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Purchasing Department

The SUNY Finance and Management System (FMS - Web Procurement) is being enhanced to utilize the latest technology available for online transactional applications (e.g., requisitions, purchase orders, contracts, and accounts payable/employee reimbursement). It is expected that this upgrade will be going into the production environment on May 16, 2014. Please contact the Purchasing Department for updated instructions and/or help inputting REQ's into the new system.



The primary function of the Purchasing Department is the procurement of goods, materials and services in a timely manner as required by the College to fulfill its mission in education, research, economic, and cultural/social development.  Through effective communication, both internal and external, the Purchasing Department strives to provide for the varied needs of the campus community while observing the laws and regulations of the New York State Office of the State Comptroller, the New York State Office of General Services, and the State University of New York.  This involves a balance between efficient and timely service to our customers and providing an environment of good sound business controls to protect the assets of Farmingdale State College.  Procurement is accomplished with the generation of purchase orders or the use of the state issued procurement card.

Who to contact:

Lisa Bruns
Purchasing Associate
Phone: (631) 420-2245
Fax: (631) 420-2443

Ann Marie Moresky
Purchasing Assistant
Phone: (631) 420-2371
Fax: (631) 420-2443

Email: Purchasing@farmingdale.edu