader and can these qualities be learned?  In the past, leadership was seen as a trait one was born with, however, the prevailing wisdom paints a deeper view.  Although some qualities of effective management are innate, research has proven that much of the leadership is, in fact, learned. 

Executive Leadership will provide insight into the key ingredients of effective leadership, teamwork and critical thinking.  Through interactive discussions, managers will learn to acquire the mindset and strategies critical to success in today’s competitive marketplace.  They will also learn how to continue evaluating their own skills in order to improve performance and get results. 

The landscape of business has changed and your ability to change with it is crucial. Now, more than ever, is a time for thinking, planning and vision.  This program will get you “above the waterline” and in a position where your skills and expertise can flourish.

Five - 4 hour sessions

We can bring this non-credit course on-site at your organization or register for a class held on campus and other classes at 631-420-2246.


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