This communication replaces the weather emergency procedure booklet distributed in past years.

During the course of the school year, there will be days when inclement weather conditions necessitate the cancellation of classes and/or activities by the President of the College. Because of the large number of students and staff, it is imperative that a pre-planned system be established to notify all segments of the campus community when the College is canceling its classes and/or activities.

The decision to cancel or delay classes rests with the President. When classes are canceled or delayed, and college offices are open, all non-teaching employees are expected to report for work or charge their time in accordance with appropriate policy. Only the Governor can close the campus entirely.

All members of the college community should be prepared to react to severe weather situations while on campus. A campus-wide e-mail is typically sent to all students, faculty, and staff. Class cancellations or delays will also be posted on which can also be accessed on a smartphone (you can bookmark the website address for convenience) as well as on the college social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter.

Farmingdale State College has also partnered with RAVE, an emergency notification provider that delivers both text messages and email messages.  Students, faculty and staff may sign up for this emergency notification service by going to and entering Farmingdale State College.  Use your Farmingdale user ID and password to sign in.  Please edit the information that appears for your account and include your cell phone number if you want to receive text notification.  If you do not enter your cell phone number, you will receive RAVE notifications via email only. 

The College will also continue to use the New York State All-Hazards Alert and Notification web-based portal, This website contains critical emergency-related information, public instructions, and life-safety public information. Students, faculty and staff may register with SUNY NY-Alert, a multiple technology notification service that will notify them of cancellations.  Enrollment in SUNY NY-Alert for specific Farmingdale State College notifications is available on the University Police website or via the Farmingdale State College OASIS page.


The procedures described below will be followed when severe weather conditions occur OUTSIDE the regular workday:

 a) There will be multiple means of notifying all members of the campus community. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for taking the initiative to find out the status of classes via one or more of these methods:

  1. Check the Farmingdale website on a computer or on a smartphone—this is the primary and most efficient way of finding out about class cancellations. In addition, your smartphone will operate in a loss of electrical power.
  2. Check your email.
  3. Listen to or watch one of the media stations contacted by the College in a weather emergency. WALK (97.5) and K98.3 are the most reliable radio stations in this regard, along with News12 Long Island and FIOS1. A list of relevant media outlets appears at the end of this message.
  4. All are encouraged to register with both RAVE and SUNY NY-Alert to be notified of cancellations.
  5. Monitor social media accounts for updates:



      6. Check the E-Signs at campus entrances.

      7. Staff may also be notified through the use of their Division's or department’s telephone chain.

 b) At the onset of serious inclement weather conditions, the on-duty University Police supervisor or officer-in-charge will contact the Director of Physical Plant and the Chief of University Police to notify them of campus conditions. The Director of Physical Plant will then advise the President of the situation.

 c) If the President decides to cancel or delay classes, he will make the necessary notifications to alert the campus community.

 d) Under the direction of the President or his designee, University Police will contact the local media if the decision is made outside of regular working hours.

 e) Upon direction of the President, a message will be placed on the campus automated attendant (631-420-2000).

 f) If employees report to work and, upon arrival at the campus are unable to gain entrance to their normal work site, they should report to the University Police building for further instructions. Employees who do not report for work will be required to charge appropriate leave credits.

 g) The Office for Institutional Advancement will post appropriate notification on the message signs at the entrances of the campus and the website homepage.


The procedures described below will be followed when severe weather conditions occur WITHIN the regular workday:

 a) If the President decides to cancel classes during a regular workday, he will notify the Vice Presidents and University Police.  The Senior Vice President and CFO will then contact the designated building coordinators and advise them of the cancellation and of the latest significant information relative to inclement weather conditions. This information should then be relayed to all affected departments in the building.  All supervisors should notify their immediate subordinates.

 b) University Police will make the following specific phone calls, whether or not these individuals are contacted through other channels, to apprise these offices of administrative decisions relative to the weather situation:

-       Director of Physical Plant, x 2017

-       Director of Communications, x 2500

-       Director of Health & Wellness Center, x 2009 or 2014

-       Director of Campus Housing, x 2010 or 2191

-       Chief of University Police, x 2702

 c) The on-duty University Police supervisor or officer-in-charge will see that his/her Patrol Force personnel take necessary action to ensure the safety of people and protection of campus property during the inclement weather situation.  The Chief of University Police, Director of Communications or other authorized individual will create and activate an emergency message for dissemination through RAVE and SUNY NY- Alert.

 d) The Office for Institutional Advancement will:

  • Place a message on the home page of the College website and social media.
  • Send the appropriate e-mail message to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Call the media with the appropriate message.
  • Post appropriate notification on the message signs at the entrances of the campus.

 e) University Police will record and activate the appropriate message for the campus telephone system.

 f)  Individual departments are urged to develop procedures for handling weather emergencies, such as creating phone chains or having employees contact their supervisors for information. In the event of a closure, delay, or cancellation, it is the responsibility of academic departments and professors to provide specific information for students (such as the re-scheduling of exams or activities) on their departmental office voicemail messages and other emergency communications efforts. Students should contact the department or their professors for such specific information.

 g) It is important to note that announcements on classes are made only if there is a cancellation or delay. If no announcement has been made, classes are in session. However, as weather events evolve and circumstances change, it is important to keep checking the website, news media, e-mail accounts, and other communication venues for updates. Even if classes are cancelled, administrative and academic offices are customarily open, as only the NY State Governor can order a complete closing of the campus. If offices are open, staff who do not report to work are required to inform their supervisors and charge their accruals.


Media Outlets Typically Contacted to Broadcast Weather Emergencies

Please note: Some media outlets may not always broadcast the information in a timely fashion. Should you choose to get your information from media rather than the College website, through your e-mail address, or other means, the College recommends listening to WALK (97.5) and K98.3.


Broadcast Stations Announcing Cancellation of Campus Activities

Stations Location AM FM
WCBS  New York City 880  
WINS New York City 1010  
WHLI Farmingdale 1100  
WLNG Sag Harbor   92.1
WHFM Southampton   95.3
WALK  East Patchogue   97.5
KJOY Farmingdale   98.3
WBAB West Babylon   102.3
MAX 103 Bay Shore   103.1
WBLI West Babylon   106.1

NEWS 12 Woodbury   CHANNEL 12
FIOS1 Long Island   CHANNEL 501

Web Sites
NOTE:  An attempt will be made to notify all or as many of the above stations as possible.